Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for July 05, 2007

I had the day off work today and something interesting happened. Usually I have my apple and a plum for breakfast every morning but today because I was home, I didn’t have any. By the early afternoon, I could really feel my candida was getting really good.

I’m going past the Naturopathic College and I decide to check and see if they have Phosphorus. If I can’t find it in a regular health store maybe they’ll have it. Nope, they have the homeopathic version but nothing in a regular supplement. I didn’t really have much time to ask them anything else so I left.

By late in the afternoon, I had an apple as a snack and for dinner I had blackberry crepes. For added flavor I decided to add some natural honey. What a mistake…

For the rest of the evening, my nose is running and I’m sneezing. I think sugar is really a cause for my allergies and I’ve really seriously cut back on the sugar and junk food but maybe I’ll stop eating fruit for a week. I felt the most improvement with the candida when I starting taking zinc, selenium and iron so maybe if I try a simple version of the candida diet, I’ll have better success?

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Entry for March 21, 2007

The sore throat is back again this morning so I made sure I took the colloidal minerals in the morning. I ate two pears and two apples throughout the day yesterday and I’m paying for it. My candida has been stronger so I only had one apple today. I switched back to the 100 mg of zinc and the homeopathic copper today but it didn’t seem to make a difference.

I also had the vibration back last night and again this morning.

Two steps forward… three steps back….

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Entry for February 18 2007

I’ve been reading about the types of foods that contain copper and I’m checking to see if any of the foods are on the acceptable list of foods on the candida diet. I come across a web site that says I can have apples, blueberries and pears. That would be perfect as I’m getting a little sick and tired of celery and cucumbers. Here’s what it says:

Candida Control Diet – Foods You Can Eat

Vegetables – All vegetables, as much as you want at each meal, except potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, winter squash (acorn & butternut), beans (green beans are okay), and peas which all contain too much sugar. After week #1, you may add the disallowed vegetables in moderate amounts.

Fruit – Fresh is best; frozen only if unsweetened. Serving size is indicated. Do not have more than one serving per meal–limit 3 times a day. No dried fruit or fruit juices allowed.

Apple – 2
Applesauce, unsweetened – 1/3 cup
Apricots – 3 small
Avocado – Unlimited okay
Banana – 1/3
Blueberries – 2 cup
Cantaloupe, cubed – 1 cup
Cherries – 7
Grapes – 2 cup
Grapefruit – 2 (3 2″ diameter)
Honeydew Melon – 2 cup cubed
Nectarine – 1/2
Peach – 2
Pear – 2
Pineapple – 2 cup
Plum – 1 (2 1/4″ diameter)
Raspberries – 2/3 cup
Strawberries – 1 cup
Tangerine – 1 (2 1/4″ diameter)
Watermelon, cubed – 3/4 cup

Meat & Eggs – All meat and eggs are allowed except bacon, sausage, ham, hot dogs or luncheon meats (they all have sugar added). Servings may be as large as you wish. During the 2nd week, you may add cottage cheese, but not hard cheese, as a protein.

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Entry for December 18, 2006

I’m always looking for ways to eat more fruit and vegetables and I pick up a fruit cup with my lunch. I finish my lunch and in the early afternoon my tongue is feeling itchy. I go into the bathroom to check and it’s candida.

It’s been a week and a half since I started the candida trauma kit and one fruit cup and it’s back so easily. Diet is a big part of candida and with all of the christmas treats being handed out at work it’s next to impossible to avoid any sugar.

I guess I’ve really got to pay attention to the diet.

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Entry for August 24, 2006


As I’m eating my fruit lunch, I start to notice that it has a funny taste to it. I switch from eating the watermelon, to the grapes then the plum then the banana and they all have the same weird taste. I check in the mirror at my tongue and it’s the thrush again.

I took two capsules of acidophilus last night and two again this morning so why is it so bad all of a sudden? Does too much fruit have any effect on a yeast overgrowth?

Doctor Google:

Candidasis necessarily involves three major considerations:

  1. Cutting the conditions for the growth of yeasts by the elimination of immunosuppressive drugs and antibiotics, and dietary deprivation of the candida of those foods on which it is nourished and flourishes
  2. Destruction of yeast proliferation in the body.
  3. Rebalancing and strengthening of the body’s immune system for the restoration of proper function.The most important step in the treatment of people with candidasis is to curtail candida overgrowth in order to deprive the yeast of food on which it flourishes. Basically this includes the following:

SUGAR and CARBOHYDRATES such as those found in all sweetened food including those using honey, molasses, sorghum, maple syrup, sugar, fructose, maltose, dextrose, etc. Fruits and their juices are also restricted as well as soda pop.

