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Entry for March 10, 2006


Went to the Oshawa Library today and picked up a booked called Electromagnetic Fields and your Health. It was published in 1994 so the information may be a bit dated and it probably contains nothing I can’t already find on the internet but it was worth a try. At least I would have reading material for the train. They don’t allow cell phones near medical equipment because of electromagnetic radiation but somehow having electromagnetic radiation next to your brain is considered acceptable.

I’ve tried for several days to make a follow up appointment with the naturopath. I have all of this new information to show her but I keep getting her answering machine.

Took my blood pressure again today: 125/85

I also went into the health food store recently after reading something about a supplement called “Yarrow” that can help with people who are sensitive to electromagnetic waves.

Electromagnetic sensitivity is truly an illness of our time. Some practitioners have likened it to a new “miasma,” or underlying illness that is endemic to our entire culture. All of us are affected in one way or another, but those who are more vulnerable can display extreme symptoms such as fatigue, allergies and chemical sensitivities. Certainly, we must keep in mind that just in the last century human beings have drastically altered the conditions for living on our planet. For many millennia we have evolved with and through the life body of the earth. Now, in just a few short decades all of us are subjected to a constant bombardment of electromagnetic frequencies through the use of computers, myriad modern appliances, and air travel. As well, the places where we live and work are often situated under or near high voltage electrical lines. Unfortunately, we have not done sufficient research to completely document all the ill-effects generated from electromagnetic frequencies. Our medical and health priorities will need to change drastically to allow full investigation of this health issue.

Meanwhile many flower essence therapists who have ways of testing and assessing the energetic integrity of the body, have definitely found positive benefits with the use of flower essences. Our research indicates that the singe most important remedy is Yarrow Special Formula. This remedy does not “cure” electromagnetic sensitivity, but rather it helps the etheric body form a stronger shield of defense against such assaults. The remedy should be taken on a fairly frequent basis. Many people also report that they “wear” a small bottle of the remedy – or apply it to known points of sensitivity, such as the crown of the head and the point between both eyes. The positive benefits of Yarrow Special Formula were also confirmed in a double blind placebo study, which demonstrated the efficacy of Yarrow Special Formula to environmental stress such as fluorescent lights.

After looking around the store and not finding anything, I ask the lady behind the counter. She said that she had never heard of it and asked me how I knew about it. Not wanting to tell her too much, I explained that I had read about it on the internet. She responded with “Well, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet”. And with that, I left the store.

I agree with her, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet. But that also applies to books, magazines and in my case, doctors. As long as you are careful and smart about how you do the research, and if whatever you try works, then I think you can believe it.

Still vibrating…

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