Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for June 26, 2006

On the way home I stop by the local health food store and inquire about Iridology. A guy shows me to the bulletin board and hands me a pamphlet and a business card of a local women. I call the number as soon as I get home and I leave a message for her to call me.

Later in the afternoon she returns my call and I tell her that I’m interested in a Iridology exam. She explains the process. The cost is $150 for two sessions and the first session is three hours long. She will take pictures of my iris and sclera and suggest a health plan.

The second appoinment is scheduled with two weeks and she will provide a detailed report or as she put it “theisis” on my health conditions and she will us Iridology again to check if there is any improvement.

This sounds great. If I have serious vitamin deficiencies, whose to say I don’t have other things going on as well? I could be seriously lacking in minerals as well.

Iridology is used to identify nutritional deficiencies so this is definately the right direction.


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