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Entry for January 02, 2007

I still haven’t dropped off the health questionnaires but I will. I was somewhat disappointed that they wouldn’t just give me a B6 injection because I asked for one. When I saw the sign, I thought that I had struck gold. Now that I’ve had time to think about it, she is taking the right approach.

Here’s what Doctor Google found for me today:

Supplementing large amounts of single nutrients can also have a dramatic effect on mineral ratios, where for instance taking higher doses of Vitamin B6 on a long-term basis will ultimately result in a high magnesium / low calcium ratio. Injections of Vitamin B6 (usually combined with Vitamin B12) given at weight loss clinics affect calcium / magnesium ratios even faster, and if not matched to the individual’s nutritional requirements, can lead to a severe calcium deficiency with the usual variety of low calcium-related medical symptoms.

Finally, someone who is interested in optimum health and very cautious.

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Entry for December 16, 2006


Today I saw the sign that I’ve been waiting for. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had to turn the car around and take a picture to make sure it was real…

I’ve been fighting with the doctors for so long to get a simple vitamin B injection and here it is advertised on a portable street sign! I still can’t believe it. I called the number when I got home and left a message.

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Entry for August 10, 2006


Went to the doctor’s office this morning with the riboflavin glued to my hands. I decided today not to take my morning vitamins to see if the needle would have any effect. While I am in the waiting room, my eyes are really itchy and I wash them twice with the running tap water.

He comes in and says “I believe you have something for me”. “I have a present for you” I joke with him and I hand him the injections. He looks it over and asks me where I managed to get it. I ordered it from the internet and it looks like they came from Romania. He opens the package and pulls out the intructions. The writing is in Romanian and he finds what he is looking for. He breaks the top of the vial and he’s got the needle ready to go.

He says it has to go into the buttocks so I bend over and he injects the needle. He only uses one of the vials and hands me the four back in the package. The muscles around by buttocks start twitching really strong so I mention it to him. He doesn’t seem surprised and said to have a follow up appointment in three weeks to see if it has any effect on the vibrations.

I sure hope so…

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Entry for August 09, 2006


I open the package and it contains 5 little bottles…

They are the weirdest type of bottles I’ve ever seen. Each bottle holds 0.2 ml of riboflavin and they appear to be in one whole piece with a ring around the neck. I’m guessing there is some type of medical tool that can open these. Hopefully, it’s universal and my doctor has one.

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Entry for August 09, 2006


I rush home from work and I am now holding it in my hands…

Riboflavin injections from Romania… I still can’t believe it…

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Entry for August 09, 2006

My wife calls me this afternoon with some good news. The vitamins from Romania have arrived!! I contact my doctor’s office and tell them I have the injections and I’ll be at their office for nine o’clock.


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Entry for August 08, 2006

Here’s some more information on Dale Humpherys with a bit more detail on the actual treatment:

Since the publication of my article “Multiple Sclerosis Treated with Injectable Vitamin B1 and Liver Extract” in the TLfDP in the Feb/March 2000 issue, I have received hundreds of calls from doctors and patients wanting more information on this safe, effective, and inexpensive treatment which reverses and cures Multiple Sclerosis.

Dr. F.R. Klenner’s medical paper was published in the June and July 2000 edition of the TLfDP. Dr. H.T.R. Mount’s medical paper on the successful treatment of MS with vitamin B1 and liver extract was also published in the Feb/March 2000 issue of the TLfDP. It is interesting to note these two MDs were treating MS in the 1940s and ’50s with the same two essential ingredients — injectable B1 and liver extract, yet they were unaware of each other. Dr. Klenner in Reidsville, North Carolina and Dr. Mount in Ottawa, Ontario. Dr. Mount felt paralysis was a contraindication to his type of therapy, whereas Dr. Klenner was treating MS patients with paralysis intensively and successfully with vitamins A, C, E and all of the B vitamins and other metabolites in addition to the vitamin B1 and liver extract injections.

