Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for June 12, 2006

Monday is my day for wheatgrass but for some reason, the Jugo Juice store didn’t have any. I went again after work and they still didn’t have any. Not to worry, there is another store in Whitby so I’ll go out tonight and get some unless there’s some weird wheatgrass shortage.

Took the higher dose of Niacin again in the same format as yesterday. 200 mg at breakfast, 200 mg at lunch and the 500 mg after dinner for 900 mg in total. I had a long hot bath about an hour later and this time there was no flush.

I managed to find the Jugo Juice store in Whitby but it also happened to be where large hydro transmisson towers are running through the parking lot. I got my wheatgrass and left. While I was leaving the parking lot and underneath the power lines, a spot on the bottom right side of my head started pulsing. Not painful, just a mild slow pressure/pulse and it stopped when I left the parking lot.

Needless to say I was extremely bothered by this experience and I need to do more research. I’m fairly certain it was because of the power lines but there is no way in hell I’m going back under there to find out!!

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Entry for March 13, 2006


After reading the 42 page report over the weekend, I thought I would give acupuncture a try. I called one close to my office and made an appointment for tomorrow afternoon.

FANTASTIC! Here is what is says on their web site:

“We are here to listen to your health concerns and to offer you natural remedies in a multi-disciplinary approach to help you attain a healthy body and mind.”

I’m really interested about the health effects from the overhead powerlines so I start using Google Earth to map out the powergrid from Pickering Nuclear. I follow it into Scarborough and I follow it eastward into Oshawa. I notice that the main lines are north of the city and I’m a little surprised at how close some of the subdivisions are to the powerlines. I’m interested to find out about the powerlines behind the Toys R Us store on Thickson.

As I’m following them into Whitby, it switches to a lower resolution. I can still follow them but it’s a little harder. We had planned to visit my wife’s brother in Brooklin so I figure I’ll drive along Thickson and follow them. We follow them all the way to Taunton Road and I turn left and then turn right onto Anderson. My wife and I are looking at the new subdivisions in the area and she points out that a good friend of mine lives close by. Then it hits me. About six months ago I was telling him about my weird symptoms and how I was going into the hospital for a colonoscopy. He started telling me about how his daughter has some gastro symptoms and she had the same thing done and the doctors found nothing.

Could his daughter’s health problems be from electromagnetic sensitivity? Using Google Earth, I use the measurement tool and he is only 200 meters away from the powerlines…

I’ll contact him to see if the doctors found out anything more on his daughter’s symptoms. It’s my guess they have no idea what the problem is.

Then I remember another friend of mine who tried to sell her house last year. It was a beautiful large house and it was immaculate inside. It was on the market for months and she couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t selling and after looking at the pictures, I couldn’t either. It was priced right for the area and she dropped the price twenty thousand dollars but it still wasn’t selling.

One day I overheard her talking to her friends and she said the only thing wrong with the house is that some people don’t like living near power lines. I manage to find her house using Google Earth and she lives 166 meters behind the major transmission lines coming from Pickering Nuclear. She’s lived there for a couple of years so I’m a little surprised that she doesn’t have any health problems.

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Entry for March 09, 2006

In my googling today, I came across a web site with a report from the Health Protection Agency in England.

Definition, Epidemiology and Management of Electrical Sensitivity
Report for the Radiation Protection Division of the Health Protection
Agency (November 2005)

This document review gathers the findings from numerous studies around the world listing the symptoms, method of treatment and the results. This is what I’ve been looking for.

The variety of symptoms were simply astounding! After reading it through, there were several answers and clues that I was looking for. In addition to the symptoms that matched my research so far, there were more:

  • Low body temperature.
  • Growth of bacteria and yeasts is affected by specific frequencies.

The low body temperature was confirmed from the Naturopath as a way of checking the thyroid and she also suspected an overgrowth of yeast by putting me on the Candida diet. I had both symptoms but went in a different direction.

It went on to talk about how the symptoms described by people with electrical sensitivity are non-specific in type and found commonly in the general population. It listed the all of the symptoms with a percentage of frequency. These were mine:

  1. 29.5% Abdominal Pain
  2. 11.2% Intestinal Trouble
  3. 15.4% Chest Pain
  4. 65.1% Fatigue
  5. 51.3% Neck Pain

Further reading listed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Shaitsu, Acupuncture and Hypnosis as different ways of treating people with ES. It goes on to mention about EMF avoidance and how symptoms can persist despite radical steps to reduce exposure. One theory mentioned that the body could no longer recover from the prolonged EMF exposure.

