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Entry for September 01, 2006


In my quest for better health, I had a friend recommend a book called “Fit for Life”. I’ve never heard of it so it’s off to Doctor Google to find out more…

Amazon.com: Editorial Reviews

“It is not only what you eat that makes the difference, but also of extreme importance is when you eat it and in what combinations” say Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, authors of this classic bestseller. Their program results in eating balanced, nutritious, high-fiber foods, making dieting “unnecessary and as obsolete as sealing wax.”

The Diamonds explain that body functions have a daily cycle:

4 a.m. to noon–elimination (of body wastes and food debris)
Noon to 8 p.m.– appropriation (eating and digestion)
8 p.m. to 4 a.m.–assimilation (absorption and use)

Fit for Life aims to return you to a lifestyle based on your natural body cycles. That means 70 percent of your diet should be “high-water-content foods”–fruits and vegetables–which facilitate all body functions. Consume nothing but fruit or fruit juice until noon, then eat salad and vegetables with every meal for the rest of the day.

Two-thirds of the book is explanation and discussion; one-third is menu plans and recipes. You won’t be hungry, your food choices will be healthy, and you’ll lose weight without dieting. –Joan Price

Maybe I should start taking my vitamins after 8PM for better absorption?


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