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Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for August 11, 2006


His store is called “The Medicine Shoppe” and inside is a small pharmacy on one side and a bunch of supplements and vitamins on the other. I mention to the pharmacist that the osteopath from next door recommended I speak to the owner about a health issue. I wait about ten minutes for him as he was one the phone. He has a slight look of the mad scientist in Back to the Future movies but more reserved.

He comes out to talk to me and I start by mentioning that I have a vitamin deficiency. He says he could talk for hours on vitamin deficiencies so I go into more detail with riboflavin. He asked if my urine turns yellow when I take B2 and of course it does. He said that if I am seeing yellow then the body is taking what it needs and the rest is being discarded by the body. I explain further that I’ve been taking B complex for months without any results.

He asks me if I’ve had a hormone test and yes, I’ve had one done recently and the results were normal. He said he was interested in seeing what the results were. Then he asks me if I had my thyroid checked and yes that was my doctor’s first suspicion and that too was normal. He asked me what the results were and other than normal, I’m not quite sure what the actual readig was.

He said most doctors don’t know how to check the thyroid and they only check for the level of T4. He said my actual level of T4 could be fine but that my level of T3 is needed to activate T4 and he went into more detail about thyroid function. A quick google search turns up exactly what he is talking about minus the cold body temperature:

CLINICAL MEASUREMENT:  Broda Barnes, M.D. recognized that one of the primary effects of thyroid is to raise body temperature.  A fat, hypothyroid child will be one degree Fahrenheit cooler than a thin, active child.  The measurements of thyroid function include TSH, T3 (free), T4 (free).  But normal blood tests do not tell the complete picture of thyroid disease.

The control of the thyroid gland is TRH, thyroid releasing hormone, in the hypothalamus, deep within the brain.  With age, the hypothalamus fails to release adequate stimulation: it acts like it is asleep. This is called \’down-regulation.\’  Under normal conditions, the TRH triggers the pituitary in the midbrain to release TSH, thyroid stimulating hormone. TSH causes the thyroid to produce T3 and T4 from precursors: iodine, tryptophan and T2 (di-iodothyronine).

Doctors have been taught to look for elevated levels of TSH.  This implies that the pituitary cannot recognize adequate blood levels of either T3 or T4.  A TSH over 100 means the individual is severely hypothyroid.  A TSH less than 1 (when not on thyroid replacement) implies that the individual is on thyroid replacement or that the thyroid overactive and out-of-control.

But, those of us researching thyroid disease have learned that these thyroid tests are just \’tests at best.\’  If the patient complains of a low body temperature on awakening (basal body temperature) then there is inadequate thyroid hormone no matter what the blood tests show.  If there is fatigue, dry skin, brittle hair and weight gain on a low calorie diet, then there is insufficient thyroid hormone. This is one of the thyroid resistant syndromes or thyroid insensitive syndrome. The pituitary does not respond properly and produce enough TSH.

He asks me a few questions:

Do have have any energy in the mornings? NO
Do I feel refreshed after a night’s sleep? NO
How do my muscles feel? WEAK

He suggests taking Selenium at 200 mg a day and comments how it is really lacking in today’s diet. He asks me if I am taking Omega 3 supplement. I was until the iridologst told me I didn’t need it so he asked if it contained EPA or DHA and I have no idea.

He gave me a sample package of NutraSea Omega-3 to try and said he takes it everyday. I thank him for all of the information and his time and he again mentioned that he would like to see the results of the hormone test.

I do some reading when I get home and as it turns out, on the back of the NutraSea package there is an endorsment from the homopathic doctor that the chiropractor mentioned! I want to start the day with this new omega 3 so I take a look at the one I have. The EPA or DHA is much lower in mine so I take three capsules at dinner.

So I mention all of this to my wife and we both start googling thyroid again and she mentions the simple test that the naturopath told me to do and how your morning body temperature indicates your thyroid. Back then, my body tempurature was really low. I did mention the readings to my naturopath at the time and I guess we got side tracked by other things as it was never mentioned again.

