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Entry for November 13, 2006


My wife works with someone who is treating a himself for candida. He mentioned a supplement called “Flora G plus”. It’s a newer form of acidophilus. Here’s what it says:


A new and rare product that is much more effective than acidophilus or probiotics. We’ve noticed dramatic effects on incurable skin diseases, fibromyalgia, constipation as well as arthritis. It seems to protect the skin from harmful lifestyle habits such as lack of sleep and suboptimal diet. This is a safe bacterial spore approved by the FDA for human consumption. It fills the digestive tract with beneficial flora and deactivates many toxins there. A marvelous product to help maintain colon health between intestinal cleansing programs. No refrigeration needed! Unlike acidophilus, this spore cannot be killed by antibiotics. Perfect to take while taking antibiotics to help keep good bacteria in balance.

Flora-G Plus

This is the extra strength version of Flora-G. One capsule of this formula is the equivalent of 4 capsules of the regular Flora-G product. Contains 1 billion CFU’s of lactobacillus sporogenes Bacillus coagulans. This is a very high dose of sporogenes – far and above any other product on the market. Especially helpful for Candida issues, constipation and immune system problems.


Bacillus coagulans – A new generation Probiotic

Bacillus coagulans (Lactobacillus sporogenes) is a lactic acid producing and sporeforming bacteria. It has the characteristics of resistance to high temperature and acid. It grows well, colonizes in intestine and has excellence in producing digestive enzymes and L(+) lactic acid which has got better metabolic rate compared to DL or D(-) type of lactic acid produced by most of the traditional probiotics that reduces cell metabolism during fermentation of sugars. Just like seeds, spores are capable of germination and development into living microorganisms. When they are administered to animals through feed or water can transform into active bacterial cells in existing specific environmental conditions such as body temperature, acidity, bile and other secretions of the upper digestive tract of poultry.

This is the ideal and desirable character of Bacillus probiotics that get transformed in to metabolically active and vegetative form occurs at the ‘TARGET’ as Bacillus organisms. Thereafter, reproduction, cell growth and enzymes secretion cycle continue throughout the intestinal tract and are eventually passed in animal waste. Thus, spores are superior microbial cultures because they are ‘LIVING ENZYME FACTORIES’.

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