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Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for July 19, 2006

I’ve managed to look up every kind of vitamin/mineral deficiency known to man and I have a new theory. The one symptom I’ve had for years is my chapped lips and there happens to be a link with a Riboflavin Deficiency.

I’ve come across this theory before of course but I’ve been taking B complex now for months with no results. I think I’ve been looking too hard for the answer…

A vibration is a symptom of Riboflavin Deficiency. But I’ve been taking B complex for months without any improvement?

The symptoms of riboflavin deficiency include:

Swelling and fissuring of the lips (cheilosis)

Red, itchy eyes that are sensitive to light

The nervous symptoms of riboflavin deficiency include:

Decreased sensitivity to touch, temperature, and vibration

Riboflavin is required for the processing of dietary fats, carbohydrates, and proteins to convert these nutrients to energy. When riboflavin deficiency is actually detected, it is often associated with low consumption of milk, chronic alcoholism, or chronic diarrhea.

I stopped drinking milk when the Naturopath said it wasn’t good for me and I stopped eating beef when I read about the hormone injections. Two foods that contain riboflavin.

Have I become my own worst enemy trying to improve my diet?

I’ve always had dry itchy eyes and I thought it was from lack of sleep or my allergies. Since I started taking vitamin A, my eyes have improved so much but they still water up and are still tired and itchy. I think it’s a Riboflavin Deficiency. The only problem with that is there is nothing that mentions the weird pinching nerve sensation in my head.

Let’s try an experiment. I look up the foods that have the highest amount of Riboflavin… Calf’s LIVER!

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