Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for December 29, 2006


I came across a web site yesterday that includes tools to track your health. So out of curiosity, I thought it was be interesting to track by blood pressure results taken around the time I was getting the acupuncture treatments. I entered in every reading starting March 8th to May 9th over my ten appointments. At the time, I knew it was slightly on the high side but I maybe didn’t pay close enough attention as I should have.

After entering the information, it produced a nice looking chart. My Systolic reading took an obvious downward trend after I started taking Niacin.

I’ve only taken one reading since I starting taking my daily routine of vitamins and it was at the suggestion of the chiropractor on June 10th, 2006. My reading was 122/87.

I never told the iridoligst about my high blood pressure readings and she was able to indentify that I had prevented a heart attack based on what she saw in my iris. She said there were healing lines around the area of the heart and that whatever I was doing was helping.

The interesting thing? By complete coinidence, I added five supplements that are well known to prevent heart attacks before I went to her. Niacin, Omega three, Vitamin E, B Complex and magnesium.

B Vitamins: Prevent Heart Attacks

A multivitamin each day can reduce your chance of a heart attack by 33 percent. Make sure that the multivitamin contains B6, B12 and Folic acid to decrease your homocysteine levels for a further risk decrease.

Eat a variety of fruit and vegetables to get all the nutrients required for good health. High fiber foods reduce your heart disease risk and hot tea’s flavonoids decrease heart attacks. Nuts contain monounsaturated fat, omega-3s, phytochemicals, magnesium and the antioxidant vitamin E, all of which decrease heart disease risk.

Vitamin E: Cuts the Risk of Heart Attack

By Steve Austin, ND

Healthnotes Newswire (October 12, 2000)—People taking vitamin E supplements have a dramatically reduced risk of suffering heart attacks, according to a report in the current issue of The Lancet.1

In this latest chapter in the on-again, off-again story of the effect of vitamin E on heart-disease prevention, Israeli researchers found that patients given vitamin E supplements suffered 70% fewer heart attacks than did those given placebo.

The researchers studied 196 patients with a history of heart disease and with kidney failure and dependency on kidney dialysis machines. Subjects were given either 800 IU (international units) of natural vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) per day or placebo for an average of 519 days. Participants were chosen for the trial because the combination of kidney failure and a history of heart disease leads to an extraordinarily high risk of suffering a future heart attack. Also, such patients show evidence of unusually high oxidative damage—the very kind of damage vitamin E is likely to protect against.

Niacin: Treatment reduces risk of heart attack by 70 percent

Cardiovascular disease is the No. 1 killer in most industrialized countries. A new study indicates that combining the use of a statin drug and niacin can reduce the risk of heart attack or hospitalization for chest pain by 70 percent among people likely to suffer heart attacks and/or death from coronary heart disease.

The treatment used in the study combined two well-known ways of improving cardiac health: the use of a statin drug called simvastatin to lower levels of the so-called “bad” cholesterol, LDL, and the use of niacin, also called vitamin B-3, to boost levels of the “good” cholesterol, HDL. Niacin is the best agent known to raise blood levels of HDL, which helps remove cholesterol deposits from the artery walls.

Magnesium: The Heart Connection

Did you know that without sufficient magnesium you would actually die? Your heart will stop beating and the doctors will then call it a “heart attack” (#1 cause of death in America). Never do they say, “He dies from a Magnesium Deficiency.” This is how critical it is to have proper magnesium levels in the body. The early signs of such terminal extinction are racing heart-beats, or any unsual change in heart beats, angina pains, collapsing from echaustion after heavy physical exercise or work such as running a race, playing football or basket ball. Due to lack of magnesium the heart muscle develops a spasm or cramp and stops beating. this is because there is insufficient magnesium to relax the heart ready for the next contraction. Irregular heartbeats are also caused by magnesium deficiency. This may be the answer why so many young athletes are having heart attack for no known reason.

And still to this day, I can feel a difference if I miss taking any of these four vitamins.

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Entry for June 10, 2006


We find the machine at the back of the store and my reading is 122/87  with a pulse of 88. That’s fantastic!! My wife did her reading and she is on the low side of normal.

