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Entry for August 15, 2006

I spoke with my friend regarding the tinnitus and vertigo and she is willing to try magnesium. I explain about not taking calcium and the foods to avoid. We talked about my recent discoveries and I’ll be amazed if her problem is solved with magnesium.

Turns out, another friend of mine also has vertigo with tinnitus and it was suggested that I speak to him. I asked him for his list of symptoms and every single one he mentioned is a known magnesium deficiency. I give him some advice and offer to purchase a good quality magnesium from my health food store. He agrees and he’s willing to try anything. The doctors have done a multitude of tests and everything came up normal. They told him that there was nothing he could do and that he’ll just have to live with his list of symptoms. He has something called Ménière’s disease.


Ménière’s disease is usually characterized 4 symptoms.

1) Periodic episodes of rotatory vertigo or dizziness.
2) Fluctuating, progressive, low-frequency hearing loss
3) Tinnitus
4) A sensation of “fullness” or pressure in the ear.

This is such a sad story and I don’t want to get ahead of myself but it sure sounds like a magnesium deficiency.


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Entry for August 13, 2006


In my research, I come across a site that talks about the effects of magnesium. A friend of mine has recently had ringing in her ears and she’s been going to a bunch of specialists and just last week diagnosed with vertigo. She said it appeared after she started a big project so it could be stress related. In fact, it’s so so bad that she can’t drive her car to work.

Magnesium deficient symptoms? Tinnitus and Vertigo. I’ll mention this to her when I see her next and tell her about the absorption rates for magnesium taurate.

The irony? She was the one who suggested that I use google for my symptoms way back when it first started…

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