Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for July 20, 2006

I get a call from the doctor in the walk in clinic and the test results are in..FINALLY! The doctor has reviewed them and the results? NORMAL

What? I asked if she had all four results and she agreed that all four were now complete. Normal? How is this possible? I ask her to fax the results to my doctor since I am seeing him tomorrow.

No Beriberi. So why does Benfotamine have such an effect on my neurological symptoms?

I’ve checked the dosage to what the iridologist recommended. She divided my vitamins into two higher doses instead of three spread out during the day. And since I’ve been taking these divided doses, for the past two days I’ve had a weird mild chest pain around lunchtime. I haven’t bothered to replenish my niacin so could this be the problem?

I decide to take my night Benfotamine at lunch and the mysterious pain disappears almost instantly. What can I do now? If my Thiamine levels are okay why has the head pinching stopped never to return since I started Benfotamine? I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever get an answer.

I’ll mention Riboflavin and Magnesium to my doctor tomorrow and let’s see where that leads… If that fails, I’ll ask for the referral to the Environmental Health Clinic to see Riina Bray.

How is it possible that a person who isn’t deficient in Thiamine need a Thiamine supplement???

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Entry for July 13, 2006

Nineteen days and still no test results so I call the lab again.

I give them my health card number and we go through the routine. She says they were completed on June 18th. I explain that I’ve spoken to my doctor who has only received one test out of four. She asks me to clarify the test results. I give her the three tests and I explain that it’s the Thiamine test that I am waiting for. She looks it up in her computer and says it will take 15 days so I politely inform her that today makes it 19 days.

She now tells me that for a Thiamine test, they ship it to their lab in London as the test is not done at the Toronto location and that is why it takes 15 days. She adds that it’s possible it’s taking longer because of the long weekend.

So I’ll give them one day credit for the long weekend.

Eighteen days and still no test results…

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Entry for July 06, 2006

Followed up with the doctor who did the test results for Beriberi. The secretary gave me a hard time saying that if I didn’t hear from them then the test result was normal. There is no way that it came back normal so it’s my guess that it’s not back yet.

I explained that it has been over two weeks and if it was fine, then I wanted to know. I think they should call everyone regarding the test results whether they are fine or not.

After a brief pause, she comes back on the phone and says they are still waiting for the Thiamine test.

Almost three weeks and still no results…

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