Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for March 07, 2007

Second meeting with the nutritionist tonight. I had a brief summary of some of my new discoveries since we last met a month ago. I also printed the artcle “Introduction To Copper Toxicity” By Dr. Paul C. Eck and Dr. Larry Wilson as a reference.

She starts by saying that she’d like me to visit a naturopath for some testing. There are six different tests that she has requested but there is one small problem. For the tests to be accurate, I’ll need to stop taking my supplements for three weeks. She felt it was important to get a more accurate understanding of my deficiencies and weaknesses before starting any kind of treatment because right now, it’s a educated guess and I agree.

There is no way I can go without magnesium for three weeks. Anytime I miss one dosage I can feel the effect on my symptoms and the way I feel. I agreed to try it but explain that I don’t think I can do it. She said to contact the naturopath to arrange the appointment and speak directly to her about it. I can probably go without everything else except magnesium so I ask if I could switch to the homeopathic version. Again, she says I’ll have to check with the naturopath.

Here’s a list of the requested tests:

  • Food Sensitivity Work Up
  • Candida and Parasite Screen
  • Nutritional Deficiencies and Supplements
  • Toxic Metal Detection
  • Organ Stress Test
  • Geographic/Electromagnetic Sensitivity

Total Cost? $220.00 I wish the original naturopath did these type of tests. I might be a lot further ahead instead of wasting my time with the hair analysis and the hormone test.

I then show her my new research and talk about a zinc deficiency. Explain my experiements with high intake of copper and zinc. Told her about quitting the candida diet and having better success with copper and zinc than the diet itself. She looks up zinc in her nutritional book and gives a list of foods high in zinc. I also ask her about the copper/zinc ratio. I’ve read everything from 6-1, 10-1 and even 30-1 so which one is it? She says it should be a 6-1 ratio. She also says that I shouldn’t take more than 100 mg a day.

She wants me to continue with the candida diet and we talk about the types of foods that I can eat. I mention about the carrots and other vegetables high in sugar. She said I could have any kind of vegetable in moderation and that even potatoes are okay. She writes out a list of acceptable candida foods.

She’s still taking a very slow approach and I agree with her direction but I’m really looking for results.

I leave her clinc and although I agree with what was said, I really believe I’m on the edge of success with the zinc and I’d like to try a few things myself before I commit to her program.

Still vibrating…

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Entry for March 04, 2007

Discovered a book written by nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman that details the body’s copper imbalance. I looked it up in my library directory and ordered it.

Why Am I Always So Tired?: Discover How Correcting Your Body’s Copper Imbalance Can Keep Your Body From Giving Out Before Your Mind Does.

Copper overload is an insidious but increasingly common nutritional problem, says Ann Louise Gittleman, author of the bestselling Beyond Pritikin. She says that difficulty getting out of bed, midday slumps, mood swings, insomnia, and anxiety may be symptoms of a copper/zinc imbalance. She discovered this link after she encountered several patients in her nutritional practice–most of them women–who were not suffering from hypothyroidism, adrenal problems, or anemia (as she had suspected), but rather a mineral imbalance.

To remedy the overload, Gittleman outlines an easy plan for renewing health and increasing energy. She includes a questionnaire to help determine if copper overload may be a problem for you; gives resources for hair analysis in case your doctor doesn’t have one; instructs on how to read a tissue-analysis report; and outlines a sensible diet plan, including menus to keep the zinc/copper balance in check.

“Copper is an essential mineral and is required for normal health. However, in excess its presence in biological systems can become detrimental as illustrated by Bertrand’s Law of optimal nutritive concentration of an essential trace element. Conditions associated with copper deficiency are well known, although other than inborn errors of metabolism such as Wilson’s Disease, the effects of copper excess are not widely recongnized. Ann Louise Gittleman’s book is probably the first to deal with the subject of copper excess in the American population. A condition that is becoming more prevalent in each generation but clinically unrecognized until now.”

I went to her web site and there was a audio seminar section called “Are You a Copperhead?” I listened to her talk about excess copper and zinc deficiencies and one of the things that stood out for me was how having a fear of heights and hair loss can be related to a zinc/copper imbalance. Both of which, I’ve had for years. And the constant tireness? Yup…for years…

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Entry for February 27, 2007

First day off the diet and I grab a bag of apples and three bananas for my morning routine. It’s great to be back! I know I have candida and I know how to deal with it but it’s the magnesium loss that I’m really struggling with.

It’s almost been three weeks and my follow up with the nutritionist is Thursday night. I haven’t received one phone call or any emails from her. No follow up advice whatsoever. I wonder what happened? Did she meet with her discussion group? Who knows?

Now that I’ve given up the diet, it’s time to rethink the vitamins. I’m going to cut back to only the main ones. Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Selenium, Pantothenic Acid, the enzymes and the multivitamin. I’m going to stop taking the niacin just to see what happens. I’ve taken it everyday since I discovered the deficiency.

Still vibrating….

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Entry for February 10, 2007


Today I looked up the suggestion from the nutritionist: Liver cleanse.

Why Use a Liver Strengthening Formula?