As many readers know, we had serious problems from 1998 on as the FDA Pharmaceutical monolith attempted to stop this treatment by refusing to allow the release of vitamin injectables and liver extract from the large labs producing them, which were under FDA control. It was a desperate situation for us and we survived by importing them from Mexico where these injectables are available without a prescription. Compounding pharmacies in the US began to produce the vitamin B1 injectables in 2000. They were able to do this because compounding pharmacies are under State control. The FDA went to court in January 2001 in New York and attempted to gain control of compounding pharmacies and they were denied that right. These pharmacies then began to produce Liver Extract also and we were assured of a reliable source of supply.

There are currently two pharmacies producing B1, 200mg per ml. and liver extract with two more coming on line, one in Canada and one in the US. With increasing numbers of patients becoming aware of this treatment, the demand will increase.

Dr. Klenner believed MS to have a viral cause. With a degree in Biochemistry he was able to understand what was happening in MS. The virus damaged the cells of the central nervous system rendering them incapable of maintaining homeostasis or normal metabolism by retaining adequate B1 within the cells, resulting in a deterioration of the myelin sheath surrounding the nerve and eventual paralysis. By raising the level of B1 in the body with a daily injection, a level could be maintained allowing normal metabolism to be continued, resulting in myelin sheath regeneration and recovery. In reality, MS is a deficiency disease caused by a viral inflammation of the central nervous system which can be reversed with adequate B1 and liver extract injections. Recovery can be enhanced with the addition of vitamins A, C, E, and B-complex and other metabolites in addition to a healthful diet and lifestyle.

I have followed this protocol for over 25 years. Following two severe attacks of MS in 1973 I could walk only a short distance and was forced to discontinue working — my doctors said I would be in a wheelchair soon. After beginning treatment with Dr. Klenner I was able to return to work within 6 months — but it was two years before I became symptom-free. I have enjoyed excellent health since.

The protocol of Dr. Klenner’s I have followed consists of: (1) a daily intramuscular injection of vitamin B1 of 300 to 400 mg. The correct dosage can be determined by the level of fatigue the patient experiences. Some patients require 300 to 400 mg daily to experience relief of fatigue symptoms. The B1 is available in a strength of 200mg per ml. So a 200 mg injection would be 1cc. Twice weekly 1cc of liver extract is added to the B1 injection so extra injections aren’t needed. The B1 injectable comes in a 30cc bottle and lasts for two to four weeks. The liver extract comes in a 10cc vial and lasts 5 weeks. The syringe is a 25 gauge by five-eighths inch 3cc syringe.

Note: B1 is not well absorbed in oral form — the daily injection is required for life for successful treatment and recovery.

Oral Vitamin Regimen

1) 5 grams daily in divided doses of Calcium Ascorbate (buffered Vitamin C) which is available in 500mg tablets. This boosts the immune system and eliminates or shortens recovery time from colds and flu.
2) Vitamin E 400 to 1000 IU daily
3) B-100 tablet. This tablet contains 100mg of all of the B vitamins.
4) B12 — One tablet (sublingual — dissolved under the tongue) daily. One to 2mg strength.
5) Niacin. Once or twice weekly, 100 to 300mg before breakfast. This is a vasodilator and opens the blood vessels allowing the nutrients to rebuild the myelin sheath damaged by MS. This will produce a flush and reddening of the skin for about 30 minutes, which most patients say they enjoy. It is advisable to lie down and cover up for the period of the flush.


A high protein diet is required to rebuild the myelin sheath. Examples: Breakfast — 1 or 2 eggs poached, with fruit and cereal. Lunch — fish and vegetables (steamed) and fruit. Supper — chicken or beef with vegetables and fruit. Soy, cheese and dairy products are a good source of protein if well tolerated.

One 500mg digestive enzyme tablet taken with each meal can often improve digestion and absorption.