YEAST PRODUCTS such as beer, wine, natural B vitamins, brewer’s yeast, dried fruits, melons, frozen and canned juices.

FERMENTED and MOLD FOODS such as mushrooms, cheese, vinegar, mustard, catsup, relish and other condiments made with vinegar, sour cream, buttermilk, tofu, soy sauce, miso and ciders.

So that’s why the weird taste started when I was eating the watermelon. The new healthy fruit diet is making it worse and I was trying to eat food high in B vitamins. And there’s more:

Yeast is found in all manufactured citric acid and in most fruits; in ciders from such fruits as grapes, pears, apples, and some herbs.

Grapes, pears, apples and melons. Exactly what I was eating. Now I know that the naturopath suggested Candidasis as the very first diagnosis last year but I followed her suggestions and it made no difference to my symptoms and I never had thrush back then. I think my lack of digestive enzymes from the riboflavin and the magnesium deficiencies has caused or is causing Candidasis now.

I take my digestive enzyme and it’s down to shoppers for some acidophilus…

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Entry for August 23, 2006

Stopped into a small fruit market at Union Station this morning on the way to work. This will be my breakfast and lunch. Two apples, three bananas, three plums, a nectarine and a bag full of grapes.

I’m going to try another experiment today. In my magnesium research, I’ve read that it’s better to take smaller doses more frequently. Because my new version of magnesium citrate is only 100 mg, I’ll take one every few hours.

By the end of the day I didn’t like effect. It appeared that after a time, I’d feel these weird mild chest pains like body is telling me it needed more magnesium. I’d take a capsule and the weird pain would go away completely. On the way home, I was reading in Carolyn Dean’s book about the dosages and she often recommends multiple 300 mg dosage. So at dinner, I took one 300 mg dose.

Also ran out of my Omega 3 supplement today. I started taking them at a higher dosage lately but I’m really not sure if it made any difference.

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Entry for June 21, 2006

I start the day with my vitamins and some fruit. I’ve got an apple, pear and a plum. After about 15 minutes, I start feeling that mild sick feeling when my stomach is alkaline. I take a vitamin C and it’s improved. I have an increase of weird feelings in my head and a weird kind of feeling all day. My smaller doses of vitamins is clearly not working. I can only last a few hours before I start getting the symptoms start up again. I take my second multivitamin and I’m better for a little while. By the afternoon, I’ve run out of the multivitamins so luckily I have the B complex with me and it’s a higher dosage and works for a little longer.

Still no sign of the blood test results and after today it was not fun. Back to my regular vitamins for now…

I was talking to a friend the other day. He’s a amateur boxer and he has a blender at work to make his vegetable smoothies. I’m sure he knows a thing or two about vitamins so I ask him. He says taking B complex and Omega 3 are the most important and we have a brief conversation about nutrition.

I’m already taking the B complex so I’ll add the Omega 3 next time I’m in the health food store.

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Entry for May 20, 2006

Bearing Fruit

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”It’s a saying you’ve heard hundreds of times, but a recent study has added extra weight to the old adage.

Health specialists have long been advising people to add more fruits and veggies to their diet and researchers in California have discovered that Eve’s fruit contains important agents that fight off cancer and heart disease.

Many fruits contain flavonoids, which have the ability to modify the body’s response to allergens, viruses and carcinogens, but now researchers know how the antioxidant protects your body through studying apple extract.

The team at UC Davis found that the flavonoids in apples actually shield cells from damage by interfering with communication between them.

Researchers took human cells and exposed them to an apple mash made from different varieties. Those cells were then exposed to a compound called TNF (tumor necrosis factor) that triggers cell death – a process that requires communication chemical signaling between cells, but the fruit blocked the exposed entity from death.

Flavonoids are found in other fruits and in vegetables and green tea, but the method in which apples protect cells is different than in other foods. Apples also contain another antioxidant called phenolics, which help to ward off heart disease. They prevent fat-like substances from clogging your arteries.

How Your Favourite Apple Ranks In Anti-Oxidant Levels:

  1. Fuji
  2. Delicious
  3. Northern Spy
  4. Fortune
  5. Gala
  6. Liberty
  7. Rome Beauty
  8. Golden Delicious
  9. Jonagold
  10. Idared
  11. Cortland
  12. Empire

Other Anti-Oxidant Fruits (from highest levels to lowest):

  1. Cranberries
  2. Apples
  3. Red Grapes
  4. Strawberries
  5. Peach
  6. Lemon
  7. Pear
  8. Banana
  9. Orange
  10. Grapefruit
  11. Pineapple

Courtesy of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture

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Entry for April 20, 2006


Now that I’ve starting eating more fruits everyday I’m starting to realize how hard it is to actually eat healthy. The snack machine in the lunch room is full of chocolate bars, chips and pop. The donut shop downstairs doesn’t sell any fruit. It’s a real effort to eat healthy. No wonder so many people are sick.