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Entry for May 09, 2006


Acupuncture appointment number nine. I tell her about the naturopath and the low dose of Niacin and she says to keep eating the foods with natural Niacin. I tell her that I’ve been eating turkey and tuna all week and she’s quite happy to hear that. She takes my blood pressure and it’s 127/95. It’s the lowest reading of the systolic pressure so far.

Today she works on my allergies and starts with the regular needles in my back and the cupping. In the middle of the cupping she comments on how the brusing is noticeably better.

I flip over and she starts on the stomach. I ask her to touch my feet and she notices they aren’t cold and clammy like they usually are. With all of these small successes, the Niacin is working wonders.

As I am leaving, she gives me another chinese herb called “Bimingan Wan” for my allergies.

Extensive testing looking for all kinds of disease and it appears to be a simple vitamin deficiency.

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Entry for April 25, 2006


I washed my hair this morning using Jason organic shampoo and WOW! I can feel the difference right away. My hair is so much softer and my forehead feels soft too. Here’s what it says on their web site:

Vitamin E with A & C Shampoo (Body Enhancing)

No Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates
Super Enriched with 5 Vitamins, 22 Amino Acids and 5 Botanicals. Revitalizes Dry, Tired Hair

Using only the purest Natural Vitamins, Amino Acids and Botanicals, this nourishing shampoo is specially formulated to gently cleanse dry or damaged hair without stripping away necessary moisture. It is super-enriched to build body while it adds a healthy shine, and concentrated to save you money. A small amount is all you need.

Acupuncture appointment number seven. Another uneventful week and I still have the mystery internal vibration. I did switch back to her vitamin C tablets but found that I would get the weird head pinching sensation everytime I did. If I took one of my vitamin C tablets, it would disappear. This leads me to believe that my problem is with the gastrointestinal tract and not actually needing vitamin C in my system.

When I told the doctor I was still vibrating and that her new direction had no effect, she was quite confused. She said I was her toughest patient and it was good because she liked the challenge. She wanted to regroup and she asked for my opinion on what I thought the problem was. We reviewed my discoveries and what worked for my symptoms.

1) Acidophilus settles my stomach.

2) Eating pears will stop the vibrations.

3) Vitamin C will also stop the vibrations and get rid of the weird head symptoms.

I tell her about my suspicion of Serotonin because it is a neurotransmitter effecting the central nervous system and it’s created in the gastrointestinal tract. I can’t say for certain but it’s my guess. I have looked up the symptoms of Serotonin deficency and it doesn’t really match.

She tells me how the Parasympathetic Nerve is connected to the stomach but she’ll need to do more research for my symptoms. I’ve never heard of the Parasympathetic Nervous System so I agree to do some research as well.

She takes my blood pressure and it’s high again: 137/90

She wants to change the treatment to focus on the stomach. She starts by cupping my back and this time she says my circulation hasn’t improved. She places new needles in my back for 15 minutes and then the front. She looks at my wart and it’s almost completely gone. She uses Moxa on the wart and then on an acupoint just below the knee on both of my legs. This is new and she explains that this is done for my stomach. How interesting. As I’m still lying on the table, she takes my blood pressure again: 135/79.

As I’m leaving she gives me a new suppliment to try. This one is for my stomach and it’s called BaoHe Wan. Here is what it does:

Bao He Pian (Bao He Wan) promotes digestion, removes stagnated food and regulates the stomach†. The herbal formula is used for the retention of food, distension of fullness in the abdomen, eructating foul odor and acid regurgitation, loss of appetite†. It is also used for incoordination between the spleen and stomach, stomachache due to damp stagnation lying hidden, indigestion, oppression and depression over the chest and diarrhea due to hypofunction of the spleen.

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Entry for April 18, 2006


Acupuncture appointment number six. Another uneventful week with my symtoms and I’m guessing this is a good thing however the allergies do seem to be better.