The health and vitality of every organ, gland, and cell are dependent upon the liver. Even our intelligence, attitudes, emotions and vitality are largely related to the liver. Our ability to repel disease or recover from disease is very much associated with this incredible organ. The liver, along with the heart and brain, are the most important organs in our bodies. However, even the heart and the brain are dependent on the liver. No one can be healthy without a strong, clean liver.

Notice: Live-er. The name itself gives us an idea of how important this organ really is. It is the largest gland in the body, weighing about 4 pounds. According to some doctors, at least 85% of the Western World’s population have sluggish livers. 100% of people with cancer, AIDS, diabetes, heart problems, yeast infections, digestive problems, parasites, etc., probably have liver problems. Every organ, gland and tissue is dependent upon the liver, and the liver depends upon the digestive tract.

How Liver Problems Originate

Physiologically, we develop liver weakness after we have abused our bodies by long-term eating of acid-forming foods, processed foods and other unhealthy foods. These include foods that are unnatural to the human body, like meat, sugar, white flour, white rice, foods cooked in oil, etc. Bad diet gradually weakens our digestive system, and do you know what organ takes the brunt of a bad diet? Yes, the Liver. All the food that is absorbed from our intestines goes directly to the liver, by way of the portal vein. The liver and bowels then must deal with all the harmful chemicals from the bad food. Food colorings, preservatives, heavy metals, fried oils, partially digested proteins, etc., all take their toll upon our precious liver and digestive system. It is for this reason, that cleansing the bowels is absolutely the most important treatment in helping to rejuvenate the liver.


  • Heavy Metals
  • Cod-liver oil
  • Oils not cold pressed
  • Alcohol Meat and animal fats
  • Lack of exercise
  • Foods cooked in oil Margarine
  • Chemotherapy
  • Coffee
  • Pasteurized milk
  • White sugar
  • All drugs
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Vaccines
  • Tobacco
  • Over cooking
  • Salt-Sodium Chloride
  • Chlorine from water
  • Sodium Fluoride from water
  • Over eating
  • Cooked wheat – especially white bread
  • Constipation alternating with diarrhea
  • Medications and food chemicals
  • Pesticides found in commercially grown produce

Emotions Affect the Liver, Too

More than any other organ, the liver is affected by negative thoughts and feelings. Anger, resentment, fear, and all their emotional tributaries harm the liver more than anything else. With the exception of injury, 99% of all disease has an association with toxic waste settlement in conjunction with unconscious negative thoughts and feelings. This is why when people cleanse or take herbs to cleanse and strengthen the liver, strong emotions surface. These cleansing reactions must occur if we are to rid ourselves of the cause of our problems.

A Toxic Liver Leads to Disease

Every vein from the digestive tract empties into the liver, which filters out toxins and waste. The skin and lungs are the body’s first line of defense against toxins; the bowel is next, then the liver. When the bowel is overburdened with the wrong foods and/or negative emotions that cause physical stress and toxicity, the liver must work overtime to save the life of the body.

If the liver is unable to perform its full function, it will not only become even more toxic, but all the other organs are challenged. Prior to the first sign of disease, the effectiveness of the liver has been reduced. First come negative thoughts and feelings that affect hormonal and nerve function, then toxins related to mental/emotional stress or poor diet. These cause congestion and contamination, which prevent the proper flow of oxygen and nutrients to cells, and make the cells unable to rid themselves of waste. This cycle exacerbates an already weakened digestive system, toxic bowel and sluggish liver. In terms of physiology, this is the core of disease.

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Entry for February 08, 2007

Tonight I met with the nutritionist. I had eleven pages of my lengthy health history in my hand as well as my diet diary from the past week. We sit down in her small office and begin.

I tell her that she has the best advantage of any doctor so far. For the first time, I have a summary of what every doctor has said and a detailed history of my symptoms, opinions, successes and failures. I hand her the diet diary and my health history. She briefly reviews my paperwork and she starts by asking me about my history and what each doctor had said.

Over the next two hours I explain everything in more detail going through my health history. She asks me questions along the way and explain further if I need to. This time, I didn’t leave anything out.

I talked about the internal vibration, blood tests, urine tests, Plantar Fasciitis, eating fruit, pinching on my face, stress, nerve tingling, suspected tapeworms, my wife’s pregnancy, suspected thyroid, experimentation with vitamins, the Colonoscopy and Gastrocopy, naturopath, vitamin C and Acidophilus, Hair Analysis Test, Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, high blood pressure, Wendy Mesley, Hydro transmission towers, Acupuncture, Triglycerides, Niacin deficiency, alkaline stomach, microwaved food, Chiropractor, Wheatgrass, hormone test, iridology, myelin sheaths, magnesium, Osteopath, Romania, riboflavin injections, Neurologist, Anxiety, Paxil, Yeast Buster Kits, garlic, low potassium, stressed adrenals, and candida.

I explained about the hair analysis and how the naturopath said I didn’t show a magnesium deficiency in the results and I explained about how there is only one test that is considered accurate. The Blood Ionized Magnesium Test and I further explained that I never pursued it because you need to stop taking it for the results to be accurate. I didn’t see any point because it’s only going to tell me I have a deficiency and I know that already.