For a while now, every morning I’ve been bringing a bunch of fresh fruit in with me. I have an apple with my oats for breakfast and I eat pears and bananas throughout the day. It’s interesting to see how people react when they see the big pile of fruit on my desk. “Oh you’re eating healthy today..” or some other comment.

People don’t realize that what I am doing should be normal but people react like I’m doing something completely abnormal. I ate a banana the other day and it had a sticker on it. “5-10 a day. Are you getting enough?”

I am definately in the minority…

Follow the Five-a-Day Rule

Ever heard of the “five-a-day” rule? It refers to the recommended minimum of five servings a day of fruits and vegetables to get the most benefit from our diet. That’s easy to remember, but apparently hard to do as only 25 percent of Americans manage to meet this recommendation. Clearly, we’ve got work to do in order to improve the quality of our diets so that we can live healthier lives.

Healthy eating patterns can reduce the risk for heart disease, cancer, stroke and many other diseases. Poor eating habits, on the other hand, lead to obesity, a lack of energy, and increased risk for health problems.

In addition to getting necessary fiber and nutrients, here’s a newer reason to follow the five-a-day rule: many fruits and vegetables contain phytochemicals, natural compounds found in plants that are associated with prevention of disease.

No one really understands how many phytochemicals there are or how they all function. Thousands have been identified already. Familiar ones are the antioxidant beta-carotene, which the body uses to make Vitamin A and is found in yellow and orange vegetables, and lycopene, found in tomatoes and other red fruits. Consumption of these phytochemicals has established benefits, such as lowering the risk for heart disease, and also has been linked to diminished risk of some cancers, although research has not yet established a certain causal relationship.

As the emerging benefits of phytochemicals become more widely known, drugstores are filling their shelves with phytochemical supplements. Taking a pill to get the benefits linked with phytochemical consumption may seem convenient, but it’s important to get these chemicals from real foods. We have not yet discovered all of the phytochemicals present in fruits and vegetables. Taking a pill with beta-carotene and lycopene provides only those two phytochemicals; a salad with tomato and shredded carrots gives us many more. In addition, studies show that supplements are not nearly as beneficial as foods containing phytochemicals, and in some cases the supplements were even found to be detrimental.

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Entry for April 10, 2006


I’ve increased by fruit intake by eating a lot of apples, pears and bananas. Still drinking two litres of water but I don’t feel any better for it.

I’ve had other projects on the go recently so I haven’t been reading the book by Kevin Trudeau and I also haven’t had time to fill out that twenty page questionaire from Women’s College.

Didn’t notice any difference taking Vitamin C with bananas but it was worth trying…Still taking about 2500-3000 mg of Vitamin C with two doses of acidophilus.

I had a very close friend call me up today and asked me how I was feeling. I told him about the 20 page questionaire and that I’m really hesitant to take it to my doctor. He convinced me to make the follow up appointment and said if that didn’t work, he would recommend his own doctor. His daughter works in a walk-in clinic and she said she could push me to the front of the line. (Great to have friends in high places…) So I leave it with him that I will follow up with my own doctor and if I don’t get anywhere, I’ll call him.

Made the follow up appointment for May 5th at 9:00 AM. (Fingers crossed)

Still vibrating…

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Entry for July 4, 2005

It’s been three weeks now of eating fruit. Bananas made me feel ill, peaches had no effect and the pears? We had a winner. When I ate two to three pears a day, the vibrations stopped. Unbelievable!

Around this time I started to have other symptoms.  I started having very weird pinching in my facial area and sometimes it was followed by a flush. Nothing dramatic, just one pinch and then nothing.  I also had this weird feeling in the top of my head that felt like my nerve endings were twitching very lightly.

I also started to notice that certain foods made me feel sick and I would feel bloated for a short time and then I’d feel fine the next day or after a warm bath.

Another weird symptom I noticed was that I would have three and four bowel movements a day. No diarrhea and no blood in the stool but it appeared very small in size. Nothing painful and at the time I hardly thought it was problem because it didn’t really effect by day to day activities.

Being a programmer, I built a simple database as a food diary to track the foods I ate, when I ate them, how I felt and the frequency of my bowel movements.

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