She starts by taking my blood pressure and it’s the lowest reading yet. 132/86. I tell her about my reduction in vitamin C and she is very pleased. Today she starts with the cupping on my back and then the needles. Now that my blood pressure is more down to normal and the lungs are getting better she tells me she is taking a different approach. She wants me to up the dosage of the suppliment to three times a day and a few new acupoints are added in around my arms. After 15 minutes she flips me over and adds the needles into my abdomen. She does some head massage for my sinuses and needles the wart again. She mentions that my scalp is very congested. Normally there is a little bit of blood when the needles are removed but with me, there is nothing.

After six treatments my sinuses are the best they have felt in a very long time and my wart is going away like magic. She takes my blood pressure again and it’s lowered to 137/79. It’s the first time that she was happy with the reading. Was it the suppliments? Was it my increased fruit intake? Was it the acupuncture? Who knows…

Still have the myterious internal vibrations but she seems to think this new direction will help.

We’ll wait and see…

I take the usual picture of my back to view the progress of the cupping and it’s the best yet. I do feel that my breathing is better so it looks like this cupping is working. I still can’t believe I took the allergy shots for two years. Allowing them to put those toxins in my blood system for so long when a few needles for six weeks has given me more results then the two years of allergy shots.

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Entry for April 11, 2006


Fifth appointment with the Acupuncture and I show my blood test results to the doctor. She asks me how I was feeling during the past week and it was uneventful. Nothing really different and the supplement didn’t appear to have any effect. I mention that I now have a stye in my right eye. It’s only just started but my eyes have been really itchy lately. It’s my own fault because I keep rubbing them and it feels like there is some grit on my eyeball. She tells me she will give me a new supplement that will help. We also talk about my vitamin C intake. She wants me to cut back to 1000 mg and I’m really hesitant. It’s the only thing that works but I agree to cut back.

She takes my blood pressure and it’s the lowest reading yet. (140/89)

She asks me if I know what Triglycerides are? Nope! No idea. She tells me that there are only two ways to have high triglycerides. One is to eat a lot of fat red meat (which I don’t) and the other way is to not eat any fruits or vegetables. Ah ha! Okay, that’s making some sense.  She says that a high level of Triglycerides can lead to atherosclerosis.

Here’s what it says on Wikipedia:

Role in disease

In the human body, high levels of triglycerides in the bloodstream have been linked to atherosclerosis, and, by extension, the risk of heart disease and stroke. However, the negative impact of raised levels of triglycerides is lower than that of LDL:HDL ratios. The risk can be partly accounted for a strong inverse relationship between triglyceride level and HDL-cholesterol level.

How interesting. You’d think with all of the blood tests I’ve had this past year, one doctor would’ve mentioned this by now? Here again Kevin Trudeau is right on the money. Doctors are not interested in prevention. They don’t find anything wrong if it can’t be treated with drugs.

“That’s the reason why there’s been virtually no movement in the field of prevention. The more drugs are bought, the higher the profit. The more disease there is, the greater the profit.”

She starts with the cupping again and says she wants to add some new accupoints today on my back. I show her my wart and it’s really cleared up from the past week and she’s happy with the progress. One more treatment next week and it will be gone.

She finishes with the back and does the front in the same points as last week. She takes my blood pressure again and it’s lowered to 135/87. After the acupuncture she give me the supplement for my stye. It’s called “Ming Mu” and it will help moisten my eyes. I get home and take a picture of my back again. I notice the red marks are a lot lighter than previous treatments. Progress? Great!

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Entry for April 07, 2006


Today I receive a message that the walk in clinic from last week wants to see me about the ECG test results. This is interesting. He said he would only call if there was something other than the RBBB. I arrive there straight after work and meet with the doctor.

He shows me the results from the ECG and yes there is a Right Branch Bundle Block just like I said. There is also something else scribbled “J-Point Mutation ….” and beside that it reads “Normal Variant”. Never heard of that one before but if it’s a normal variant, I won’t worry about it.

He reviews the blood test results again and says my Triglycerides (3.55) and Hemoglobin (172) were slightly above normal but everything else looked fine. I have no clue as to what he is talking about so I take the test results and head home.

Triglycerides (3.55) Greater than 2.30 is above normal.

 Hemoglobin (172) Greater than 170 is above normal.

So nothing found again. Not really sure why he called me in. I do know one thing, people don’t get sick on Friday nights…the place was empty. Took my blood pressure at Sobeys and it was 130/79. Perfect reading.