I made sure she understood the importance of taking it and how if I miss one does, I can notice a difference. She commented that the same thing applies for the vitamin/mineral testing. It requires no supplements for about three weeks for accuracy and there is no way I could do that. I could probably go without everything else except my magnesium.

Half way through, she explained that she was part of a discussion group and asked if I minded if she discussed by unusual case with other health professionals. She was quite interested and very serious about everything I mentioned. She suggested that I could have an electrolyte imbalance. After I finished, she said that what I had compiled was a fantastic wealth of information and that I had done a lot of research. She said I was very aware and knowledgeable about what was going on and asked me what I expected from her.

WOW! I was totally blown away. For the first time, instead of having someone lead me into a direction I didn’t want to go, I am being asked what I want. Very impressive.

So I said my long term supplementation with magnesium isn’t getting any better so there has to be a problem with a mineral co-factor and I suspect it could have a link with high sugar intake. I further explained about how stressed adrenals can cause a loss of potassium. She suggested doing a liver cleanse to support the adrenals and focus on body organs to support the rest of the body. This sounded great and not sure why this was never mentioned before.

She also mentioned Genestra again as being the “Rolls Royce” of vitamins and that you can only find it in health stores where they have an association with a naturopathic doctor or a type of certification.

She didn’t ask for any payment and didn’t make any suggestions regarding supplements. She finished the meeting by saying she didn’t want to suggest anything before talking to her discussion group and I was totally fine with that.

Still vibrating…

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Entry for February 07, 2007

I’m meeting with the nutritionist tomorrow and I’ve decided to try one more thing before I meet with her. I was in the health food store and I came across colloidal silver in a spray format. I’d heard about it before and it wasn’t expensive so I’ll try it.

A friend of mine recommended colloidal silver last year before I was into these alternative “cures” and he had results in three days for a really bad cold. He swears by it.

Colloidal Silver

The intestines form perfect breeding grounds for candida. If the condition becomes bad enough, eventually the candida irritate an area of the intestine so much that their toxins penetrate the intestinal wall into the blood stream, where they can break down the immune system. Soon the candida infection itself passes through the intestinal wall and the white blood cells are consumed in their struggle to control the infection, further destroying the immune system.

Thus, candida is a common contributor to many diseases and conditions, such as AIDS, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, colds, flus, etc.. Almost all disease and health problems are greatly aggravated by candida.

Candida can sometimes be controlled by increasing the acidity of the body, especially the area the yeast is growing in. This can be done by eating acid foods, such as vinaigrette salad dressings, and by applying vinegar mixed with water to the problem area.

The best antibiotic commonly used to treat this condition is Nystatin. But Nystatin is only marginally effective against yeast, and remember that the problems probably started with the use of antibiotics to begin with.

Normally the body can handle minor yeast infections. However, when the yeast reaches the infectious stage wherein it is poisoning the blood and the immune system grows weak, such infections as athlete’s foot, vaginal yeast infections, and fungus infections under the nails cannot be fought off.

A common treatment for the general infection is a diet completely free of all sugars, even fruit and starches along with taking Nystatin. However, anyone who has tried this treatment will tell you that this very strict diet is almost impossible to follow and does little more than keep the infection from proliferating.

The most effective tools against yeast infections of all kinds are acidophilus (yogurt), colloidal silver, and upper colonics. Combined, they can rid the body of yeast infections about as fast as the body can dispose of the toxins from dead cultures. However, disposing of these toxins can be a real problem, for two reasons. First of all, if the intestinal infection is killed off too sudden, it is possible for the intestines to become blocked. Obviously this can be serious and sometimes requires professional treatment to clear the bowels. Second, the body tends to dispose of toxins from the blood through the skin, which causes an itchy rash when the process is too fast. Toxins from dead spores can also strain the liver and kidneys.

Therefore, it is wise to take as much acidophilus as is convenient, but to build up the use of colloidal silver gradually, usually starting with four oz. of colloidal silver a day, of about ten parts per million, or the equivalent. This is usually increased by about one oz. per day until a breaking out appears or the conditions are relieved.

The colloidal silver provides a three-fold attack on the problems of candida. First, the colloidal silver kills off anaerobic bacteria and virii wherever it comes in contact with them. Therefore, the colloidal silver virtually provides a secondary immune system against all types of disease and infections, while treating the candida. Thus much of the problems of candida are treated immediately, before the candida can be cleaned out of the system. Second, colloidal silver is unusually effective in treating the candida infection itself. And third, colloidal silver has a strange and dynamic way of healing injured and damaged tissues fast. Since yeast infections of all kinds usually attack and consume the living tissue, a healing process is badly needed, and colloidal silver has a very unique way of healing these tissues fast.

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Entry for February 06, 2007

Late in the afternoon, I receive a call from the nutritionist. She needs to reschedule the appointment from tonight to Thursday night. I’m only half way through my symptom history log so I could really use the extra time.

