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Entry for July 15, 2006


Iridology Appointment: 10:00 AM

She invites me in and shows me to her basement office. I take a seat and she hands me my eyology report and comments that it took her five hours to produce. She pulls up my iris pictures and reviews the report. It starts with my iris type.

Genotype (Iris Constitution): Biliary

Genetic predisposition to gastrointestinal weakness with poor liver, gall bladder and pancreatic function. Symptoms include biliousness, digestive disorders like flatulence, constipation erratic blood sugar levels, migraines, lethargy and skin problems. There may be a heightened sensitivity to chemicals and superheated fats and oils.

General Recommendations:

-Avoid high fat foods like cheese and meat, fried foods and high sugar foods.

-Ensure daily bowel movement

-Take hot and cold foot baths to encourage blood and lymph circulation.

-Avoid alcohol which puts stress on the liver and kidneys.

Everything so far is very generic and could apply to anyone.

“There are beginnings of healing lines in this profile and whatever he has done to come back to balance through natural means have been effective.”

“This profle is marked by a state of general anxiety.”

“The Digestive, Nervous, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Endocrine and Urinary need to be looked at in more depth and balanced.”

Then she goes into each system in more detail and pulls up each picture to explain her findings in the iris and sclera.

Body Systems

Digestive: This system shows lack of tone at the cecum reflexing the pancreas and the descending reflexing the heart and upper abdomen. There are no signs of the autonomic nervous wreath at the cecum (reflexing pancreas), the descending (reflexing the upper abdomen) and the sigmoid (reflexing the lower abdomen, the pelvis and the small intestines (reflexing the low back) on the left iris and the cecum on the right. In these areas there is a minimal nerve transmission which would therefore make these areas weaker. This system also shows signs of significant diet abuse and possible yeast indications. Healing lines are starting to happen especially in the esophagus, ascending, transverse and sigmoid colon, small intestines and the pancreas.

Nervous: This system shows a tendency to general exhaustion and general state of anxiety even though the patient projects a calm demeanor. These two qualities may have emerged with the recent illness however, numerous cramp rings suggest otherwise. Radicals denoting sluggish impulse at the transverse reflex the cerebellum, subcortex, the limbic and sympathetic nervous system and well as the adrenal gland. Again, there are the beginning signs of healing at the pituitary, pineal, conceptual mind, the cerebellum and the sinuses. There are also indications of drug imbediment in the head area, but this too shows healing signs.

Cardiovascular: This system shows vulnerability to problems due to genetics and diet abuse in the past. The area where is heart is in the iris shows a large and deep lacuna with healing signs. There are also indications of vascular plaque and fatty buildup, sluggish circulation with a potential for serious cardiovascular problems, and a weakened and possibly anemic state. Although there was no mention of cardiovasular problems, this system needs to be addressed with immediacy.

Endocrine: This system shows an anxiety line running through the adrenal on both irises and a staircase lacuna at the pancreas on the right. Although this seems to cause an immune compromise to the system, there are healing lines. There are also indications of healing lines at the thyroid. The prostate though shows possible imbalance.

Immune/Lymphatic/Respiratory: The Immune System shows the effects of longterm use of medications for allergies. However, there are healing lines in the respiratory (trachea, tonsils), the endocrine (parathyroid), and the lower jaw and sinus. There are indications of an imbalance in the Respiratory System especially in the bronchioles and at the throat.

Urinary: This system may also be vunerable due to it’s close connection to the heart and cardiovascular system and to it’s function of filtering toxins. The kidney shows a huge lacuna, congestion and pathogenic activity at the bladder and tissue hardening. However, there are healing lines in these two organs.

Muscular/Skeletal: There are indications of connective tissue breakdown and possible effects of long term use of medications in this system. Some areas of the iris show high tissue acidity or inflammation.

She points to the under part of the eye and says this is a sign of yeast overgrowth: Candida. I explain that the naturopath has already tried this and I didn’t feel any difference after three weeks of the Candida Diet and she felt that three weeks wasn’t long enough.

She takes a look at my suppliments and writes down the new dosage and splits them into three groups. Group one are the ones I need right now, Group two are needed but not as important and Group three she said I didn’t need.

Group two was my Enzymes and within Group three was Magnesium.

She also suggested some weird herbal remedies that I’ve never heard of. She only has one that she can sell to me and it’s called Chelex Tincture. The rest I’ll need to order from the health food store.

Chelex Tincture

Chelex tincture contains herbs researched for their effects on counteracting heavy metals and disarming free radicals and the essential oil of helichrysum, which has been studied for its natural chelating action. Chelex contains herbal ingredients synergistically formulated to help rid the body of heavy metals and other immune-damaging free radicals. Heavy metals absorbed from the air, water, food, skin care products, etc., lodge and store in the fatty layers of the body and give off toxic gases in the system, which may create allergic symptoms. Ridding our bodies of heavy metals is extremely important in order to have healthy immune function, especially if we have mercury fillings. This formula contains the essential oil of helichrysum, which may help the body in the elimination of heavy metals because of its natural chelating action.

So with her new suppliment dosages, I only take what she deemed necessary and I only take the supplements in group one and in her new dosage so I don’t take any enzymes with my dinner. We talk about jucing vegetables and tells me that I should purchase a juicer as they are fairly cheap at Wal-Mart for under $40.00.

She touches a bit on my emotional side and I explain about my deep connection with the death of John Lennon. I was only 10 years old at the time but it still has an effect on me and she thought it was weird because he isn’t somebody that I am close to. He wasn’t direct family. I also went further to explain a high school breakup that was very emotional for me.

She talks about my internal vibration and says that in meditation, the body has a natural vibration that has a positive impact.

She shows me the area of the heart and it has healing lines. She said that whatever changes that I have made recently have prevented a heart attack! I found this really amazing because I never mentioned anything about my high blood pressure or the chest pains. I do know that magnesium and omega 3 is known to prevent heart attacks and I’ve added both recently. But she just told me that I didn’t need the magnesium supplement that I was taking?

She went on to explain about taking cold foot baths and that exactly what Dr. Jenson was taking about in his book. Another suggestion? I should eat seven almonds per day. She gave me a bunch of good food combinations and explained in more detail:

The theory of dietetics is based upon the hypothesis that inadequate absorption of food causes degeneration of tissue, and that for perfect metabolism do not combine foods high in starches with food high in proteins or fats in the same meal. It is, of course, impossible not to combine proteins and carbohydrates in the same meal. Practically all foods have some protein, some carbohydrate or some fat. However, a meal can be predominantly protein or predominantly carbohydrate.

The contention of these doctors is that a combination of high protein and high starches inhibits the absorption of all the nutritive factors of foods and results in an unnecessary burden upon the entire digestive apparatus.

She said that it would take six months before a person sees any change in the iris but we would have a follow up session in a couple of weeks. I ask her about taking wheatgrass and she says I should take it everyday.

I leave her house a little disappointed and with a little bit more knowledge. I don’t know what to think. It’s the most detailed report I’ve ever seen but how accurate is it? My other Doctors have told me that everything is normal but there is certainly a difference of opinion here!

Everything she seemed to suggest is on the expensive side. I’ll have to break everything down and research everything with Dr. Google before I try anything else.

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