Still vibrating…

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Entry for April 05, 2006


Yesterday I decided to try an experiment.  With the Vitamin C playing a role in the conversion of tryptophan to serotonin, I discover that Bananas are a good source of tryptophan (10.6 mg). So everytime I take my vitamin C pill, I will eat it with a Banana.

Fourth acupuncture appointment and it’s been a quiet week for my symptoms. I tell her about the test results from the walk in clinic and she takes my blood pressure. It’s 148/98. Still a little high but it’s a little lower than usual. Today she wants to continue with more cupping and she will place needles in my back for the first time as well as the regular ones on the front. I mention about a wart on my hand and she treats that as well. She checks out my tongue and comments on how the overall colour is better and there is noticeable improvement. I ask her for some acupuncture needles as a souvenir and she gives me three different types.

She asks me if the herbal supplement made a difference and if there was any change to the mysterious interal vibrations. Nope. Still the same fine tremor. No effect what so ever.

I’ve felt better the past week but was it from the supplement or was it because I went back to 2500 mg for Vitamin C? Who knows!

Still vibrating….

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Entry for March 28, 2006


Yesterday we were out shopping and I started to get a very weird feeling over my body and I start feeling very hot. I leave the store for some fresh air and purchase some bottled water. I splash some on my face, drink the rest and I feel a little better. This kind of feeling has happened before but there’s no pain or any sysmptoms that I can describe. Nothing seems to trigger them either. I just know that something is wrong.

Third acupuncture appointment. I tell her about the weird symptoms from the past week and my experience with the walk in clinic. I mention about the increase in Vitamin C and she tells me it’s bad for my liver but agrees to the dosage if it will make me feel better. She takes my blood pressure. 143/103 pulse: 86. It’s still in the high normal range.

She starts again with the cupping technique and says I still have poor blood circulation. She explains that the brusing on my back will improve with the number of treatments. After the cupping, we start the acupuncture in the same pressure points as last week.

After resting for twenty minutes, she takes my blood pressure again: 136/81 pulse: 68

She recommends taking a herbal supplement called “Fu Fang Dan Shen Pian” It will help maintain cardiovascular function and a healthy circulatory system. Two tablets, three times a day. She asks me if I am still eating oats and apple for breakfast and she explains that it builds up the strength of the intestinal wall.

I get the feeling that she thinks the internal vibration is from my high blood pressure. I really disagree but what do I know. The doctor back in May thought it was high blood pressure too and he prescribed medication. It didn’t make any difference and in fact, made it worse!

I’ll follow up with the walk in clinic tomorrow for the test results.

Still vibrating…

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Entry for March 25, 2006

Took my blood pressure first thing this morning and it was 189/132. Am I using it properly? Why is it so high? One minute it’s high, normal the next…It’s all over the place! I have been sitting at my desk for 30 minutes in a relaxed position with both feet on the floor. I lookup the cardiac symptoms of EMF exposure.

Cardiac: palpitations, arrhythmias, pain or pressure in the chest, low or high blood pressure, slow or fast heart rate, shortness of breath.

Cardiac arrhythmia: A group of conditions in which the muscle contraction of the heart is irregular or is faster or slower than normal.

High blood pressure is a symptom and so is arrhythmias. Luckily, an arrhythmia can be picked up on an ECG so I’ll find out on Wednesday when I follow up with the walk in clinic. I have a bowl of oats and an apple for breakfast and I take two 500 mg tablets of Vitamin C to start the day. I’m starting to wonder why the Vitamin C has such an effect on me. Back to Dr. Google and I come across a site that explains the effects of Vitamin C. What does it do for your body?

Vitamin C is involved in over 300 biological processes in the body.

NERVOUS SYSTEM – Vitamin C plays a role in the conversion of tryptophan to serotonin, a neurotransmitter with many vital functions.

Conversion of tryptophan to serotonin? I have no idea what they are so I google Serotonin.

Serotonin is a monoamine neurotransmitter synthesised in serotonergic neurons in the central nervous system and enterochromaffin cells in the gastrointestinal tract.