Injectables are presently available at two compounding pharmacies with a prescription and are shipped to Canada and all parts of the US:

Optioncare Pharmacy, Aurora, Illinois — 630-859-0333 or 800-679-4667
College Pharmacy, Colorado Springs, Colorado — 800-888-9358

Prices at last quote:

Thiamine 200mg per ml. 30cc $15.00;
Liver Extract 10cc $25.00.

Dale Humpherys
#103 9905 5th St.
Sidney, BC V8L 2X6

Medical Journal Articles on MS

1. Multiple Sclerosis Treated with Injectable Vitamin B1 and Liver Extract, by Dale Humpherys. Issue #199/200, Feb/March 2000, TLfDP, page 58-60.

2. Multiple Sclerosis and Other Demyelinating Diseases by Dr. H.T.R. Mount, MD. Issue #199/200, Feb/March 2000, TlfDP.

3. Response of Peripheral and Central Nervous System Pathology to Mega Doses of the Vitamin B Complex and other Metabolites. Part 1 by Dr. F.R. Klenner. Issue #203, June 2000, TLfDP, page 86. Part two, Issue #204, July 2000, page 52.

4. Letters to the Editor. Injectable Liver Extract available for MS and ALS by Dale Humpherys. Issue #219, October 2001, TLfDP, pg 98.

5. The True Story of FDA Terrorism, by Dale Humpherys, TlfDP, Issue #228, July 2002, page 115.

Note to Pharmacies: When shipping to Canada, put on outside of package: “Prescription Medicine.” This is important. If “vitamins” is written on the package the patient must pay extra taxes.

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Entry for August 07, 2006

Did some searching tonight for injectable vitamins and I came across this interesting story. I wonder if Benfotamine would be a help to him instead of the daily injections?

Multiple Sclerosis Treated with Injectable Vitamin B1 & Liver Extract

Originally published in TOWNSEND LETTER for DOCTORS & PATIENTS, February/March 2000

This is a case history of a recovery from a disease which exacts a terrible price in suffering and hardship from its victims and their families and for which orthodox medicine stubbornly insists there is no successful treatment.

MS has been reversed and cured by two doctors working independently and apparently unaware of each other since the 1940s. These two men were Dr. F.R. Klenner, MD of Reidsville, North Carolina and Dr. H.T.R. Mount, MD of Ottawa, Ontario. Dr. Klenner makes this claim in his medical paper “Response of Peripheral and Central Nerve Pathology to Mega-doses of the Vitamin B-Complex and other Metabolites,” in the Journal of Applied Nutrition, fall 1973. “Any victim of MS who will dramatically flush with the use of nicotinic acid and who has not yet progressed to the stage of myelin degeneration, as witnessed by sustained ankle clonus elicited in the orthodox manner, can be cured with the adequate employment of thiamin HCL and other factors of the vitamin B complex in conjunction with essential proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and injectable Liver Extract. If sustained ankle clonus is not B1 lateral, then it is not a deterrent. We have had patients who did demonstrate B1 lateral sustained ankle clonus, and who were in wheelchairs, and who returned to normal activities after 5 to 8 years of treatment.” To cure MS is a dramatic claim to make for a disease which supposedly has no successful treatment. Dr. Klenner’s results speak for themselves.

Dr. Mount on the other hand, describes his patients as “clinically well” or “clinically improved.” For my part, MS is a brutal disease and anyone who has had it will have a reminder of it until the end of their days. The symptom that has remained with me is the heaviness in the feet when over-tired. I am otherwise symptom-free. I received many calls from doctors after my story was published and their comments during the first 5 or 10 years were “you are in remission.” Now in my 25th year I don’t hear that “remission” bit any more. Am I cured or in remission? As long as I take my intramuscular injection of B1 200 mg daily and my 2cc liver extract weekly I am completely well. Call it what you wish!