No problem. Let’s make it for Thursday.

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Entry for February 06, 2007

I took the day off work today to prepare for my doctor’s appointment. I want to be fully prepared and organized so that nothing is missed. I spend the entire day documenting everything in a point form summary. Even in point form, I have 170 entries. I felt it was extremely important to detail everything. I’ve tried so many things, seen so many doctors and made my own discoveries, I’m giving the nutritionist everything in a complete package. It’s an advantage that no other doctor or health professional has viewed or asked about. This was my own initiative. Hopefully, it will have an impact.

Mar 01 2005 Treated our two cats for fleas
Mar 28 2005 Treated our two cats for tapeworm infection
May 12 2005 Walk-in Clinic for internal vibrations
May 14 2005 Blood and Urine test taken
May 28 2005 Heal pain diagnosed as Plantar Fasciitis
May 28 2005 Follow up for test results: All normal. Blood pressure was high and RHOXAL-BISOPROLOL was prescribed.

May 31 2005 Tingling sensation on the left side of my body and very mild pinching sensation in my chest. Walk-in clinic: Stop taking medication.

Jun 08 2005 New family doctor: Suspected Thyroid or Diabetes
Jun 09 2005 Researched Thyroid and web site suggested eating fruit and vegetables. Started eating bananas, pears & peaches

Jun 20 2005 Complete Physical. Told him eating fruit stopped vibrations. Suggested eating one type per day to find best results.

Jun 28 2005 Follow up with Doctor for test results: All normal including the Thyroid. Told him Pears had the best effect when I eat three. He suggested it could be stress from my wife’s pregnancy. (5 months)

Jul 04 2005 Three weeks of eating fruit: Bananas made me feel ill, peaches had no effect and the pears? When I ate two to three pears a day, the vibrations stopped.

Jul 10 2005 I started having very weird pinching in my facial area and sometimes it was followed by a flush. Nothing dramatic, just one pinch and then nothing. Also had weird feeling on the very top of my head that felt like my nerve endings were twitching. I also started to notice that certain foods made me feel sick and I would feel bloated for a short time and then I’d feel fine the next day or after a warm bath.

Jul 15 2005 Noticed I would have three and four bowel movements within an hour timeframe. No diarrhea and no blood in the stool but it appeared very very small in size. Started food diary and recorded the frequency of bowel movements.

Jul 18 2005 Follow up with doctor. Told him about diet diary and ordered stool sample and ultrasound for abdominal pain and frequent bowel movements. Lost 8 lbs since last appt. and have loss of appetite. Suspected Colitis or Crohn’s disease.

Jul 19 2005 Suspected tapeworm infection because of the treatment of the cats a few months before my symptoms started.

Jul 21 2005 Discovered eggs in stool. (Turned out to be watermelon seeds)
Jul 26 2005 Follow up with doctor: Stool sample negative for parasites. Told Dr. Green of suspected tapeworm infection. Prescribed BILTRICIDE.

Jul 27 2005 Abdominal Ultrasound done: Results: NORMAL (Kidneys, liver, pancreas, stomach, and gallbladder)

Jul 29 2005 Started three day pineapple diet for parasites: Had no effect and on the third day I had a veggie burger for dinner and felt better.

Aug 01 2005 Around this time my wife and I are starting to buy things for the baby and for a while now I’ve noticed that I feel sick every time we go into the Toys R Us store on Thickson Road. I didn’t think much of it before now but it seems to happen every time we are in the store.

Aug 04 2005 Naturopathic Clinic: Suggested wheat intolerance and gave me ultra flora supplement, enzymes and told me to drink more water. Also suggested morning basal temperature for thyroid check.

Aug 10 2005 Follow up with doctor. I still have all of the weird symptoms. I feel tired and weak all of the time, don’t feel hungry, muscles spasms in my legs, muscles feel stiff, weird pressure pokes in my chest, face pinching with a flush sensation, a light tingling on top of my head that feels like nerve endings and of course the internal vibrations. Refers ,me to a gastro specialist.

Aug 12 2005 Morning basal readings: Monday – 36.05, Tuesday- 36.12, Wednesday- 36.01, Thursday- 35.98, Friday- 35.75, Saturday- 36.04 (Range 36.5 to 36.7) Urine Test results: Free radicals: Scale of zero to three I scored four. Stressed Adrenals: Scale of 17 to 25, I scored 29. Malabsorption was high scoring a 3-4 in the moderate/severe range. Suggested Candida diet for three weeks and started taking B6 complex supplement.

Aug 15 2005 Taking B6 complex supplement seemed to cause weird mild chest pain. No pain when I stopped taking it and returned when started again.

Aug 18 2005 Sharp pinch on the right-side front of my temple followed by flush. Called Telehealth: Nothing matched in their system. Mentioned internal vibration and again, turned up nothing.