Well isn’t that interesting? Serotonin is connected to the normal function of the nervous system and Vitamin C helps create it. Have I made another discovery? Is this why the internal vibration stops when I have an increased level of Vitamin C?

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Entry for March 22, 2006


A very interesting day to say the least…

Mornings are usually very tough for me but today was completely different. I woke up around five o’clock and felt like I could run in a race. I had a glass of warm water, a bowl of oats and it was off to work. I was so happy about the way I was feeling because I’ve never felt this good.

For lunch I had a tuna sandwich with apple juice. It’s something I’ve had on a regular basis from the Coffee Time downstairs. Around two o’clock I start feeling lightheaded, I feel “weird” like something is going to happen and the internal vibrations are a bit stronger. I have a burning sensation in my chest and I notice that my mouth is dry. The only thing I’ve done differently is I didn’t drink as much water in the morning and I forgot to take my Vitamin C.

So I take the Vitamin C and start drinking lots of water and splashing it on my face. With the acupuncture doctor saying I should follow up with my regular doctor for the high blood pressure, I really don’t like the feeling so I leave work to go to a walk in clinic.

I take a taxi to the nearest one and I fill out their patient form and wait. I have my water with me so I make sure I’m still drinking. I go to the bathroom three times before he sees me and I don’t appear to have any of the strange feelings I had earlier in the day. I tell him about the high blood pressure and that I’ve been monitoring it and he talks a reading. 130/80 Normal range. He listens to my lungs and says everything sounds normal. He offers to have an ECG done if I’m concerned about it so I agree. It’s been eight months since I had my last one and back then the only symptom was the internal vibration.

The nurse takes a reading and after a while the doctor comes back with the chart. He shows it to me and it has a small variation in the rhythm. I tell him about my right bundle branch block and he agrees that it’s probably the case and says he is only trained to know what a normal ECG looks like so he’ll send this to a specialist to get his opinion. He also says he wants a blood test just to make sure. If the heart is in any kind of distress, it will release traceable enzymes. He said to follow up with him next Wednesday the 29th for the results.

I’m looking at the blood test form and he’s written the letters “CK, TSH, LDL and HDL”

Because I’m in the same area as the acupuncture doctor, I drop in to see if there are any side effects from the cupping procedure. My doctor doesn’t start until five o’clock so I start talking to another lady. I tell her my story and she explains how the treatment of acupuncture and cupping could not cause my chest pain. She explained things very thoroughly and I’m happy with what I am hearing.

I’ll die another day.

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Entry for March 21, 2006


Today is my second appointment for acupuncture and I’m very eager to get started. She checks my tongue and says there is no improvement. She asks me if any of her recommendations have made any difference.

  1. Drink one glass of warm water every morning.
  2. Drink eight glasses of water a day.
  3. For breakfast eat a bowl of oatmeal with sliced apple.
  4. Soak my feet in really hot water for five minutes before going to bed.

I told her that I have been doing her suggestions and I don’t feel any different with the exception of the blockage in my nose and I’m going to the washroom a lot more. She’s very happy to hear about the progress and says it’s a good sign because the first treatment of acupuncture is very mild to see how the body reacts. She asks about the blood pressure and I tell her I have been doing the readings and getting varied results. Sometimes it’s normal, other times it’s high and I start to panic. I’ve been drinking lots of water lately so she says she wants to take a reading before the treatment and again at the end. The first reading is 141/98 pulse: 88. It’s still high and recommends that I go to my family doctor as a precaution. I haven’t seen my regular doctor since I’ve made the EMF discovery so it’s a good time to follow up with him.

I tell her that I’ve recently had a complete physical and nothing was ever mentioned and that high blood pressure is a symptom of EMF exposure. She agrees and tells me she did some research about electromagnetic sensitivity.

Not only do I have a doctor that actually agrees with what I have, she does her own research and I have results after one appointment. Now that’s what I expect from a very good doctor.

We get started with the treatment and she said she’ll expand the treatment to help me with my high blood pressure and bowel movements. She notices my hands and feet are still cold. They’ve always been like that and she thinks part of my problem is poor blood circulation. She says the allergies have effected my lung capacity. I’m not breathing deep enough and it’s affecting the pumping of the heart. WOW! This is making a lot of sense. Why has no one else has mentioned this? I’m really starting to think western medicine is such a joke.

