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Entry for June 25, 2006


Still waiting for the tests to confirm whether or not I have Beriberi but I thought I’d try contacting Health Canada to find out if they have any statistics on the number of reported cases in the past twenty years. I also contacted the US Department of Health with the same question.

Diet has always had a vital influence on health. Until as recently as the 1940’s, diseases such as rickets, pellagra, scurvy, beriberi, xerophthalmia, and goiter (caused by lack of adequate dietary vitamin D, niacin, vitamin C, thiarnin, vitamin A, and iodine, respectively) were prevalent in this country and throughout the world.

Today, thanks to an abundant food supply, fortification of some foods with critical trace nutrients, and better methods for determining and improving the nutrient content of foods, such “deficiency” diseases have been virtually eliminated in developed countries.

For example, the introduction of iodized salt in the 1920’s contributed greatly to eliminating iodine-deficiency goiter as a public health problem in the United States. Similarly, pellagra disappeared subsequent to the discovery of the dietary causes of this disease. Nutrient deficiencies are reported rarely in the United States, and the few cases of protein-energy malnutrition that are listed annually as causes of death generally occur as a secondary result of severe illness or injury, child neglect, the problems of the house-bound aged, premature birth, alcoholism, or some combination of these factors.

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