Aug 26 2005 Follow up with doctor with new symptoms: Heart palpitations, pinching on top of my head, the face pinching followed by a flush, the weird chest pains and the stiff neck pain. He agreed that something was wrong but wants me to wait until I see the gastro specialist.
Sep 03 2005 Morning basal readings: Tuesday- 36.37, Wednesday- 36.02, Thursday- 36.15, Friday- 36.25, Saturday- 35.95. Hair Analysis sample taken. No improvement on Candida diet. Ran out of Ultra flora and didn’t think it was making a difference so I didn’t get another bottle.

Sep 06 2005 Strange nerve ending feelings on the top of my head again. Woke up feeling bloating and sick and took the day off work. Tried to find a replacement for Ultra Flora and found Acidophilus. Within hours felt improvement.

Sep 12 2005 Gastroenterologist recommends a Colonoscopy and Gastrocopy for exploration. General exam shows normal.

Nov 12 2005 Daughter was born via C-section. Very stressful day.
Dec 19 2005 Colonoscopy and Gastrocopy
Dec 23 2005 Discovered that vitamin C would stop the vibration.
Jan 09 2006 Follow up with doctor. Test results for Colonoscopy and Gastrocopy were normal. Doctor suggested that if taking vitamin C and Acidophilus made me feel better, keep taking it.

Jan 14 2006 Hair Analysis Test: Aluminum and Silver levels were both above normal. Started vitamin diet: Vit C (500 mg): 3x day, Cal/Mag: 3x day, Zinc: 1, Copper: 1, B6 Complex: 2x, Acidophulus: 2x

Jan 20 2006 Weird mild pinch in my chest when taking B6 supplement, Calcium/Magnesium made me feel sick. Stop taking the vitamins. Acidophilus and Vitamin C seem to be the only ones that have an impact so I continue with only those two.

Feb 14 2006 Discovered symptoms of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: I had twelve symptoms. Fatigue, weakness, tremors, muscle spasms, tingling, muscle and joint paint, leg/foot pain, palpitations, pain or pressure in the chest, shortness of breath, facial flushing, digestive problems.

Feb 18 2006 Bought EMF meter and discovered wireless intercom system was on night side table was extremely high in EMF. Checked bank account and it was purchased on March 14th, 2005. One month before the start of my symptoms. Unplugged wireless intercom.

Feb 19 2006 Next morning noticed difference in energy. Brain no longer feels zapped.
Mar 06 2006 Discover hydro transmission towers behind the Toys R Us store in Whitby. Recall another time at Subway sandwiches when I felt sick. It was on the same side of the street in the next plaza to the Toys R Us.

Mar 08 2006 Blood pressure reading:168/113

Mar 14 2006 Started Acupuncture for EMF symptoms. Blood pressure: 138/113. Wants me to switch vitamin C to a buffered form and only take 1000 mg per day. Suggested eating apples and oatmeal for breakfast. Drink 8 glasses of water a day.

Mar 16 2006 Blood pressure reading: 125/85
Mar 21 2006 Acupuncture Blood pressure: 141/98 pulse: 88. Poor blood circulation
Mar 22 2006 Woke up around 5 AM and fe
lt like I could run in a race. I had a glass of warm water, a bowl of oats and it was off to work. I was so happy about the way I was feeling because I’ve never felt this good.

Mar 22 2006 “For lunch I had a tuna sandwich with apple juice. Around two o’clock I start feeling lightheaded, I feel “”weird”” like something is going to happen and the internal vibrations are a bit stronger. I have a burning sensation in my chest and I notice that my mouth is dry. The only thing I’ve done differently is I didn’t drink as much water in the morning and I forgot to take my Vitamin C.”

Mar 22 2006 “Walk in clinic: Blood pressure: 130/80. Requested blood test “”CK, TSH, LDL and HDL”” ECG was taken and it showed abnormal. Sent to cardiologist for analysis.”
Mar 23 2006 Around noon I’m starting to feel the internal vibrations again. Although I don’t have any other symptoms, I get the feeling this is the start of the same thing that happened yesterday. I’ve known for a while that taking a Vitamin C will stop the vibrations so I take two 500 mg pills before going to lunch and it seemed to make a difference. Then I realize I’ve reduced my vitamin C intake to 1000 mg per day instead of 2500 mg.

Mar 25 2006 Blood pressure: 189/132.
Mar 26 2006 Started getting a very weird feeling over my body and I am feeling very hot. I leave the store for some fresh air and purchase some bottled water. I splash some on my face, drink the rest and I feel a little better.

Mar 28 2006 Blood Pressure: 143/103 pulse: 86.
Mar 29 2006 Blood test results from Mar 22nd, are normal. Triglycerides : >2.3 is above normal and mine is 3.55.Hemoglobin: >170 is above normal and mine is 172. Hematocrit: > 0.49 is above normal and mine is 0.51. RBC: >5.70 is above normal and mine is 5.83.

Apr 05 2006 Blood pressure: 148/98
Apr 07 2006 Blood pressure: 130/79
Apr 11 2006 Blood pressure:140/89
Apr 18 2006 Blood pressure:132/86
Apr 23 2006 Switched to organic toothpaste and shampoo
Apr 25 2006 Blood pressure:137/90. Acupuncture regroup: Acidophilus settles my stomach, Eating pears will stop the vibrations, Vitamin C can effect the vibrations and get rid of the weird head symptoms. She says circulation has not improved after six weeks of cupping.

