Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for March 28, 2007

Back from the Iridologist. I have my iridology report from last year and my camera. I’m hoping that she’ll let me take some photos of the foot bath to record the progress.

She starts by asking me a bunch of generic health questions and fills out a form as we go. I answer her questions but I don’t go into too much detail for each question. At the end of the questionnaire, she takes a picture of each iris. The pictures are not that great and I show her how to use the camera in macro mode. I’m a little worried at this point but she is also unhappy with the results and switches to an iridology machine that looks like a huge microscope. She records my iris markings on a iridology iris chart and comments on the anxiety and stressed adrenals. She also mentions that she sees white marks on my liver and kidneys. She asks me if there is a genetic heart condition in my family: Nope none. She doesn’t say anything more but I know that the previous iridology reading had mentioned the same thing.

I already knew about the stressed adrenals and I’ve changed my lifestyle and added vitamins and minerals for the past year with little results. So I asked her how long it would take to correct the stressed adrenals. Her response? TWO YEARS!

She continues and makes a comment on the thyroid and asks if I have taking anything for thyroid support. I’ve never taken anything to support the thyroid and she explains that this could be one of the reasons for my low energy. She suggests taking a multi glandular support supplement for the thyroid and adrenals. As we get into get into a bit more detail, I mention about magnesium and mitral valve prolapse. Turns out, she has MVP as well! I continue and mention Plantar Fasciitis and she has that as well. Then I explain how I believe the two are connected from a lack of blood circulation and how it disappeared taking niacin for a few days.

She was very interested in my research and asked me if I had thought about getting into the health industry because I seemed so knowledgeable.

We talked about my discovery with zinc and copper and I explain about how I had a hard time with the ratio. She suggested alternating the dosage every other day. One day of zinc, copper the next. She tried kinesiology on a few of her supplements and I really didn’t show anything in a strong kind of way. I’ve always found that kinesiology is a bit of a hokey kind of science but I don’t fully understand how it works…

After about 30 minutes, she takes my to another room for the Ion Foot Bath. I ask her if I can take some photos and she doesn’t mind. I place my feet in some really warm water and away we go!!

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Entry for July 05, 2006


Today I tried a little experiment. I didn’t take any vitamins all day and I have no symptoms whatsoever. No acidophilus, no vitamin C, no B vitamins and NO SYMPTOMS.

What does this mean? There is something else going on and I still think it’s magnesium. The order of my symptoms was the internal vibration, then the plantar fasciitis then all other symptoms. So when you look at it in that order, it was the nervous system, muscle weakness and or poor circulation then the lack of hydrochloric acid. I think the magnesium deficiency caused a number of  B deficiencies complicating the symptoms and diagnosis.

And the two foods that will stop the vibrations (Pears and Tuna) both contain magnesium. Why does the vitamin C work? Apparently it helps make magnesium more biologically available to your body.

This morning as I was getting my daily newspaper I notice that they are sold out. So I grab a free health magazine called “Your Health Source” and on page 14 is an article called “Magnesium, Are you getting enough?”. It was a very interesting article and I really didn’t find anything paticular that applied to me but I google away to find out more information.

Magnesium Deficiency

Blood tests for magnesium deficiency are irrelevant and unusable. These levels do not reflect total body magnesium (TBM). Magnesium levels of bone and intracellular levels of magnesium are what tell the true status of TBM.

Recommended Dietary Allowance

To compensate for deficiencies and/or losses the new RDA is expected to be 500 mg. per day. My RDA is a total of 500-700 mg magnesium daily.

Formula to Calculate Magnesium Daily Requirement

5 to 10 milligrams per day per kilo of ideal body weight or 2.5 to 4.5 milligrams per day per pound of ideal body weight.  

The medical community repletes magnesium by giving 400 mg of oxide, sulphate or gluconate 4-6 times a day. At this level diarrhea becomes a problem and a loose stool depletes magnesium and other electrolytes quickly. Albion Labs chelated magnesium is designed to delivery magnesium without diarrhea. Even when using the Albion chelate a loose stool can still be a problem under special circumstances. You should discontinue magnesium if your stool becomes soft or un-formed. 

If your stool becomes loose it does not mean you have adequate magnesium. You may need to do a series of experiments with different types, timing (with and without food; 2,3 or 4 times a day) and/or amounts (100-200 mg. per dose, try the higher first and the lower if you encounter a problem). You may need more than the daily requirement initially to get expected results.

