Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for January 09, 2006


Anyone with a new born baby knows it can be quite stressful sometimes. One night after a very stressful week of our baby crying and us not sleeping properly, we finally get to bed and as we are both lying down my wife turns to me and says that she’s vibrating. WHAT!!!??? How is this possible? She thinks it was caused by the stressful nights with the baby. I tell her to try taking a vitamin C. She does and the vibration stops instantly.

I follow up with my regular doctor again to get his opinion of the results from the Colonoscopy and Gastrocopy and to tell him of my recent discoveries.

He read the report from the surgery and said everything was in perfect health and I told him about the successes I had with the Acidophilus and high doses of Vitamin C.

He told me he believed in the art of medicine. If it makes you feel better then keep doing it. I was now convinced there was nothing seriously wrong with me because it would’ve showed up by now from all of the testing. I showed him the bottle of Ultra Flora and he made a notation in his file.

The tapeworm theory was at my direction and the gastro specialist was at his direction and we have both come up empty. After the appointment I realize that I never followed up with the results from the Hair Analysis with the naturopath. Let me call her office.

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Entry for Dec 19, 2005

The day finally has arrived. I’ll consider this an early Christmas present from the Ontario Health Care system. I arrive at the hospital and check in. I complete the required forms and she asks me to change into the hospital gown. She says the worst is now over. Let’s hope so.

I’m placed on a hospital bed and wheeled into a hallway. The Colonoscopy is next.  I have visions of the doctor telling me I have Colitis, Crohn’s, Celiac or worse… Cancer?

I’m sitting there long enough to wonder if they’d forgotten about me. Then the big doors open. I’m wheeled into an operating room and there is a tv with a bunch of machinery. The doctor tells me that after the surgery I’ll be given the follow up instructions. The nurse gives me the knockout medication and I’m out.

I wake up in recovery and a nurse asks me how I am. I feel tired but I’m okay. She hands me a white sheet of paper and on it is the doctor’s follow up instructions.

* Nothing to report.

* No follow up necessary.

Everything is okay!! Both proceedures came up perfect health.

But wait a second a second. If the instestinal tract is clear, what the hell is causing these internal vibrations!!!!!!! In the back of my mind I was wishing they’d find something then I could have something to hold onto.

My wife said the same thing about Crohn’s. It was real scary when she didn’t know what it was causing the symptoms.  Once she knew it was Crohn’s, she could research it and understand it better.

I really want that understanding this internal vibration.

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Entry for December 18, 2005

It’s the day before the surgery and I am drinking the Colyte fluid as instructed. It consists of a gallon jug with a powder mix inside. I filled the jug with water to make a drink out of the powder. The instructions were to drink one 8 oz glass every 10 minutes until the entire gallon is finished. After the first few glasses, the bowel evacuation had started.

At first I thought it wasn’t so bad tasting but by the end of the day I was having a hard time with it. (At both ends) I had clear soups and jello for most of the day.

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Entry for Sept 12, 2005

Finally I get to see a specialist. I’m sitting in his fancy office and I take one of his business cards. Underneath his name is says: ” Specialty: General Surgery”

Surgery? I thought he was a Gastroenterologist. He reviews my file from my doctor and he mentions the notation of some diarrhea, bloating and abdominal pain. I tell him that those are the secondary symptoms and that I have an internal vibration that my doctor suspects is related to my intestinal tract.

He gives me the puzzed look, says he’s never heard of that before and asks me to step into his examination room. He presses around the abdominal area and afterwards he says he doesn’t feel anything obviously wrong.

He recommends a Colonoscopy and Gastrocopy but not for any reason that he’s found. Strictly exploratory.

I arrange with the receptionist for a date. She tells me that they can both be done at the same time and the earliest date available is November 15th. Our baby is due on November 4th so one week later should give us plenty of time. Maybe the baby will come early.

On the documentation, it mentions that if I do need to cancel, I must give them two weeks notice. No problem.

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