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Entry for July 04, 2006


“One quarter of what you eat keeps you alive… the other three-quarters keeps your doctor alive.”

Followed up with the naturopath. Usually I have my discoveries and detailed results of my experiments with me but not today. I’m expecting the test results from the hormonal test so I’ll let her take the lead. I’m sitting in the waiting area for about fifteen minutes before she comes out and calls my name. I was quite startled and she apologizes for scaring me.

She starts by asking about how I’ve been feeling since the last appointment on June 3rd. She wants to know about the high doses of niacin and if it’s had any effect. I’m really only interested in the test results and so with a lack of my usual enthusiasm, I explain my new theory about a B1 deficiency and how it’s critical for the creation of nerve sheaths. I show her Benfotamine and explain how it worked instantly. I continue and explain about Beriberi and how I’m still waiting for confirmation from a blood test taken two weeks ago. I mention the case study from Mount Sinai and explain about magnesium deficiencies and the connection to Mitral Valve Prolapse.

She doesn’t appear convinced and mentions that a magnesium deficiency would’ve shown up on the hair analysis. She pulls it out from my file and points to the bottom half and it shows that my magnesium level is normal. This is the same area that she told me to ignore the first time because it was considered too controversial for a reliable reading. I don’t mention anything and go along with it.

From a previous post:

“There has been no lab test that will give an accurate reading of the magnesium status in the tissues. Only one percent of magnesium of the body is distributed in the blood, making a simple sample of magnesium in the blood highly inaccurate. That’s why most doctors who rely on blood tests for magnesium and not magnesium deficiency signs and symptoms and realization that up to 80 percent of the population is deficient, will miss an important diagnosis.”

She also talks about the time I wasn’t feeling well after taking her suppliments and says it was due to the homopathic remedy she gave me and not the calcium/magnesium effect on an alkaline stomach. (Not a chance. She’s either not listening or doesn’t understand my problem.) I explain about how my nerves are shot and how I jumped out of my chair when she called my name. It’s not normal and the B vitamins are not working so it must be something else effecting the nerves and I really think it’s magnesium.

From the Hair Analysis, she talks about how I have high levels of Aluminum and Silver and asks me if I am still talking Zinc and Copper. I stopped taking those a while back when I quit taking the Calcium/Magnesium the first time and never started taking them again. She wants to take another hair analysis in a month’s time to see if there is any improvement. We start talking about the B vitamins again but I’m really starting to have my doubts. I think B1 was only part of the problem and not the root cause. She asks me about all of the vitamins I am taking and I’m only taking three extra. Lecithin, Omega Three and Silica. Again, she reviews the controversial part of the hair analysis and says my silica level was fine. She asks me if I’ve lost any weight and actually, I’ve gained weight but not on my waist so it appears that I’m building muscle but it sure doesn’t feel like it. She asks me if I exercise and of course I say no. Maybe if I felt better and stonger I would exercise.

Until recently, I’ve always used the second notch on my belt but lately, I’ve been using the third one. I bought a new pair of pants last week and normally I’m a 38 waist but I ended up buying the 36 because they were such a great fit. She takes my weight and I am 186 lbs. My ideal weight should be around 170 lbs.

She hands me the results from the hormone analysis. The report is quite technical and I don’t understand a lot of it but basically my hormones are normal. So much for hormone disruptors in plastic chemicals.

She wants me to monitor my head pinching and vibrations and follow up in three weeks. I purchase her B Complex vitamins from Thorne. I tell her that I’ve tried to replace it with her brand or and equivalent with the same dosage but I can’t find it anywhere. She says that Thorne is a very high end brand name that is only available to the medical community.

I’ve been monitoring my head pinching and vibrations for over a year and I’ve had enough. She doesn’t appear to be listening and apart from the mild improvment from her B vitamins, I’m not any closer to getter any better. In fact, I’ve had more success from my own research.

