Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for April 18, 2006


Acupuncture appointment number six. Another uneventful week with my symtoms and I’m guessing this is a good thing however the allergies do seem to be better.

She starts by taking my blood pressure and it’s the lowest reading yet. 132/86. I tell her about my reduction in vitamin C and she is very pleased. Today she starts with the cupping on my back and then the needles. Now that my blood pressure is more down to normal and the lungs are getting better she tells me she is taking a different approach. She wants me to up the dosage of the suppliment to three times a day and a few new acupoints are added in around my arms. After 15 minutes she flips me over and adds the needles into my abdomen. She does some head massage for my sinuses and needles the wart again. She mentions that my scalp is very congested. Normally there is a little bit of blood when the needles are removed but with me, there is nothing.

After six treatments my sinuses are the best they have felt in a very long time and my wart is going away like magic. She takes my blood pressure again and it’s lowered to 137/79. It’s the first time that she was happy with the reading. Was it the suppliments? Was it my increased fruit intake? Was it the acupuncture? Who knows…

Still have the myterious internal vibrations but she seems to think this new direction will help.

We’ll wait and see…

I take the usual picture of my back to view the progress of the cupping and it’s the best yet. I do feel that my breathing is better so it looks like this cupping is working. I still can’t believe I took the allergy shots for two years. Allowing them to put those toxins in my blood system for so long when a few needles for six weeks has given me more results then the two years of allergy shots.


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