Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for August 15, 2005

First day back at work on the Candida diet. Usually I buy my lunch from the cafeteria but not this week. I can’t have most of the stuff on the menu so I went down to Shoppers Drug Mart and discovered they had a very small health food section and I could have the soups.

It was a very quiet day in terms of my symptoms and I left for the day at five o’clock like I do every day. I was standing waiting for the streetcar when all of a sudden I feel this weird pain in my chest. It felt like heart palpatations. It lasted for a few seconds and disapeared as quickly as it came. I checked my pulse and it seemed normal and then I checked my beats per minute. It was eighty and again, within normal range. I spent the next twenty minutes wondering if I should go to a walk in clinic? We’ve been down this road before…

Was it the diet? I’d barely started! I felt okay now and I decided to make it home.

I’ve been taking the B6 complex for a couple of days now and for some reason I get a mild chest pain when I take it.

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