Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for August 20, 2007

Today I decided to take a break from the vitamins and minerals just to see what would happen. My eyes are still itchy so maybe I’m taking too much of something. Possibly the phosphorus?

I got to around mid-morning and I could feel the mild nerve feeling in my head. I’m still low in something but I have no idea what it could be. I figure it could be the chromium so I take one capsule with my lunch. I also took 1 50 mg of zinc and left it at that. By mid afternoon, the nerve feeling returned so I took a calcium/magnesium and it never returned.

By the evening my eyes are feeling much better so I take another zinc and another calcium/magnesium with my dinner. I also wanted to try something different.

With the addition of the calcium/magnesium in the 2/1 ratio, my candida has mildly improved. It’s nothing significant, it just feels a little better than usual since I made the change. So tonight I thought I’d add some caprylic acid and a grapefruit seed extract. Two things known for candida and I’ve tried them both before without any success.

About an hour after dinner…I notice a difference. I think it’s working this time. I’ll add these two to my supplements tomorrow.

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Entry for January 12, 2007

While in the health food store I pick up some garlic made by SISU with 2.5 mg of allicin per capsule:

Each caplet contains: Garlic 3:1 extract 250 mg, standardized to contain 2,500 mcg allicin and 5,500 mcg alliin in an enteric coated caplet. No after-odour.

So I’ll need 2 capsules, four times a day to equal eating the cloves. Can you get too much garlic?


Garlic is extremely safe but taking very large daily doses (more than 10g) of some products may cause flatulence, stomach irritation, or indigestion. Because of garlic’s anti-clotting properties, persons taking anticoagulant drugs, such as Warfarin and Ticlopidine, should check with their doctor before taking garlic. In addition, people scheduled for surgery should inform their surgeon if they are taking garlic supplements Women should avoid taking garlic supplements during pregnancy as laboratory studies suggest that they may cause irregular uterine contractions.

I also pick up some grapefruit seed extract and a candida complex formula. I’m going to throw everything at this candida. I’ve been to this health food store previously and one of the things I noticed is they have a highly recommended magnesium product called Nature Calm so I pick up some of that too because this is the only store where I’ve seen it.

While I’m at the check out, I ask the salesperson if they have a supplement called Phosphorus and she leads me to something called Ps-100 and I take that as well.

Okay candida…you’re finished.

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Entry for January 10, 2007

Woke up this morning with a vibration much stonger than usual which is weird because other than taking a higher dose of niacin, I didn’t do anything different. Can’t be the pantothenic acid. I’ll take it again throughout the day as see what happens tonight.

Might be time to look at something else. Maybe Phosphorus or Potassium as both can be destroyed by high sugar intake and both can cause nervousness/anxiety.

Found an interesting article about using niacin to treat candida.

Bacteria like the lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidus bacteria are the body’s natural defense against the fungus and normal inhabitants of the gastrointestinal tract precluding fungal growth and disease and are therefore considered helpful bacteria. Other substances such as the vitamin B3 (nicotinic acid or niacin) has strong antifungal properties when used in high doses, this property is exploited by medical doctors who sometimes use it to lower cholesterol levels in the body, high cholesterol levels in the blood are often due to the release of fungal mycotoxins in the bloodstream, niacin may be effective here because one of niacin’s active actions is to inhibit fungi and destroy their toxins. Complaints such as flushing, severe itching, nausea and other gastrointestinal complaints are caused by niacin usage and constitute common complaints.

A link between candida and magnesium?

One doctor has reported that over 80% of the women who have been diagnosed as having mitral valve prolapse suffer from an overgrowth of candida albicans.

Chronic candidiasis can be successfully treated with grapefruit seed extract according to the many clinics and medical practitioners now prescribing it. Dr Leo Galland, who prescribes it for chronic candidiasis, has reported treatment failure in fewer than 1% of cases, and considers it to be “a major therapeutic breakthrough for patients with chronic parasitic and yeast infections.”

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