Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for May 20, 2006

For the past two days I’ve had no niacin flush after taking my regular dose of 100mg twice a day. When I go to bed I have no vibration but when I wake up in the morning, I can feel it. From my research on the internet, the common dose for a niacin deficincy is between 1000 and 1500 mg a day. It also says to raise the dosage in small amounts and to increase it if you have gone more than three days without a flush. I don’t want to raise it without seeing my doctor so I’ll have to wait until June 3rd.

Today is just my third day taking 100mg of B2 suppliment and I’ve noticed a mild improvement. My eyes are still itchy and light sensitive but the dry spot on my bottom lip is slowly getting better.


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Entry for May 17, 2006


Here is a picture taken on June 19th, 2004.

 For years now I’ve had chapped lips and nothing seems to work to heel it. This is not something new and I have tried drinking more water and different kinds of lip balm and nothing ever worked. On every acupuncture appoinment, the doctor would look at my lips and ask me if I was drinking enough water and everytime I would answer two litres a day. She thought it was strange that after ten weeks of drinking two litres that it was still very visible.

Occasionally I would also have red, itchy eyes and they have always been sensitive to light. If I forget my sunglasses on a sunny day, I’ll go back inside the house to get them. Usually I thought it was my allergies or lack of sleep and I would use allergy eye drops and go about my day. Then I came across something very interesting today:

Riboflavin Deficiency Symptoms:

  • swelling and fissuring of the lips (cheilosis)
  • ulceration and cracking of the angles of the mouth (angular stomatitisis)
  • oily, scaly skin rashes on the scrotum, vulva, or area between the nose and lips
  • inflammation of the tongue
  • red, itchy eyes that are sensitive to light

The nervous symptoms of riboflavin deficiency include:

  • Numbness of the hands
  • Decreased sensitivity to touch, temperature, and vibration

Riboflavin deficiency includes a nervous symptom of a vibration??? Holy cow! Again, Doctor Google is light years ahead of mainstream healthcare. Seems a vibration is quite common within vitamin deficiencies. Every doctor I’ve mentioned the vibration to looks at me like I’m a raving lunatic.

Another web site says that with a B2 deficiency, the cheilosis occurs in the middle of the bottom lip. Right were I happen to have one. Will have to do some more research…

Wasn’t vibrating when I went to bed but I was when I woke up. This has been happening a lot lately. On my way home from work I dropped into the health food store and picked up a multivitamin that I used to take along with a 100 mg B2 suppliment and take them both with my dinner. Tonight was my last dose of the chinese herb for my sinuses.

I was reading about how taking a multivitamin is best for the body because it can provide a wide variety of minerals and that allows the body to take what it needs and discard the rest.

I am still not eating any microwaveable food and I’m not sure if it’s had any effect for not. I guess I’m not patient enough and should probably try it for a couple of months but it is actually quite hard to keep up.

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