Apr 28 2006 My own research lead me to the parasympathetic nervous system and the link to cold hands and feet.Also mentions that the digestive tract may malfunction due to a lack of hydrochloric acid. One of the things that always makes me feel better is vitamin C which is asorbic acid and I need it in high doses for an Alkaline stomach.

Apr 29 2006 Discover Niacin deficiency and the relationship to the nervous system and the lack of hydrochloric acid. Also reduces blood pressure and increases blood flow.

Apr 30 2006 Discovered eating tuna will stop the vibration
May 01 2006 Acidophilus will stop the nerve tingling in my head
May 02 2006 Blood pressure: 138/95
May 03 2006 Discovered why bananas and the calcium/magnesium tablets made me sick: ALKALIZING MINERALS: Potassium: pH 14, Calcium: pH 12, Magnesium: pH 9

May 05 2006 Checked diet diary against acidic/alkaline foods and discovered I felt better when I ate acidic foods. (*Vitamin C intake not included)

May 06 2006 Baking soda stomach acid test: 60 minutes not a single burp
May 07 2006 “David Bridgeman from Austrailia: “Of all the people I test for allergies, 99.9% so far show severe sensitivity to any microwaved food”

May 09 2006 Blood Pressure: 127/95
May 12 2006 Noticed Plantar Fasciitis has disappeared. Discovered that Plantar Fasciitis can be caused by lack of circulation.

May 16 2006 Last acupuncture appointment. Still signs of poor circulation
May 16 2006 Started to notice signs of muscle weakness. Can’t hold the baby for more than a few minutes without feeling soreness.

May 17 2006 More research and I start to suspect Riboflavin deficiency. Eyes that are sensitive to light and vibration are symptoms.

May 20 2006 Started eating Fuji apples instead of Gala for the high antioxidants.
May 20 2006 Notice niacin seems to have an effect on the vibration
May 21 2006 Stopped microwave embargo and had a runny nose for two days.
May 23 2006 Started microwave embargo again.
May 26 2006 Plastic Chemicals Linked to Allergies: Benzyl Butyl Phthalate has been found to cause Allergic Rhinitis and it is used in microwaveable containers.

May 27 2006 Started Chiropractor for back pain and general check up.
May 30 2006 Benzyl butyl phthalate can be found in toothbrushes.
May 31 2006 Discovered the nutritional benefits of Wheatgrass. Started weekly dosage.
Jun 03 2006 Chiropractor
Jun 03 2006 Follow up with naturopath for new discoveries and a hormone test is suggested. (Estradiol, Testosterone, DHEA and Cortisol.)

Jun 04 2006 Discovered that I have Keratosis Pilaris: A very common genetic follicular disease

Jun 05 2006 Adrenal Imbalance: Allergies, Thyroid support and B vitamin deficiencies
Jun 07 2006 Purchased the RADIUS Toothbrush
Jun 10 2006 Chiroparctor: Blood pressure: 122/87. Recommended vitamin E for healthly nerves.

Jun 12 2006 Felt pulsing sensation in my head when underneath High voltage transmission lines in Whitby. Sensation disappears when I drive away.

Jun 13 2006 Discover that EMF exposure can reduce the hormone Melatonin. Started Melatonin before bedtime.

Jun 13 2006 Discover iridology and took pictures of each iris. Weird upward lines in the upper part of the iris in the area of the brain.

Jun 15 2006 Suspect Vitamin B1 Deficiency. Symptoms include: Tremor, lack of hydrochloric acid and a person would have difficulty getting up from a squatting position.

Jun 16 2006 Requested a B1 blood test. Doctor recommends testing for B1, B12, RBC folate and CRP.

Jun 17 2006 Discovered acidophilus produces B vitamins. After a week of taking vitamin E, my skin feels like new. Amazing results.

Jun 20 2006 Discovered link between B vitamins deficiencies and myelin sheath.
Jun 21 2006 Added Omega 3 at the suggestion of a friend.
Jun 23 2006 Tried supplement called Benfotiamine. (Fat soluble B1) Noticed that it would stop the nerve tingling sensation in my head.

Jun 24 2006 “Started reading Beyond Basic Health”” by Bernard Jensen. Mentions Iridology.”
Jun 25 2006 “Discover that magnesmium also has a “”tremor”” as a symptom.”
Jun 26 2006 Osteopath: Discovers plates in my head are stiffer than they should be and Cerebrospinal fluid is weaker than it should be.