I was diagnosed in 1972 at the age of 44 and treated with a series of ACTH injections. I seemed to recover but still had extreme fatigue and numbness in my feet and legs which slowly improved. I continued to work at my profession as a teacher. In 1973 I had a second attack which was more severe, affecting my legs and arms and the fatigue forced me to quit work. I was able to be up for several hours at a time but had to spend most of my time in bed. I was again given ACTH injections which didn’t seem to have any effect. My GP and neurologist had no other treatment to offer.

They tried to encourage me by telling of the research being done on MS which was progressing rapidly and eventually would produce a drug which would cure MS, they assured me. While waiting for this cure to be discovered, I began to read extensively everything I could on MS. The exciting moment for me came when I was reading a book called How to Get Well by Dr. Paavo Airola, ND in which he said that Klenner was treating MS with much success.

After talking it over with my family I decided to go down to Reidsville, North Carolina, to see Dr. Klenner. I believed my doctors would be happy to hear this news, but when I told them they were silent and finally said, “Dale, this man Klenner is a quack — he will take your money and give you false hope. If there were a successful treatment for MS we would know about it — Don’t go.”

Thank God I ignored this medical advice.

I phoned Dr. Klenner’s office and was told by his receptionist that he didn’t book appointments but that I should come down and he would see me. This sounded strange to me — no appointment? But I booked a flight from Victoria, British ColumB1a to Reidsville, North Carolina. A long flight. Fear tugged at my heart — could I make it? I could walk only a short distance and was suffering total fatigue. When I arrived at the small town of Reidsville at 1:00 p.m. I phoned Dr. Klenner’s office and was told to come to his office at 5:00 p.m. When I arrived there was a group of perhaps 25 people standing at the bottom of a flight of stairs leading up to his office on the 2nd floor of an old frame building. They told me they were waiting to get their name on the patient list for the next day. Presently Dr. Klenner’s receptionist appeared and tacked a piece of paper to the door. This paper had 20 numbers on it. If you were fortunate you got your name on the list which were the 20 patients Dr. Klenner would see the next day. I was fortunate and met him the following day. He was working alone with his wife who was an RN and a receptionist. I learned that his receptionist had come to him in a wheelchair with MS in 1961 — she was now completely recovered and worked several days a week in his office.

Dr. Klenner examined me and confirmed the diagnosis of MS while explaining to me how the treatment worked. He said I was fortunate to come to him while still on my feet as the recovery period would be shortened considerably. I received an injection of B1 and liver extract and a copy of his protocol which I was to read that night. I saw him again the next morning and was shown how to give myself intramuscular injections and told where to order the injectables. His final words to me were that I would recover completely and could probably go back to work within a matter of months. The fatigue I had suffered for 2 years was gone after the first several injections. I couldn’t believe it. I was still weak with numbness in my feet and legs but I had my strength again. Before I left, his wife cautioned me that I must have the daily injection for life because the B1 cannot be absorbed orally in pill form.

When I was ready to leave I asked Mrs. Klenner for my bill — she said it wasn’t made up yet and they would send it to me. I never did receive a bill from Dr. Klenner — so much for the quack who would take my money in return for false hope!

When I arrived home, putting Dr. Klenner’s full treatment schedule in effect proved to be a problem. Many of the oral medications weren’t available in Canada and some of these medications such as niacin caused me some stomach distress. I shall always be grateful to Dr. Abram Hoffer who guided me through this period. Dr. Hoffer was practicing in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan at that time but he always took my many telephone calls with the grace and compassion this great physician is renowned for. Dr. Hoffer has been practicing here in Victoria for quite some time and I had occasion to see him at his office recently about a problem I was having. I presented him with a sheet of the supplements I am presently taking and he said, “Dale, this must cost you a bundle but you’ll probably live to be a hundred.” Recalling what last month’s� B1ll for supplements had been, I replied that I probably couldn’t afford to.

