Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for April 07, 2006


Today I receive a message that the walk in clinic from last week wants to see me about the ECG test results. This is interesting. He said he would only call if there was something other than the RBBB. I arrive there straight after work and meet with the doctor.

He shows me the results from the ECG and yes there is a Right Branch Bundle Block just like I said. There is also something else scribbled “J-Point Mutation ….” and beside that it reads “Normal Variant”. Never heard of that one before but if it’s a normal variant, I won’t worry about it.

He reviews the blood test results again and says my Triglycerides (3.55) and Hemoglobin (172) were slightly above normal but everything else looked fine. I have no clue as to what he is talking about so I take the test results and head home.

Triglycerides (3.55) Greater than 2.30 is above normal.

 Hemoglobin (172) Greater than 170 is above normal.

So nothing found again. Not really sure why he called me in. I do know one thing, people don’t get sick on Friday nights…the place was empty. Took my blood pressure at Sobeys and it was 130/79. Perfect reading.

Still vibrating…

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Entry for March 22, 2006


A very interesting day to say the least…

Mornings are usually very tough for me but today was completely different. I woke up around five o’clock and felt like I could run in a race. I had a glass of warm water, a bowl of oats and it was off to work. I was so happy about the way I was feeling because I’ve never felt this good.

For lunch I had a tuna sandwich with apple juice. It’s something I’ve had on a regular basis from the Coffee Time downstairs. Around two o’clock I start feeling lightheaded, I feel “weird” like something is going to happen and the internal vibrations are a bit stronger. I have a burning sensation in my chest and I notice that my mouth is dry. The only thing I’ve done differently is I didn’t drink as much water in the morning and I forgot to take my Vitamin C.

So I take the Vitamin C and start drinking lots of water and splashing it on my face. With the acupuncture doctor saying I should follow up with my regular doctor for the high blood pressure, I really don’t like the feeling so I leave work to go to a walk in clinic.

I take a taxi to the nearest one and I fill out their patient form and wait. I have my water with me so I make sure I’m still drinking. I go to the bathroom three times before he sees me and I don’t appear to have any of the strange feelings I had earlier in the day. I tell him about the high blood pressure and that I’ve been monitoring it and he talks a reading. 130/80 Normal range. He listens to my lungs and says everything sounds normal. He offers to have an ECG done if I’m concerned about it so I agree. It’s been eight months since I had my last one and back then the only symptom was the internal vibration.

The nurse takes a reading and after a while the doctor comes back with the chart. He shows it to me and it has a small variation in the rhythm. I tell him about my right bundle branch block and he agrees that it’s probably the case and says he is only trained to know what a normal ECG looks like so he’ll send this to a specialist to get his opinion. He also says he wants a blood test just to make sure. If the heart is in any kind of distress, it will release traceable enzymes. He said to follow up with him next Wednesday the 29th for the results.

I’m looking at the blood test form and he’s written the letters “CK, TSH, LDL and HDL”

Because I’m in the same area as the acupuncture doctor, I drop in to see if there are any side effects from the cupping procedure. My doctor doesn’t start until five o’clock so I start talking to another lady. I tell her my story and she explains how the treatment of acupuncture and cupping could not cause my chest pain. She explained things very thoroughly and I’m happy with what I am hearing.

I’ll die another day.

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Entry for May 31, 2005

Fourth day taking the medication and I’m still feeling the internal vibrations. Today is my second day back at work after the weekend.  During my morning routine, I start feeling “weird”. I can’t describe it any other way. Just a feeling of being unwell. By the early afternoon, I start having a tingling sensation on the left side of my body and a very mild pinching sensation in my chest.  I started to worry about it and asked a co-worker to take me to the nearest walk in clinic.

This walk in clinic was down by the lakeshore and a ten minute drive from my work. The place was empty and he saw me right away. Gave him my symptoms and told him I was on a blood pressure medication. These new set of symptoms started after starting the medication and I never had them before today.

