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Entry for August 03, 2006

Do Lunch Meats Cause Stomach Cancer?
Wednesday August 2, 2006

Pedro Zucchet was never shy about his love for traditional processed Italian meats.  They were a regular part of his daily lunches. So when he was diagnosed with stomach cancer, he never suspected a link between his love of salami and his illness. 

But now research out of Sweden suggests such a tie between lunchmeats and the disease may exist. The scientists looked at several kinds of processed meat including ham, salami, hot dogs and bacon, and they found that the more you consume such foods, the greater your risk of getting stomach cancer. The worst culprit turned out to be bacon. Experts believe sodium nitrite in the meats could be to blame, or it could be all the salt.

“The salt can act as an irritant to the stomach lining and in fact may predispose the stomach to cancer development,” said U. of T. professor Michael Archer.”I guess the best advice is moderation,” he adds.  “I wouldn’t eat processed meats three times a day every day.”

Zucchet, who has now been cancer free for five years, takes heed of that advice. “I’ve changed what I eat now,” he said.  “I’m a little bit more conscious of what I eat.”

Many processed meats are also high in artery-clogging saturated fat, giving consumers another reason to steer clear.

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