I start telling her about the sharp pain in my chest two years ago and that I had checked out by a cardiologist. I had an ECG, heart echo and stress test. I know I’ve had this sharp pain for a very long time but I never did anything about because it always went away and there were no other symptoms. She said it was probably caused by my lungs and my allergies. She asks me if I had any other symptoms when I felt the sharp pain. Nope, just a sharp pain and I wasn’t able to take a deep breath until it went away. It probably wasn’t the heart then. This makes so much sense it’s truly amazing. I know I’ve had the allergies since I lived in Orangeville and if I had to guess, it started around 1990. I also know I’ve had the sharp pinch for a very long time but don’t recall when it started because I never went to a doctor about it. The only thing I remember was telling my dad about it and he thought it was gas. So it was forgotten. It happens about once a year or maybe longer so I never thought anything of it.

She starts with a new technique called cupping to draw the heat out from my lungs. She has a bunch of small round glass jars and asks me to lie down on my back. She applies them to my skin one by one for about ten minutes. It doesn’t hurt and there is a lot of pulling and suction. She tells me that this procedure will cause my skin to bruise and it might go red, yellow, blue or purple and this is quite normal. One of her patients actually refers to it as the pepperoni treatment. (See picture)

Cupping refers to an ancient Chinese practice in which a cup is applied to the skin and the pressure in the cup is reduced (by using change in heat or by suctioning out air), so that the skin and superficial muscle layer is drawn into and held in the cup.  In some cases, the cup may be moved while the suction of skin is active, causing a regional pulling of the skin and muscle.

After the Cupping, she starts with the needles in the exact same places as last week and she asks me if I can feel my internal vibrations as I’m lying down. Nope nothing. So she tells me to relax and to call her if I feel any internal temors. A few minutes later, I start feeling the internal vibrations with a dead feeling in my arms and then it goes away. A few minutes later, I feel them again. I call her back into the room and she says the vibrations are a normal sensation from the acupuncture and she uses tiger balm to massage my arms.

Finished with another treatment and I am feeling good. She takes my blood pressure again and it’s come down.  134/80 pulse: 76 So either I’m more relaxed now or the acupuncture is working.

Still vibrating but making progress with my allergies…

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Entry for March 16, 2006


Woke up again with lot less blockage then normal. This is fantastic. It’s still blocked up but it’s progress after one appointment. Because we have a Shoppers Drug Mart near by, I thought I would use their blood pressure machine to take some readings during the day. Before I go into work, I find the machine at the back of the store and take a reading. 125/85 Normal range.

Two days into Kevin Trudeau’s book and I’m truly shocked at the things I am reading. I’m not the type of person who believes everything I read or hear and I wasn’t aware of his infomercial either so I went into this with a completely open mind.  I wasn’t really surprised at what I was reading…but it was shocking.

Shocking to discover jet rocket fuel was found in the breast milk of 100% of the women tested in a recent study. He lists hundreds of examples from the food we eat, the air we breathe and the invisible electromagnetic waves that we are in contact with everyday is killing us or making us very very sick. The one thing that a doctor can prescribe to make us better is actually making us sick too. Prescription drugs.

I took the book into work today and two people asked to borrow it after I was done. I just bought it!! My wife mentions the book to her mother and she wants a copy. I mention the findings to my dad and he says he wants a copy too. Everyone has heard of this guy and wants to know more.

Again, I drink about 2 litres of bottled water and take my blood pressure reading down at Shoppers Drug Mart before I leave for the day. 132/80 Normal range.

The blockage in my nose has decreased but I’m still vibrating…

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Entry for March 14, 2006

Book in hand, I leave work early and go to my Acupuncture appointment. I walk inside and they offer me a warm glass of water while I’m waiting. It’s freezing cold and windy outside so it’s a great way to start.

