Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for August 29, 2006


The Neurologist…

He called my name as he entered the waiting room. It was his first appointment of the day and there was no one else in the room. I ask him if it’s okay to allow my wife to sit in with us and he agrees. He says he has very little on my symptoms and history so he’s eager to hear my story. The only thing he received from my doctor was that I had an internal tremor and that taking a supplement called Benfotamine was helping me. He had never heard of Benfotamine and I knew I was in trouble from this moment on…

I wanted to come prepared for this appointment but I just never had the time. I’ve explained my history of symptoms so many times that I’m confident that I can do it again without any notes. It all started with the internal vibration, the plantar fasciitis, indigestion and the stomach bloating. When I mentioned that I thought there was a link between the internal vibration and the plantar fasciitis, he gave me the smug doctor smile. “Another patient who thinks he knows what he’s talking about…”

I don’t mention the EMF exposure as I thought I would see how he reacts first. Then we talk about the successes: B vitamins, minerals, acidophilus and omega 3. He is writing notes the entire time I am talking. After I finish, he invites me into an examination room and performs a number of tests.

He holds a small bottle under my nose and asks me if I know what it is. It smells like lemon. He holds a second bottle under my nose and asks me the same question again. This time it has a minty smell and I’m correct again. He holds up three fingers and takes them down again real fast and he asks me how many I saw. He covers one of my eyes and asks me to read the smallest numbers on his eye chart. Switches to my other eye and does the same thing again. He then checks my reflexes on my wrists, knees and just above my feet. He shines a small flashlight into both of my eyes and asks me to follow his fingers. He turns off the lights and he shines the light into my eyes again. He turns the lights back on and everything took about ten minutes.

We walk back into his office and I sit beside my wife again. He starts by saying that I am an intelligent person and was very diplomatic in his speech. He said he could say with great confidence that I didn’t have any kind of neurological disease and talks about certain things I had mentioned. He asked about my parents, my marriage and the new baby.

He said he didn’t like to pigeonhole people but that I have a profile of anxiety. His recommendation was to seek help by seeing a psychologist or a psychiatrist. He said there was medication that could help me but the effects are not often seen for weeks. He cited the first child as being very stressful and that sometimes, for whatever reason, anxiety can be caused when there is a chemical imbalance within the brain but he didn’t think that was the case with me.

I added a few new things like the test that came back with a high level of free radicals and stressed adrenals. He nodded his head in agreement and said stressed adrenals is a classic symptom of anxiety. He asks if I have any further questions and I ask him if he thought a high level of free radicals could destroy the myelin sheath and he felt there wasn’t enough study in that field of research. I ask him if there is any kind of test that could measure any kind of demyelination and he answered “No not really…”

An internal vibration, tingling in my head and a neurologist tells me I have anxiety. What a complete waste of time. It’s possible I have anxiety now because I have to keep dealing with these know it all doctors who know nothing about nutrition but I am still looking for the root cause. I don’t have a stressful job, I’m not a person bothered by stress, in fact, I’m a very calm quiet person. Family life is good and I have a great group of close friends. If he thinks anxiety is the root cause of my internal vibration then he is completely wrong. My direct symptoms are never affected by any amount of stress.

It’s the classic case of a doctor looking for disease and when he doesn’t find anything obvious, the assumption is that everything is perfectly normal. Another doctor who has no interest in prevention. A ten minute exam and he comes back with anxiety. The only way he could’ve done that is to have used the pupil analysis and discovered those upward pointing lines that I saw in iridology.

When I left his office, I could tell my wife knew I wasn’t satisfied with his answers. In fact, I was furious.

I wasn’t mad about the diagnosis of anxiety, I was more pissed off because he didn’t seem to want to do anything to help me. I was under the impression that a Neurologist is a specialist who has a very advanced understanding about the human body. Well, not this one…

What a complete waste of time!! I feel like Charlie Brown and Lucy has just taken the ball away.

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Entry for Dec 19, 2005

The day finally has arrived. I’ll consider this an early Christmas present from the Ontario Health Care system. I arrive at the hospital and check in. I complete the required forms and she asks me to change into the hospital gown. She says the worst is now over. Let’s hope so.

I’m placed on a hospital bed and wheeled into a hallway. The Colonoscopy is next.  I have visions of the doctor telling me I have Colitis, Crohn’s, Celiac or worse… Cancer?

I’m sitting there long enough to wonder if they’d forgotten about me. Then the big doors open. I’m wheeled into an operating room and there is a tv with a bunch of machinery. The doctor tells me that after the surgery I’ll be given the follow up instructions. The nurse gives me the knockout medication and I’m out.

I wake up in recovery and a nurse asks me how I am. I feel tired but I’m okay. She hands me a white sheet of paper and on it is the doctor’s follow up instructions.

* Nothing to report.

* No follow up necessary.

Everything is okay!! Both proceedures came up perfect health.

But wait a second a second. If the instestinal tract is clear, what the hell is causing these internal vibrations!!!!!!! In the back of my mind I was wishing they’d find something then I could have something to hold onto.

My wife said the same thing about Crohn’s. It was real scary when she didn’t know what it was causing the symptoms.  Once she knew it was Crohn’s, she could research it and understand it better.

I really want that understanding this internal vibration.

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Entry for Sept 12, 2005

Finally I get to see a specialist. I’m sitting in his fancy office and I take one of his business cards. Underneath his name is says: ” Specialty: General Surgery”

Surgery? I thought he was a Gastroenterologist. He reviews my file from my doctor and he mentions the notation of some diarrhea, bloating and abdominal pain. I tell him that those are the secondary symptoms and that I have an internal vibration that my doctor suspects is related to my intestinal tract.

He gives me the puzzed look, says he’s never heard of that before and asks me to step into his examination room. He presses around the abdominal area and afterwards he says he doesn’t feel anything obviously wrong.

He recommends a Colonoscopy and Gastrocopy but not for any reason that he’s found. Strictly exploratory.

I arrange with the receptionist for a date. She tells me that they can both be done at the same time and the earliest date available is November 15th. Our baby is due on November 4th so one week later should give us plenty of time. Maybe the baby will come early.

On the documentation, it mentions that if I do need to cancel, I must give them two weeks notice. No problem.

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Entry for August 10, 2005


A few days ago I noticed the little tiny tapeworm eggs in my stool. Holy cow…I thought we killed it!! A closer inspection this time and boy do I feel stupid. They look like watermelon seeds and yes I had watermelon yesterday. That is probably what it was the first time too.

I’m such an idiot.

Back to my regular doctor for the ultrasound results. Feeling slightly embarrassed about the tapeworm fiasco I tell him the Praziquantel had no effect and I mention the watermelon seeds.

I still have all of the weird symptoms. I feel tired and weak all of the time, don’t feel hungry, my muscles feel stiff, weird pressure pokes in my chest, head pinching with a flush sensation, a light tingling that feels like nerve endings and of course the internal vibrations.

I’ve lost even more weight now so he decides to look further and refers me to a gastro specialist.

I thought it was weird that he was sending me to a gastro doctor when my main consistant symptom was an internal vibration. Wouldn’t it make more sense to send me to a Neurologist? I guess he figures there is something in my intestines causing the vibrations. Who cares, at least it’s a specialist.

He said he would have the ultrasound results in another week. The receptionist made the specialist appointment for Sept 12th. Another month away! Oh well, at least I can follow up on Friday with the Naturopath.

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