Several years later following an interview for CBC television broadcast nationwide, I received a call from a man in Toronto who told me he had been cured of MS by Dr. H.T.R. Mount, MD of Ottawa, Ontario. This was very interesting as I was unaware anyone else was treating MS. He sent me a copy of a medical paper which appeared in the Canadian Medical Association Journal June 2nd, 1973 in which he gives 14 case histories of MS patients treated successfully. On reading this paper I was surprised to find Dr. Mount was using B1 intravenously and liver extract intramuscularly and nothing else! Dr. Klenner was treating MS intensively with vitamins A, C, E, and all of the B vitamins and other metabolites in addition to the B1 and liver extract injections. Dr. Mount felt paralysis was a contraindication to his type of therapy whereas Dr. Klenner was treating patients with paralysis with success. Dr. Mount concludes his medical paper with a call for detailed studies to enlarge its use or to circumscribe its limitations.

Why have the positive results of these two men been stonewalled by orthodox medicine for 50 years? To answer this question let’s begin with the patient who goes to his GP with neurological symptoms suggestive of MS as I did. He is then referred to a neurologist for treatment. The neurologist gives the patient steroids, usually cortisone or ACTH which do not work. This is the stage at which this patient should be treated with intramuscular injections of Bl and liver extract. Would this safe, easily administered and economical treatment work with every patient? Perhaps and perhaps not. Would it work with 8 out of 10— 5 out of 10— 1 out of 10? Cortisone with ACTH produces 0 out of 10 results, so even 1 out of 10 is a win-win situation.

It is obvious that our neurologist, who is an “advisor” to the MS Society and probably receives a stipend thereof and who probably received a grant to do research work on a cause or cure for MS at one time during or following his medical education, won’t rock the boat by using a treatment that works. This would risk the whole financial structure salaries and grants funded with public money. This is called Empire Building. When did we become a society that victimizes its most vulnerable citizens? We are seeing the same sordid situation in the Cancer industry and with the alternative therapy treatments that threaten the medical status quo.

Of great concern to patients on this treatment has been the lack of readily available supplies of injectables, thiamine 100mg per ml in 30 ml bottles and liver extract in 30 ml bottles. In Canada the Canada Health Protection Branch (the Canadian version of the FDA) wouldn’t allow pharmacies to import thiamine and liver extract which were not produced here. Patients had to import their supplies from the US with all the red tape this entailed. Most pharmacies in the US didn’t stock these supplies because of the limited demand and had to order them from suppliers. This lack of a readily available supply was a hardship for patients and many finally became discouraged and gave up.

Steris Laboratories of Phoenix, Arizona was the sole manufacturer of vitamin and liver extract injectables in the US. Two years ago the cold heavy hand of the FDA fell on Steris Labs and they were forced to stop producing vitamin injectables. This has been a tragedy for MS patients and I have received many calls from desperate people asking for help. With the FDA’s record of crackdowns on nutritional therapies and supplements, was this an orchestrated plan to eliminate one more threat to orthodox medicine (neurologists et al.) from alternative therapies? I have every reason to believe it was.

Three years ago, Merit Pharmaceuticals of Los Angeles began producing liver extract. When I learned in 1998 what had happened at Steris, I called Charles Fahr, president of Merit Labs, and asked him if he could begin producing thiamin injectable in 30 ml, 100mg per ml. He said he was considering it and would probably start in August if things looked favorable. In January of 1999 I was informed by my pharmacist in the US that thiamine was still not available. I phoned Mr. Fahr again and he said they had decided to produce a 3Oml B Complex 100 injectable which had a formulation of thiamin 100mg per ml, B6, 2mg per ml, Pantothenate 2mg per ml, B2, 2mg per ml and niacinamide 100mg per ml. I asked why the thiamin wasn’t being produced and he said he felt that the market for thiamin had been killed by the FDA action but thought that the B-complex 100 would appeal to a broader market as many doctors routinely use a B-complex injection for their patients. This was good news for us as this formula supplied the 100mg of thiamin required to treat MS. When I checked again with the pharmacy in May I was told that because of an FDA quarantine it wouldn’t be available until July. This sounded like more FDA monkey business to me and I was receiving many desperate calls from patients. I saw Dr. Hoffer about it and he suggested having a compounding pharmacy make it up here in Victoria. He called a pharmacist and was told it could be done. A 100mg per ml, 30 ml bottle would cost $30. Patients require 2 bottles per month costing $60. We were paying $8 per bottle for $16 a month for imported thiamin. More than 3 times as expensive locally, but at least the spectre of a wheelchair hanging over us has been lifted for now.