I meet the doctor and she asks me to fill out a patient form with my medical history. I write down the key symptoms including my foot pain and we begin. We talk about my timeline along with the successes and failures and she presses down on my wrist. I thought she was taking my pulse but then she tells me she is listening to my lungs via Chinese pulse diagnosis.

Then she asks to see my tongue… Huh? She looks at it closely and says based on the shape, I have problems with my digestive system and heart and she asks me if I have high blood pressure. Nope! I’ve had it checked on numerous occasions during this past year and I am in perfect shape and she asks me if it’s okay to take a reading.

She tells me that the tongue diagnosis is one of the most important forms of diagnosis used in Chinese medicine. She takes a reading and tells me my blood pressure is in the high range of 138/113. That sounded high but my regular doctor never mentioned it before and he takes a reading before every appointment. She says it’s high enough that I should be monitoring it every few days. I didn’t mention my mitral valve heart problem on the form so I tell her about that.  I’m starting to wonder if my mild chest pain and shortness of breath has been high blood pressure all along?

After the examination she tells me more about Traditional Chinese Healing and how the body is one complex system and all connected. She explains in detail how acupuncture works and the effects. She explains that my allergies that I’ve had for so long has weakened my body and may be the root cause of my other problems. She suggests a treatment that starts with clearing the allergy symptoms and the digestive system. Over time, she’ll expand the treatment and we’ll monitor if it has any effect on the other symptoms. Sounds good. Let’s get started!

I lay down on the bed and she begins poking with the needles. When I say needles, they actually look like small toothpics and they don’t hurt at all. She gives me a full head massage, adds more needles and asks me to relax.

After the treatment she makes four suggestions to my lifestyle:

  1. Drink one glass of warm water every morning.
  2. Drink eight glasses of water a day.
  3. For breakfast eat a bowl of oatmeal with sliced apple.
  4. Soak my feet in really hot water for five minutes before going to bed.

Okay. This isn’t so bad…I can do this.

She also says my Vitamin C intake of 1500-2500 is too much. She recommends a different type called Redoxon that disolves in water.

When I get home, I do some reading on the symptoms of EMF and increased blood pressure is one of the symptoms. After some googling I discover that oatmeal is a natural way to lower blood pressure and the site displays a chart for blood pressure and divides a range into five zones. My blood pressure of 138/113 is shown as “Normal High” for the Systolic pressure and “Severe Stage Three” for my Diastolic pressure. So is it high because I’m nervous or is it because of my current symptoms? I’ll take a reading over the next few days to find out.

Heart trouble? For a 35 year old? I had my heart checked out two years ago by a cardiologist when they discovered the RBBB (Right Branch Bundle Block) and I’ve also had a recent ECG with my phsyical.

It was now late in the day and the only train left was the all stops to Oshawa. It will take FOREVER to get home. I’ve got my new book so I’ll start reading. I manage to finish the first two chapters and I’m hooked. 

I can’t believe what I am reading…

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Entry for March 10, 2006


Went to the Oshawa Library today and picked up a booked called Electromagnetic Fields and your Health. It was published in 1994 so the information may be a bit dated and it probably contains nothing I can’t already find on the internet but it was worth a try. At least I would have reading material for the train. They don’t allow cell phones near medical equipment because of electromagnetic radiation but somehow having electromagnetic radiation next to your brain is considered acceptable.

I’ve tried for several days to make a follow up appointment with the naturopath. I have all of this new information to show her but I keep getting her answering machine.

Took my blood pressure again today: 125/85

I also went into the health food store recently after reading something about a supplement called “Yarrow” that can help with people who are sensitive to electromagnetic waves.

Electromagnetic sensitivity is truly an illness of our time. Some practitioners have likened it to a new “miasma,” or underlying illness that is endemic to our entire culture. All of us are affected in one way or another, but those who are more vulnerable can display extreme symptoms such as fatigue, allergies and chemical sensitivities. Certainly, we must keep in mind that just in the last century human beings have drastically altered the conditions for living on our planet. For many millennia we have evolved with and through the life body of the earth. Now, in just a few short decades all of us are subjected to a constant bombardment of electromagnetic frequencies through the use of computers, myriad modern appliances, and air travel. As well, the places where we live and work are often situated under or near high voltage electrical lines. Unfortunately, we have not done sufficient research to completely document all the ill-effects generated from electromagnetic frequencies. Our medical and health priorities will need to change drastically to allow full investigation of this health issue.