Try to keep all doses at not more than 300-400 mg. each. 100-200 mg at a time work more efficiently. Some clients have experienced sleep difficulties when taking magnesium late in the day as magnesium can contribute to energy. If this happens to you confine your supplementation to earlier hours.

Be patient as many systems, muscles, bone, immune system, nerve system and brain, will begin to change with magnesium supplementation. Depending on your current condition it may take six months for you to see all of the positive changes.

My weight from yesterday was 186 lbs.

186 * 2.5 = 465
186 * 4.5 = 837

So my daily dosage should be between 465 mg and 837 mg.

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Entry for June 22, 2006


I did some more reading about Benfotiamine today and I come across a great article that shows the raising effect of Thiamine in the blood stream. (If this doesn’t stop the vibration, nothing will.)

Okay, now I really need this suppliment. I get home and I decide to try all of the health food stores to see if anyone has it. It’s after seven so most of them are closed. One of the stores is right beside a Jugo Juice so since I’m in the area, I’ll take some wheatgrass. Nobody has Benfotiamine in stock but one store said they could order it for me and they’d have it by next Tuesday. I didn’t want to wait that long so since I work in downtown Toronto, I’ll see if I can find a place close by tomorrow.

I’ve noticed my foot pain mildly coming back lately. Could this be because I’ve stopped taking Niacin? I’ll add that back into my regular vitamins…

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Entry for May 31, 2006


I get into work and I ask my friend if he was able to get me the Miswaak. He reaches under his desk and pulls out a small twig. It’s about eight inches long and it doesn’t have the bristles that a regular toothbrush has. He says the bristles will form as I use it. He told me I should clean it using water and to place it in water for thirty minutes before using. After thirty minutes, I give it a try. It has a nice mild tree taste to it and although a little weird and unconventional, I like it. Now let’s see if it works for my allergies…

I’ve been taking 200 mg of Niacin now for three weeks and I’m feeling great. The vitamins really seem to be working. The vibration is very faint and I can barely feel it anymore. I’m so excited about my recent success that I’ll tell anyone who will listen. As I’m explaining my story to a women in the office, I mention how I had Plantar Fasciitis and a guy mentions that he’s been dealing with the same problem and has orthopedic inserts that don’t seem to fix the pain. So I’m now explaining my story to both of them and how the Niacin got rid of it within a week.

He was absolutely amazed at hearing this and was willing to give it a try. I tell him to pick up 100 mg of pure Niacin at his local health food store.

My follow up appointment with the Naturopath should be fun on Saturday. Wait until I tell her about the microwaved plastic allergy and my new toothbrush. I’m going to ask her if there is a positive way to test for the benzyl butyl phthalate plastic allergy and I’m also thinking about the hormone test for Xenoestrogen. Something that will confirm my new diagnosis.

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Entry for May 15, 2006

Four straight days now without using any inserts in my shoes and no pain. I’m convinced that the Niacin has increased my blood circulation to my feet. So out of curiosity, I ask Dr. Google and I come across this:

The term plantar fasciitis is derived from plantar which refers to the bottom of the foot and fascia which is a type of dense fibrous connective tissue. The “itis” is a suffix which means inflammation. Latest studies show that in many cases of plantar fasciitis there really is no inflamation, but rather an avascularity (loss of blood circulation).

The signs were there but no one but them all together. The internal vibration has gone for the most part. Sometimes I notice it and other times it’s very weak. I think I need more than 200 mg but I won’t increase it until I see the doctor on June 3rd.

Niacin should be started at low doses and increased slowly over several weeks. To avoid stomach upset, niacin should be taken with meals.

I’ve been eating six cans of tuna a week because of the natural niacin. As I’m reading the paper this morning I come across an article about the high levels of mercury in tuna . Oh great…

SAN FRANCISCO – A state judge ruled that California cannot require the nation’s three largest tuna companies to place mercury warning labels on their cans.

State Attorney General Bill Lockyer sued the tuna canners two years ago to enforce Proposition 65, a 1986 state law requiring consumer warnings about reproductive toxins such as mercury, which has been linked to developmental problems in children.

With some studies showing that tuna contains potentially unsafe levels of mercury, health advocates complain that tuna companies and government agencies haven’t done enough to warn consumers about the risks.

The judge also found that the mercury levels in the companies’ tuna were not high enough to require labels. In addition, he ruled that virtually all the mercury in canned tuna was naturally occurring, exempting them from the warning

“The decision, we believe, is wrong on the law, wrong on the science and bad for consumers,” Dresslar said. “When the consumers of California go into a grocery store, they have a right to be informed about the mercury that is present in canned tuna.”
said spokesman Tom Dresslar.

