Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for August 1, 2005

Day One: Felt slightly bloated early in the morning, fine by the afternoon

Day Two: Felt slightly bloated early in the morning, fine by the afternoon

Day Three: Today is the end of my three day pineapple diet and I feel great. I had a veggie burger for dinner so what made me feel better? The pineapple diet or the veggie burger?

So after two months I’m still vibrating and my doctor is no closer to solving the puzzle. So far I’ve discovered that pears and pineapples make me feel good so maybe it’s time to visit a Naturopath. I check my work coverage and they will pay eighty percent.

It’s not thyroid, it’s not a tapeworm. Could it be sympathy pregnancy?

Who knows…??? Back to Google. I spend most of the evening looking for something else to match my symptoms. I come across a web site that explains the importance of maintaining the balance of your PH level in your body. The body is normally alkaline and a poor diet can change the PH level to acidic making you prone to illness and disease. I find another web site that list the different types of foods that can have an effect on your PH level. On the list for Alkaline foods is Pineapple and Pears. WOW! The two things that make me feel better. I wonder if I can get a PH home testing kit to find out if my body is acidic.

I’m back in Shoppers Drug Mart and I spend a long time in each isle looking for a PH tester and I can’t find anything. I go to the back and ask the Pharmacist if they have a home testing Blood PH kit. She says they don’t carry them. Weird…if the PH balance of the body is so important, why don’t they sell it?

Around this time my wife and I are starting to buy things for the baby and for a while now I’ve noticed that I feel sick everytime we go into the Toys R Us store on Thickson Road. I didn’t think much of it before now but it seems to happen everytime we are in the store.

Sounds like sympathy pregnancy…


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Entry for July 29, 2005

Two days after killing the worm and I’m still vibrating and I’m feeling bloated again. Back to Google to see how longs it takes to kill the worm and if there are side effects.

Well, the medication is supposed to work immediately and feeling bloated is a known side effect of Praziquantel.

In my googling, I turn up a web site that mentions a natural way to cleanse your intestines from tapeworms. At this point I’m thinking maybe the variation of my tapeworm is immune to Praziquantel. The site mentioned a three day diet of eating only pineapples.

Here’s what it says:

The pineapple fast is excellent for anyone with any sort of intestinal worm, since the enzyme Bromelin, promenent in pineapple, destroys tapeworms and most other worms. It even destroys worm larvae, before they can hatch.

Great! Let’s try something natural. Tomorrow is the start of a long weekend so this is perfect timing. I’ll start my food diary again to record the progress.

Ernie is alive and well…

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