Meanwhile many flower essence therapists who have ways of testing and assessing the energetic integrity of the body, have definitely found positive benefits with the use of flower essences. Our research indicates that the singe most important remedy is Yarrow Special Formula. This remedy does not “cure” electromagnetic sensitivity, but rather it helps the etheric body form a stronger shield of defense against such assaults. The remedy should be taken on a fairly frequent basis. Many people also report that they “wear” a small bottle of the remedy – or apply it to known points of sensitivity, such as the crown of the head and the point between both eyes. The positive benefits of Yarrow Special Formula were also confirmed in a double blind placebo study, which demonstrated the efficacy of Yarrow Special Formula to environmental stress such as fluorescent lights.

After looking around the store and not finding anything, I ask the lady behind the counter. She said that she had never heard of it and asked me how I knew about it. Not wanting to tell her too much, I explained that I had read about it on the internet. She responded with “Well, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet”. And with that, I left the store.

I agree with her, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet. But that also applies to books, magazines and in my case, doctors. As long as you are careful and smart about how you do the research, and if whatever you try works, then I think you can believe it.

Still vibrating…

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Entry for March 08, 2006

Sunnybrook Women’s College returns my message and I ask how I’d like to see Dr. Bray as I have some symptoms that I believe are caused by the environment. She tells me there is a six to eight month waiting list, a twenty page questionaire and can only get in with a referral from a family doctor. I give her my address and she will send the questionaire in the mail.

Seems like a lot of work but I think it will be worth it. Hopefully I ‘ll be able to convince my doctor to give me the referral. I give it another try to make an appointment with my doctor. I get his voicemail again. Maybe he’s on vacation.

Wish I was on vacation…still vibrating.

Took my blood pressure today and it’s 168/113. What is causing it to be so high? Is it the EMF exposure?

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Entry for May 28, 2005

Still no phone call about the test results. With the pain in my foot getting worse, I decided I’d go back to the walk in clinic about my foot.

Plantar Fasciitis. Sounds like the tenth planet in our solar system. The doctor knew right away what the pain was. He gave a booklet of exercises to help stretch the foot muscles back into shape.

I didn’t mention the previous test results or the internal vibrations to the doctor and maybe I should have. Booklet in hand I go home.

I knew my mother had some foot pain a few years ago. I’ll give her a call to find out what she had. Turns out she had Plantar Fasciitis too! So maybe it was genetic. She said when she went to her doctor, he prescribed special orthopedic shoes.

Maybe I should’ve followed up with the test results. They didn’t mention anything to me when I went in this morning. How long does it take? Shouldn’t they tell me that they had the test results? Nah, this is a walk in clinic, I don’t have a regular doctor so I’ll go back and ask about the results.

Checked in again to the walk in clinic. The receptionist thought I had already seen a doctor in the morning. I told her that was for something else and that this time, I would like to follow up on some test results.

In comes a different doctor and I mention the test results. After a brief search he comes in and says everything looked fine. How interesting. Because it was now the third doctor I’d seen at the clinic, I mentioned I was there for internal vibrations. Once again, he had the puzzled look on his face and he took my blood pressure. He suggested that the vibration was high blood pressure and thought it was high enough to prescribe RHOXAL-BISOPROLOL to lower it although he never said what it was.

I mentioned to him that I’d done some research on the internet and found Parkinson’s Disease as a common link to these vibrations. He didn’t think it was wise to jump to Parkinson’s without extensive testing by a specialist. I agreed and now I feel a bit better. Nothing serious to worry about.

I’ve never had high blood pressure before. Never had any symptoms. I didn’t think he was right but what did I know? I started talking the medication.

My wife’s sister has spoken to her friend and she has no clue what it is either. I tell her that the doctor I saw at the walk in clinic thought it was high blood pressure and prescribed medication. She commented on the fact that it was unusual for a doctor to prescribe medication on one single visit without any prior history. She said most doctors want to see three examples of high blood pressure before they do anything.

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