In summary, there is a roadblock at the neurologists’ door for MS victims, but there is a ray of hope. In the 20 plus years I have been working to get the word out of a successful treatment for MS, I have talked with many GPs and the majority of them have told me that they saw no harm in helping these patients with the treatment even though they felt it wouldn’t work. With the increasing acceptance of alternative therapies by many physicians and the demand by an informed public for therapies which transcend the “cut, burn and poison” routine of orthodox medicine, an exciting new era is dawning for many people stricken with diseases which were formerly considered to be untreatable.


Dale Humpherys
103-9905-5th St
Sidney; BC Canada
V8L 2X6

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Entry for July 28, 2006


All our products are tested and controlled by the specialists of GeroVital Ltd. They are also approved for public usage by the State of Romania. In case of conflict the only jurisdiction is the judicial system of the State of Romania. 

GeroVital H3 products (with the exception of GEROVITAL injectable vials/ampoules) are classified and supplied as Food/Dietary Supplements. In the United States of America GH3 products are protected as a Dietary supplement under the 1994 Dietary Supplements act. In countries where there is no distinction between Dietary supplements and Pharmaceutical products most give their citizens the right to order any product if for personal use.

For Gerovital injectable vials, It is our experience that almost all countries will accept Gerovital H3 ampoules/vials for import.  In practice and in theory most countries allow the importation of even medicinal products anyway if for personal use. It is our understanding that no prescription is required to receive this injectable product but common sense would dictate that you be under the supervision of a health care professional (Doctor, MD, Nurse) to administer the ampoules/vials. Gerovital injectable vials/ampoules (although it has not happened yet),  returned, by customs can be refunded less a 15% supplier restocking fee.

Goods are normally received within 10-14 days, GeroVital Ltd is shipping PRIORITY  International   for its dietary Supplements. If requested an extra shipping and handling fee will be charged for Express Courier Delivery service (less than a week). Goods not dispatched within 5 weeks may be fully refunded on request.

GeroVital Ltd: (UK)

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Entry for July 28, 2006

I had to order my vitamin injection from Romania. My wife was a little leary about ordering from a somewhat corrupt country. So why Romania of all places? Doctor Google?



Vitamins are extremely popular in Romania but consumption frequency tends to be low. The main reason for consumption is a result of the relatively low per capita income of the Romanian population. Vitamins are supposed to provide biological strength and enable the individual to cope better with fatigue, stress, illness, malnutrition, and mental and physical efforts. The Romania’s vitamin market size reached US$ 19.5 mil. in 1999.

The National Medicines Agency (ANM) and the Ministry of Health have stipulated that high dosage vitamins be classified as pharmaceuticals, thus requiring importers to obtain import licenses and requiring local manufacturers to obtain product registration.

The National Drug Institute has proposed to reclassify vitamins to conform with regulations in the US, Germany, and France. Single vitamins will be classified as food products and only high dosage vitamins A, D, E, and K will be classified as prescription drugs.

Market Information:

The largest selling products in the market are low cost Romanian vitamins produced by Eurofarm and Sicomed as well as imported products manufactured by such companies as Glaxo Wellcome, Sanofi, UPSA, Novartis, Walmark, Bristol Meyers, and Liner Health. Hoffmann La Roche vitamins are intended for urban areas with average and high incomes.