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Entry for May 12, 2006

For the past couple of mornings I’ve had the Niacin flush. It basically feels like a sunburn and it goes away after 30 minutes. It’s a little uncomfortable but it’s a reminder that it’s actually working. The internal vibrations are getting better although they are still around. Some days I go to bed and I don’t feel anything and then the next morning I wake to a strong vibration. It’s not perfect but I guess by taking the small dose of 200 mg a day, it’s slowing getting back to normal. I will say that my stomach symptoms seem to have gone and my plantar fasciitis has improved.

Today is the one year anniversary since I went to the first walk-in clinic and it’s been an amazing journey understanding my body and learning about how to stay healthy. It’s a road I probably wouldn’t have taken if I wasn’t sick.

Time for some testing: Today I decide not to take my vitamin C or my acidophilus. These are two things that I’ve needed everyday and without them I get my weird symptoms. Let’s see if the niacin has any effect. Because my plantar fasciitis has improved recently, I’m going to remove my sole inserts for the first time since June 15th, 2005.

Let’s see what happens!

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Entry for June 15, 2005


It’s been three days eating bananas, peaches and pears and it appears to be working. The vibrations seem to have stopped at night but they return by the time I wake up in the morning. Maybe it is my thyroid after all. Can’t wait to tell my new doctor.

The pain in my foot is getting really hard to deal with so I go to Shoppers Drug Mart to see if I can buy some shoe support inserts. I find a type that I like and I buy them.

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Entry for June 11, 2005

The pain in my foot is slowly getting worse and I noticed the other day that I drive by an Orthopedic doctor on my way home. Couldn’t hurt to find out more information. Besides, my work has coverage for orthopedic shoes!

Stopped in to see the foot doctor. On the wall there was a close up medical picture for Plantar Fasciitis. Great! I’m in the right place. He took foot prints of my feet using ink on a paper outline and he explained in great detail about the problems with my feet and how he could fix it. He showed me a bunch of shoes with orthopedic inserts and explained the differrent types of support.

This all sounded good. How do I start? He gave me a form to give to my doctor. He needs to sign it and bring back the form. I have my appointment next week so I’ll deal with it then.

We also did our groceries today and based on my thyroid research, I loaded up on bananas, peaches and pears. I’m not a real fan of fruits but I’ll give it a try.

Let’s see what happens…

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Entry for May 28, 2005

Still no phone call about the test results. With the pain in my foot getting worse, I decided I’d go back to the walk in clinic about my foot.

Plantar Fasciitis. Sounds like the tenth planet in our solar system. The doctor knew right away what the pain was. He gave a booklet of exercises to help stretch the foot muscles back into shape.

I didn’t mention the previous test results or the internal vibrations to the doctor and maybe I should have. Booklet in hand I go home.

I knew my mother had some foot pain a few years ago. I’ll give her a call to find out what she had. Turns out she had Plantar Fasciitis too! So maybe it was genetic. She said when she went to her doctor, he prescribed special orthopedic shoes.

Maybe I should’ve followed up with the test results. They didn’t mention anything to me when I went in this morning. How long does it take? Shouldn’t they tell me that they had the test results? Nah, this is a walk in clinic, I don’t have a regular doctor so I’ll go back and ask about the results.

Checked in again to the walk in clinic. The receptionist thought I had already seen a doctor in the morning. I told her that was for something else and that this time, I would like to follow up on some test results.

In comes a different doctor and I mention the test results. After a brief search he comes in and says everything looked fine. How interesting. Because it was now the third doctor I’d seen at the clinic, I mentioned I was there for internal vibrations. Once again, he had the puzzled look on his face and he took my blood pressure. He suggested that the vibration was high blood pressure and thought it was high enough to prescribe RHOXAL-BISOPROLOL to lower it although he never said what it was.

I mentioned to him that I’d done some research on the internet and found Parkinson’s Disease as a common link to these vibrations. He didn’t think it was wise to jump to Parkinson’s without extensive testing by a specialist. I agreed and now I feel a bit better. Nothing serious to worry about.

I’ve never had high blood pressure before. Never had any symptoms. I didn’t think he was right but what did I know? I started talking the medication.

My wife’s sister has spoken to her friend and she has no clue what it is either. I tell her that the doctor I saw at the walk in clinic thought it was high blood pressure and prescribed medication. She commented on the fact that it was unusual for a doctor to prescribe medication on one single visit without any prior history. She said most doctors want to see three examples of high blood pressure before they do anything.

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