Jun 28 2006 Started magnesium oxide
Jun 29 2006 Discover Mitral Valve Prolapse connection to Magnesium
Jul 01 2006 Iridology exam
Jul 03 2006 Added lecithin for myelin sheath support
Jul 03 2006 Tried epsom salts
Jul 04 2006 Hormone test results: Estradiol: 4.5 pg/ml (Within Range) ~ Testosterone 92 pg/ml (Above Range) ~ DHEA-S 17 ng/ml (Above Range) ~ Morning Cortisol 10 ng/ml (High Range)

Jul 07 2006 Osteopath
Jul 09 2006 Added Vitamin A and D to my vitamin schedule. Vitamin A 10000 IU & Vitamin D3 1000 IU

Jul 11 2006 Chiropractor
Jul 12 2006 Nutri-Body Questionaire for Iridology follow up.
Jul 13 2006 Effects of taking vitamin A: Itchy watery eyes are gone and my nose has less discharge/stuffiness than usual.

Jul 15 2006 Iridology follow up: Digestive: Signs of significant diet abuse and possible yeast indications. Nervous: This system shows a tendency to general exhaustion and general state of anxiety.

Jul 18 2006 Tried taking wheatgrass everyday
Jul 20 2006 Test results from June 16th. B1, B12, RBC folate and CRP all came back normal.
Jul 21 2006 Ultrastructural studies indicate that a riboflavin deficiency severely affects the structural integrity of myelin.

Jul 21 2006 Doctor agreed to riboflavin injections. If I can find it��� Explained my research with vitamin B1 creating the myelin nerve sheaths and how
a B2 deficiency can cause the reduction of them.

Jul 24 2006 Started taking brewer’s yeast for B vitamins
Jul 27 2006 Stopped taking brewer’s yeast. Severe thrush.
Jul 28 2006 Ordered injectable vitamin B2 from Romania through the internet.
Jul 29 2006 Chiropractor. Started taking Amino Acid Complex
Jul 30 2006 Discover SISU Super B Complex contains active forms of B2 and B6.

Aug 09 2006 Just as I was falling asleep, I heard a loud squeal of tires from very close and it sounded so loud, I thought a speeding car had lost control and was going to crash into a nearby house. Almost immediately, I starting vibrating. It seemed to stop when I relaxed and tried to go back to sleep. I wasn’t vibrating this morning until the alarm clock sounded.

Aug 10 2006 First B2 injection
Aug 11 2006 Osteopath
Aug 12 2006 Chiropractor
Aug 13 2006 Switched to magnesium taurate and started higher dosage
Aug 14 2006 Discover magnesium plays a role in myelin sheaths. Reorganize vitamins to focus on rebuilding the myelin sheath. B1, B6, B12, folate, vitamin C, D, and E, Magnesium, Omega 3 and Lecithin.

Aug 16 2006 “19 symptoms for a Magnesium Deficiency: 01) Peripheral nervous system tingling, 02) Vibratory sensations, 03) Muscle Weakness (foot and knees), 04) Mitral Valve Prolaspe 05) Anxiety, 06) Muscle twitching, 07) Chocolate cravings, 08) Photophobia, 09) Back ache, 10) Heart palpitations, 11) Fatigue, 12) Lack of energy, 13) Sleepiness, 14) Lack of Enzymes, 15) Easily startled, 16) High blood pressure, 17) Unregulated blood pressure, 18) Cold hands and feet, 19) High rate of cavities”

Aug 17 2006 Started Homeopathic Magnesium Phosphate
Aug 23 2006 Started eating more fruits and side effect was thrush.
Aug 27 2006 Carolyn Dean’s book Miracle of Magnesium
Aug 28 2006 Started taking enzymes. Noticed a difference when I ran out of Omega 3
Aug 29 2006 Diagnosed with Anxiety from a Neurologist. Recommended seeing psychologist or a psychiatrist.

Aug 31 2006 Second B2 injection
Sep 09 2006 Chiropractor
Sep 10 2006 Allergies from potatoes microwaved in a ceramic dish
Sep 11 2006 Started boron once a day
Sep 12 2006 Discovered water soluble ionic magnesium
Sep 15 2006 Switched to Magnesium Glycinate
Sep 21 2006 Riboflavin injection. Doctor suggested taking St. Johns Wort.
Sep 23 2006 Discover that candida can cause chapped lips
Oct 07 2006 Tried Glucosamine for weak knees: No difference
Oct 15 2006 Started Nu Life Opti-Mag 250. Krebs Cycle Complex
Oct 20 2006 “Follow up with Doctor. St. Johns Wort had no effect and he prescribes “”Paxil-CR”” 12.5 mg for anxiety. Asked for Triglyceride and B6 blood test.”

Nov 13 2006 Blood test for Triglyceride level was 2.4
Nov 13 2006 Started Flora G Plus for candida
Nov 17 2006 Started taking Paxil
Nov 25 2006 Switched to Nu Life Multivitamin
Dec 02 2006 Noticed very slight, but very heavy pulsing sensation while inside Home Depot close to Hydro transmisson lines. (Markham and 14th Ave)

Dec 07 2006 started the Yeast Buster Kit from Inno-vite
Dec 08 2006 Follow up with doctor and he wants to increase dosage of paxil.
Dec 20 2006 Added Olive Leaf and Black Walnut
Dec 26 2006 Started extra strength Kyolic garlic supplement at 1000 mg
Dec 31 2006 Started 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP)
Jan 02 2007 Stop taking 5-HTP as it seemed to cause heart valve chest pain (MVP)
Jan 05 2007 B6 results come back normal
Jan 06 2007 Check iris and compare iridology pictures: No change
Jan 07 2007 Made list of vitamins and minerals that are destroyed by high sugar intake: Vitamin B (complex), Vitamin B-2 (riboflavin), Vitamin B-5 (Pantothenic Acid), Niacin (nicotinic acid), Choline, Inositol, Phosphorus, Potassium and Magnesium.

