Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for July 11, 2006


While 60% of the Mg is in the bones, the rest is primarily in the cells where it functions to regulate the transmission of impulses between brain cells, & from nerves to muscles & organs. It also maintains normal muscle function & contractility.

Since Mg regulates the irritability or sensitivity of the nerves & muscles, a deficiency leads to neuromuscular hyperexcitability which can be associated with muscle cramps, twitches, & tremors, tension, tightness, or soreness. It is also associated with various spasms, such as the bronchospasm of asthma, esophageal spasm ( a lump in the throat with difficulty swallowing), the vascular spasm of migraines some forms of hypertension, chest pain & other chronic pain syndromes, the urinary spasms with some forms of urinary problems & bedwetting, the spasms of premature labor & menstrual cramps, & of course the spasms of seizures.

The excitability can also be associated with an easy startle response, noise & light sensitivity, numbness & tingling & strange body sensations.

Some of the most dramatic effects of Mg deficiency may occur in the central nervous system such as with the DT’s (delirium tremens) of alcoholism, general anxiety & irritability, nervousness, confusion, tantrums, insomnia,and depression.


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Entry for May 16, 2006



I decide to place the pictures side by side to view a weekly progress comparison. Fourth treatment shows noticeable improvement and six shows a relapse then mild progress through to today.

Lately I’ve noticed a muscle weakness and it’s been slowly getting worse. I notice it the most when I am holding my daughter. She only weighs about 15 lbs but I can’t hold her any longer than a couple of minutes before my arms get tired and sore. Muscle aches are a symptom of a Niacin deficiency so I’ll have to wait and see if it gets any better.

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