All very interesting. Could this be why am I still having some of the symptoms? The Acidophilus is working wonders and since I unplugged the wireless intercom, I’ve got my energy back. None of the “weird” symptoms have returned.

Then I came across a 2001 study where Vitamins C & E used with selenium as a method of treatment. However, in this study, it showed no effect on the symptoms but success had been reported with Acupuncture and Shiatsu.

It listed the symptom-based conditions:

  • Charateristic symptoms potentially involve multiple organ systems and not a recognisable pattern of complaints.
  • Charateristic symptoms are not consistently associated with objective physical signs or laboratory abnormalities.
  • Charateristic symptoms are similar, paticularly fatigue, headaches, muscle/joint pains, cognitive difficulties, and sleep disturbances.

No wonder the doctors are having a hard time. With these new discoveries I’m convinced that I have electromagnetic sensitivity. The only thing that confused me was the Toys R Us experience. The meter was giving us safe readings and I was feeling sick. How safe are the hydro transmission towers?

Evaluation of the Potential Carcinogenicity of Electromagnetic Fields,” page 2-21. For example, the field strength of a 500 KV Transmission line begins to fall off measurably at 50 meters, but does not fall off below 1 mG until distances nearing 1000 meters.

I know for sure that the transmission line was less than 1000 meters from the Toys R Us store but that still doesn’t explain the meter readings within the safe zone. Maybe it’s time to try something different.

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Entry for March 06, 2006



My wife and I are discussing the recent developments and I mention to her about how I felt sick in the Toys R Us store in Whitby. Was it sympathy pregnancy or was it electromagnetic sensitivity? Let’s take the meter to the store to see what the readings are.

We jump into the car and just before we make the left turn onto Thickson, I point out to her the huge hydro lines behind the store. I never noticed them before. Let’s drive around the store and take some readings. We did this twice and the entire time the meter displayed safe numbers.

Let’s try readings inside the store and now that I’m feeling better and our daughter is now almost four months old, we’ll see if it has any effect. The readings are fine and there is nothing to be concerned about.

I’m not sure if it was psychological or not but I left the store feeling sick…again.

Then I remember the time we went to Subway sandwiches in the plaza right beside the Toys R Us on the same side of the street and how I felt ill. So much so that my wife went into the grocery store next door to buy pears so I would feel better. I’m not sure what the problem is but it’s suspicious that I always feel sick on the same side as the hydro lines. So why does the meter say it’s safe? Could it be that it only measures a certain frequency range?

So does the EMF have an effect on me? I need to do more research.

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Entry for February 18, 2006

With all of this new evidence, I’m one step closer to selling our house. I need to know if the electromagnetic waves are affecting me directly. My wife doesn’t display any symptoms and our baby was born without any defects. Why am I the only one with the symptoms?

Back to google…there must be a test that can be done by a doctor or maybe some kind of home testing kit. I didn’t quite know what I was looking for until…

FOUND IT! I came across a web site that sell products directly related to EMF testing and discovered a meter that will display the actual strength of the electromagnetic waves. This is what I need. I don’t want to make the purchase over the internet so I do some more googling to find out if there is somewhere local and it doesn’t let me down. I type “EMF meter toronto” and the first result is for a hobby store called EfstonScience. They sell them for $29.00. What a great investment. I tell my wife about the meter and within hours we are driving across the 401 to pick one up.

I tell the salesperson that I’m looking for an EMF meter. He shows me three models and I like that one that squeels if it’s in the danger zone. I’m sold.

We install the battery and drive back home across the 401. We have the meter ready to take readings and as we pass the cell phone towers the meter is showing safe levels. So I decide to drive pass the old house and take some readings on the street and then closer to the cell phone tower in the area. All the readings show safe. Was I using it correctly?

We get back onto the 401 and drive underneath the power lines coming from Pickering Nuclear. The meter starts screaming!! DANGER! DANGER! This is what I’ve been waiting for. We notice that the meter gives us the high danger reading whenever we pass underneath the power lines and only get a small blip when we pass the cell towers.

The danger of course it not passing underneath the hydro lines, it’s the effects of long term exposure.

How interesting. I wonder what it will read when we get home? We don’t live near any power lines…

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