Jan 07 2007 Started lecithin again
Jan 08 2007 Started eating garlic and plain yogurt for candida
Jan 12 2007 Grapefruit seed extract and garlic supplements
Jan 14 2007 Switched back to raw garlic cloves
Jan 14 2007 Discover the link between low potassium, stressed adrenals and magnesium
Jan 16 2007 Added coconut oil. Stopped raw garlic.
Jan 20 2007 Started oregano oil
Jan 22 2007 Stopped oregano oil due to chest pain. Switched back to raw garlic cloves
Jan 22 2007 Started St. Johns Wort again
Jan 24 2007 Started candida diet. Discover link between vitamin K and candida
Jan 25 2007 Muscle spasms in leg. Suspect calcium as I haven’t changed magnesium.
Jan 27 2007 Started Chromium
Jan 31 2007 Started Amino acids again
Feb 03 2007 Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Body Chemistry and Nutrition Page 22: The following conditions indicate amino acid deficiency: – Anxiety, Candida Albicans, Magnesium deficiency

One thing is for sure…I’ve tried everything to get this health issue resolved so you can’t say it wasn’t from a lack of trying!!

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Entry for January 29, 2007

The nutritionist asked me to keep a daily food diary and keep track of my symptoms. Okay, I’ve done this before… but this time, I’m in the middle of a candida diet.

Day One:

Breakfast: Celery & Cucumbers

Lunch: Asparagus Soup

Snack: Plain almonds, Rhubarb and Garlic

Dinner: Turkey and Cauliflower

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Entry for January 02, 2007

I still haven’t dropped off the health questionnaires but I will. I was somewhat disappointed that they wouldn’t just give me a B6 injection because I asked for one. When I saw the sign, I thought that I had struck gold. Now that I’ve had time to think about it, she is taking the right approach.

Here’s what Doctor Google found for me today:

Supplementing large amounts of single nutrients can also have a dramatic effect on mineral ratios, where for instance taking higher doses of Vitamin B6 on a long-term basis will ultimately result in a high magnesium / low calcium ratio. Injections of Vitamin B6 (usually combined with Vitamin B12) given at weight loss clinics affect calcium / magnesium ratios even faster, and if not matched to the individual’s nutritional requirements, can lead to a severe calcium deficiency with the usual variety of low calcium-related medical symptoms.

Finally, someone who is interested in optimum health and very cautious.

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Entry for December 28, 2006

The nutritionist from last week left me a follow up voice mail. She wanted to know if I had made a decision regarding the treatment and I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately. I think a nutritionist would be a really great thing for me but I would want a condition.

I’ll contact her on the weekend and tell her that I will start the treatment with the condition that I have the option to quit if I am not happy with the food testing analysis from the naturopath. I don’t want the same results as the last naturopath telling me that I didn’t have a magnesium deficiency from the hair analysis.

And this time I will mark the questionaires with stars to indicate the symptoms that are being hidden by my current intake of vitamins and minerals. I will also document my entire history before I meet with anyone to ensure that nothing gets missed, including my issues with the EMF exposure.

Those are my conditions.

I’ll also tell her that I am still waiting for my B6 test result from my own doctor and will persue the injection through him if I am able to.

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Entry for December 19, 2006


I met with the nutritionist tonight and her official title is “Registered Nutritional Consultant Certified Wellness and Lifestyle Coach”. Maybe this will be someone who understands my problem.

She introduced herself and showed me a pile of papers on the desk and explained each one. She wants me to complete a lifestyle assessment form, a questionaire on the different systems of the body and something she called a Nutritional Symptomology Profile where I entered a number value based on the symptom or activity. We didn’t really talk about my symptoms and that was a good thing. We would’ve been there a long time…

She recommended that I see a naturopath in Thornhill who would do a food sensitvity test and the results would be forwarded to her and along with the questionaires, she would put together an action plan over three two hour sessions for $225.00.

She said I can read everything over and take the holidays to decide if I wanted to pursue it.

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Entry for December 18, 2006

I have a message on the answering machine and it’s the nutritionist. I return her call and I ask her about the vitamin B injections. She asks about my history and quickly she points out that I have a number of issues that need to be addressed and that a B injection would be a quick fix solution without getting to the root cause.

We talk briefly about candida and asks me if I’ve ever tried Olive Leaf. Nope, never heard of it. She also mentioned a vitamin company called Genestra. They make a supplement called “HMF Replete” that she highly recommened for candida.

She suggests that I visit a naturopath for a food sensitivity test and the results will be provided to her for analysis and she will do three follow up sessions. She agrees to meet with me tomorrow night after work so we’ll see what she has to say.

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