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Entry for March 15, 2006

It seemed only natural that I would eventually come across the book by Kevin Trudeau. In the first chapter he talks about his own personal experience with the health care system in America. He talks about how after extensive testing he was diagnosed with an incurable heart condition. His doctor said he would have a few years to live with many complications. Not happy with that answer he found an alternative approach and found a doctor who used a diagnostic device called the Dermatron machine. This doctor found his problem right away and told him of a natural procedure that was only available other counties. His condition was incurable in America because the FDA did not approve of the treatments but it was available in Switzerland and Mexico and it would correct the problem by rebuilding the heart.

He goes on to talk about how we have more people today with medical conditions than ever before in history. We have never had the type of computer technology available for us until now yet we NEVER hear of any diseases being cured. According the Kevin Trudeau, it’s all about the money and how the drug companies stand to make billions and billions in profit. The drug companies and a corrupt government are to blame by making us sick in the food we eat and the medical profession wants to fix everything with drugs.

He talks about how the Food and Drug Administration allows all kinds of chemicals into the food we eat to make it more addictive, to make us more hungry, to make us fatter and to increase the shelf life so it can last forever. He gives an example of a burger chain that actually adds hamburger flavor to the meat because it’s been so modified it that it doesn’t even taste like meat anymore.

The irony? We had a HUGE pot luck lunch today and everyone ate so much that we had a tonne of leftover food that remained in the lunch room for the rest of the afternoon. As someone passes by my desk I overhear them say that no matter how much they eat, they are still hungry. Too funny.

So why do the pharmaceutical companies advertise prescription drugs on television? If doctors are the only ones who are medically trained to prescribe it, why advertise? What benefit does it have to the average consumer? They want people to go to a doctor and tell them what they want whether they need it or not. Why? According the Kevin Trudeau, it’s all about the money and this is making a lot of sense but should really come as no surprise.

I find it mildly amusing that I bought his book at Shoppers Drug Mart. Canada’s biggest pharmaceutical store.

Over the past ten months I have been bounced around within the Ontario Health Care system from doctor to doctor without any one of them saying “Based on your symptoms, this is what you have.” Fed up with the entire process, my frustration led me to seek out alternative methods. My medical doctor was content from the generic testing that nothing was wrong. I rarely get sick, I never go to a doctor for a cold but I knew with absolute certainty that something was very wrong. My symptoms were weird and unusual and in most cases very mild but something was very wrong.

I could never figure out why he was happy with the test results showing normal when I still had a variety of symptoms. Wouldn’t it make sense to do more in depth testing if the results so far showed normal? If the tests aren’t showing anything, maybe you are doing the wrong type of tests! If a doctor can’t help you by prescribing drugs, they can’t really help you at all.

It’s the day after my acupuncture treatment. I wake up and notice a difference right away. I didn’t have the usual blockage in my nose that I’ve always had for fifteen years. Improvement with my sinusitis! Holy cow it’s working! I get up, drink the warm water, eat my oatmeal and it’s off to work.

I have this weird sensation in my head for most of the day. Nothing like any of my symptoms before so I figure it’s just a side effect from the acupuncture. The doctor did mention to document anything unusual.

I’ve taken my new Vitamin C and I drink about 2 litres of bottled water throughout the day.

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