I have a list of weird neurological symptoms and she wants me to exercise. What a bunch or garbage and a complete waste of money. I’m not going back to the naturopath. A naturopath’s job is discover the root cause of symptoms and her theory is more exercise. I’m not paying a doctor to tell me to exercise when there are obvious signs of a bigger problem.

Now that I feel better using Benfotamine, I’ll prove it’s not the B vitamins anymore. There is something else happening here.

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Entry for June 11, 2006

I’ve been reviewing my health records over the past few days just to see if I can find anything that I may have missed the first time around. I’m looking at my last blood test back in March and I remember that my Hemoglobin, Hematocrit and RBC are slighty above normal. At the time I thought it was nothing to worry about but this time I decide to look into it further and find this:

High hemoglobin count

Hemoglobin is the protein in red blood cells that transports oxygen from the lungs to body tissues. A high hemoglobin count usually suggests that you have too many red blood cells (erythrocytosis), which can impair circulation and lead to abnormal clotting.

High Hemoglobin can impair blood circulation? Isn’t that interesting… it’s my suspicion that my Plantar Fasciitis was caused by lack of circulation.

Red Blood Cell count (RBC)

The primary reason to assess the RBC is to check for anemia and to evaluate normal erythropoiesis (the production of red blood cells). The mature red blood cell (also known as an erythrocyte) carries oxygen attached to the iron in hemoglobin. The number of red blood cells is determined by age, sex, altitude, exercise, diet, pollution, drug use, tobacco/nicotine use, kidney function, etc. The clinical importance of the test is that it is a measure of the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood.

The number of red blood cells is increased in:

Chronic Respiratory Insufficiency:

Respiratory distress
Living at a high altitude
Cystic fibrosis


Adrenal cortical hyperfunction
Polycythemia vera(often a hereditary problem)
Anabolic Metabolism

It doesn’t seem like I have any of the causes listed but I’ll look up Adrenal cortical hyperfunction.

Adrenal Cortical Hyperfunction
Hypersecretion of one or more adrenocortical hormones produces distinct clinical syndromes. Excessive production of androgens results in adrenal virilism; hypersecretion of glucocorticoids produces Cushing’s syndrome; and excess aldosterone output results in hyperaldosteronism (aldosteronism). These syndromes frequently have overlapping features. Adrenal hyperfunction may be compensatory, as in congenital adrenal hyperplasia, or may be due to acquired hyperplasia, adenomas, or adenocarcinomas.

So basically a hormone imbalance. This could be interesting.  I discover that Adrenal cortex overactivity can also cause high Hemoglobin. Guess I have to wait until my hormone test comes back from the Naturopath.

I reviewed the Niacin diagnosis back on April 29th and there is no way that it can’t be a Niacin Deficiency. I do another search on the treatment and two different web sites suggest 1000 mg of Niacin a day but they don’t say for how long. I still think I am not taking enough as I am still vibrating when I wake up. It doesn’t appear to happen at night. Maybe that’s because I take my vitamins later in the evening with my dinner.

I’ll pick up some higher dosage Niacin and try that for a while.

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Entry for June 06, 2006

Dropped off saliva sample at the Naturopath and it takes about three weeks for the results. For the past few days I’ve had the burning itchy feeling in my eyes. It’s the same feeling as before so I suspect it’s a high dosage of B2. I check the dosage in the B Complex vitamins and I check the multivitamin dosage.

B Complex has 25 mg and I take it twice a day. The multivitamin has 10 mg and I also take that twice a day. So my daily intake is 70 mg and based on my weight, I should be taking 50 mg. Am I taking too much? I’ll stop taking the multivitamin as the B Complex is more important right now.

Today I thought I’d try another test. I’ll go back to my regular toothbrush for the next couple of days and see if there is a difference. My allergies have been almost non-existent since I stopped eating microwaved food and changed my toothbrush. The Miswaak is really cool and my teeth feel really clean but it doesn’t feel like it’s cleaning the gums properly.