He checked me out and assured me everything was okay. It wasn’t a heart attack. I then told him about the test results and explained why I was on the medication for the mystery vibrations. Got the now famous puzzled look and he said that he didn’t think the vibrations were from high blood pressure and told me to stop taking the pills.

Went back to work and finished my shift.

I discussed the days events with my wife and it was mentioned that maybe it was time to get a real family doctor. These walk in clinics seem to have the attitude “You have nothing that is life threatening, so you should follow up with your family doctor”

Problem is… I don’t have one.

Still vibrating…

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Entry for May 28, 2005

Still no phone call about the test results. With the pain in my foot getting worse, I decided I’d go back to the walk in clinic about my foot.

Plantar Fasciitis. Sounds like the tenth planet in our solar system. The doctor knew right away what the pain was. He gave a booklet of exercises to help stretch the foot muscles back into shape.

I didn’t mention the previous test results or the internal vibrations to the doctor and maybe I should have. Booklet in hand I go home.

I knew my mother had some foot pain a few years ago. I’ll give her a call to find out what she had. Turns out she had Plantar Fasciitis too! So maybe it was genetic. She said when she went to her doctor, he prescribed special orthopedic shoes.

Maybe I should’ve followed up with the test results. They didn’t mention anything to me when I went in this morning. How long does it take? Shouldn’t they tell me that they had the test results? Nah, this is a walk in clinic, I don’t have a regular doctor so I’ll go back and ask about the results.

Checked in again to the walk in clinic. The receptionist thought I had already seen a doctor in the morning. I told her that was for something else and that this time, I would like to follow up on some test results.

In comes a different doctor and I mention the test results. After a brief search he comes in and says everything looked fine. How interesting. Because it was now the third doctor I’d seen at the clinic, I mentioned I was there for internal vibrations. Once again, he had the puzzled look on his face and he took my blood pressure. He suggested that the vibration was high blood pressure and thought it was high enough to prescribe RHOXAL-BISOPROLOL to lower it although he never said what it was.

I mentioned to him that I’d done some research on the internet and found Parkinson’s Disease as a common link to these vibrations. He didn’t think it was wise to jump to Parkinson’s without extensive testing by a specialist. I agreed and now I feel a bit better. Nothing serious to worry about.

I’ve never had high blood pressure before. Never had any symptoms. I didn’t think he was right but what did I know? I started talking the medication.

My wife’s sister has spoken to her friend and she has no clue what it is either. I tell her that the doctor I saw at the walk in clinic thought it was high blood pressure and prescribed medication. She commented on the fact that it was unusual for a doctor to prescribe medication on one single visit without any prior history. She said most doctors want to see three examples of high blood pressure before they do anything.

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Entry for May 12, 2005



Today I mentioned to my wife that I had a feeling of a fine internal vibration inside of my body (like a cat purring) and I only feel it when lying down at night in bed. It’s been happening for a few weeks now. Maybe I should get it checked out.  I’ve always been in fairly good health, so much so that I never bothered with a family doctor since I moved out of Orangeville in 1991. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink alcohol or coffee and I don’t drink carbonated drinks. I eat a fairly healthy diet although I could probably eat a lot more fruits and vegatables.

So to the Walk-in clinic I go for internal vibrations!

Six months ago I moved to the Oshawa area from Scarborough and although the commute is a bit longer, it’s a great place to relax and not think about the big city life. (NOTE TO SELF: Canandian winters? Always buy a house with a garage.)

My wife is now four months pregnant with our first child.  How exciting!!! They have told us the due date will be November 4th.

I met with the doctor in the walk-in clinic and I mention the internal vibrations. She appeared quite puzzled and she checks me over. She starts by shining a bright pen flashlight in both of my eyes, takes my blood pressure and listens to my lungs. She says everything appears normal and orders a blood and urine test.

That will have to wait until the weekend as the lab is now closed.

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