During the period of 1996-98, the vitamin and pharmaceuticals market recorded an upward trend in sales and revenues. However, in 1999 the depreciation of the local currency against the US dollar was reflected in a decrease sales figure of all major international producers. The lower purchasing power compelled vitamin consumers to buy Romanian products because of their lower price. Thirty-five to forty percent of Romanians used vitamin C, multivitamins, calcium, and magnesium produced by local firms. 57.70% used vitamin C, 47.90% used multivitamin, 42.80% used calcium, and 23.10% used magnesium. The most popular foreign multivitamin are: Magne B6, Plusssz, and Supradyn. B complex and minerals share a large portion of the market.

Food supplements don’t need any special approval for registration. They are found in supermarkets, the most popular ones being: Kruger, Pluzz, and Pez . For food supplements, the importer must obtain an approval of the Institute of Hygiene.

It is worth underscoring that there is no educational program. Products need to be designed to provide consumers with answers to simple questions such as: what are the vitamins? When do we need them? When do we use them?

Market Access:

Romania’s pharmaceutical vitamin manufacturers include foreign-owned, Romanian – owned and joint-venture firms. The foreign-owned firms are also major importers. Most of the locally owned firms are small to medium size enterprises with low level production technology, focusing on few vitamins. There is a remarkable difference between the registration of dietary supplements and registrations/OTCs, the first ones needing approximately five months for registration, while drugs and OTCs are registered in a period of approximately two years from the moment of submission. This amount of time are considered only if all registration related documents are in good order.

Vitamin dosages that are less than, or equal to the following standards are classified as Food:


A 1000ug (3300UI)

D 5ug (200UI)

E 10mg

C 60mg

B1 1.4mg

Folic acid 400ug

B2 1.6mg

B6 2mg

B12 3ug

PP 18mg

Calcium 800mg

P 800mg

Fe 14mg

Mg 300mg

Zn 15mg

Na 2300mg

Cu 1.25mg

SE 20ug

F 1.5mg

For children, the concentrations have to be half of the ones described above. The maximum admitted dose for one-a-day multivitamin is twice the above dose for liposoluble vitamins, and three-times the above dose for hydrosoluble vitamins.

Trade Procedures:

There are no known barriers imposed on imports of vitamins to Romania. Currently, there are no known forthcoming regulations or legislation that would impede imports.

Ok…I feel better now…

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Entry for July 28, 2006

After my story this morning, a co-worker decides to google B2 injections to see if anything comes up. She comes arcoss a web site that lists a whole bunch or injectable vitamins and they ship to Canada. She sends me the link and yes they do have injectable vitamins!!!

They have a wide variety of injectable vitamins:

Scientific studies prove constantly that Vitamins injections are much more efficient than tablets &  gel  caps. The molecular structure of the vitamin is not attacked by the whole digestive system, its acids and enzymes. Consequently the absorption/retention rate is much higher and the results are faster and much more efficient. Those Vitamins are dietary supplements in the USA. We offer also Mega doses 5mg of Folic Acid (B Vitamins) in tablets.

The maker of GeroVital ® offers now 100% efficient Vitamins injections in vials. Those dietary supplements are approved and controlled by the Romanian Department of Health. Their quality is guaranteed by the stringent  European ISO and GMP certifications. We offer now Multivitamins injectable.

Those injections are recommended for athletes, people suffering from a known disease, seniors, Children, depression and fatigue, etc.They may be utilized for Pet treatments.

We offer 100% pure  A, B1, B2,  B6, B12, C, D2, D3 & E injectable vitamins, Multivitamins,  Romanian GeroVital H3 & Calcium in Injections. We deliver worldwide, no prescription are needed (which make our prices even more attractive).
Please see the effects and recommendations on each vitamins in clicking on the left (source Oregon State University-Lisa Pauling Institute Micro Nutrient Information Center). To order it safely click the secure button “CC buy Now”.

So that’s exactly what I do. I click on the secure button “CC buy Now”…

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