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Entry for June 05, 2006

Adrenal Imbalance:

Two or more symptoms are an indication that testing Cortisol for adrenal imbalance is recommended.

Fatigue Depressed Sugar craving
Weight gain waist Heart palpitations Allergies
Decreased muscle mass Headaches Chemical sensitivity
Thinning skin Decreased libido Stress
Elevated triglycerides Hair loss Cold body temperature
Sleep disturbances Increased facial hair Increased joint pain
Anxious Increased body hair Aches and pains
Memory lapse Acne Irritable

Overall, low adrenal cortisol production contributes to symptoms of fatigue, allergies, chemical sensitivity, and sugar craving. Low cortisol can also exacerbate symptoms of low thyroid. Cortisol is essential for thyroid function at the tissue level.


The adrenals are our energy and stress system. When we are under a great deal of stress, we will usually blow out our B-complex vitamins which in turn will eventually blow out our adrenal systems, as it is this system that takes over when we are too tired to function, and yet we continue to push ourselves. When your B-vitamins and adrenals have been blown out, symptoms will begin to appear. At first you may feel more tired than usual, eventually looking for a nap in the afternoon. You may find you cannot handle the littlest stress in your life and eventually, you may find you are not able to sleep at night even though you are very exhausted. This deficiency becomes overwhelming to the body and it seems as though you are on a merry-go-round. You are very tired, but cannot sleep, and so you become even more tired and drained. In order to help heal the adrenals, it is imperative to reduce stress in your life as much as possible.

So I have six symptoms of an adrenal imbalance due to Cortisol.

  1. Elevated triglycerides
  2. Fatigue
  3. Hair loss
  4. Allergies
  5. Sugar craving
  6. Cold body temperature
  7. Heart palpitations?

The urine test I had months ago showed that my adrenals were extremely overworked and I know for sure that I am low in B-complex vitamins.

Tomorrow, I will drop off the saliva sample to the Naturopath.

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Entry for June 03, 2006

My second appointment of the day was a follow up with my naturopath. I take in my research since my last visit and I have with me my EMF meter and my Miswaak. She pulls my file from her briefcase and mentions how she talks about my file in her current course.

She pulls out an article for me called “Oral Mines Uncovered” written by a homeopathic dentist Dr. Gary Fortinsky. In the article, she points out that exposure to mercury fillings can effect the nervous system. Interesting stuff but I had mine removed about ten years ago. I had them removed when I came across an article in the paper about a women who had experienced a variety of health issues and how she discovered that it was linked to her mercury fillings.

I start by showing her the meter and ask her if I can measure her laptop. She agrees and as I move closer, it raises the needle to the danger range. I offer it to her and she measures the power outlet beside her desk. It measures a low reading and I tell her to measure the power adapter attached to the cable. She does and it give a high reading. She seems really interested and wants to know where I bought it.

She asks about the stomach acid test and I told her I didn’t burp at all when I did the first test, and I did it again a few days later after taking niacin and it returned to normal. She makes a notation in her file. I tell her about the success with niacin and the B complex vitamins. She points out the high aluminum reading for my hair analysis and says I should be adding zinc to my daily vitamins. I ask her about the niacin dosage and if I can increase it. She looks it up in her medical book and gives the okay to increase it to 300 mg.

I review my notes and mention how my plantar fasciitis improved within days of taking niacin. She seemed surprised by this and I continue. I mention my allergies and how I came across a study that showed the effects of microwaving plastic and a possible link to Allergic Rhinitis. She tells me how the plastic can cause a hormone imbalance so I ask her if I can be tested. She provides the form and it will cost $240.00. Expensive but I’m going to do it. It’s a simple saliva test that has to be done within the first hour of waking up. The test is for the four main male hormones: Estradiol, Testosterone, DHEA and Cortisol.

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