Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for January 25, 2008

Happy with the fantastic results with my eyes after taking Lipoic acid but disappointed about still having the vibration, I decided today to start taking Lecithin. Everything I’ve read about Lecithin seem to suggest that it would be extremely beneficial to the nervous system and it supplies the body with methionine.

Lecithin is essential not only for tissue integrity of the nervous and glandular system in all living cells, but has been regarded as also the most effective generator and regenerator of great physical, mental and glandular activity. Shattered nerves, depleted brain power, waning activity of vital glands, find in lecithin, especially in the cellular structure of the nervous system and endocrine glands a source of dynamic energy.”

Lecithin is the most abundant of the phospholipids. It is a fatty food substance, which serves as a structural material for every cell in the body. It is an essential constituent of the human brain and nervous system. It forms 30 per cent of the dry weight of the brain and 17 per cent of the nervous system.

Lecithin is also an important component of the endocrine glands and the muscles of the heart and kidneys. It makes up 73 per cent of the total liver fat. Nervous, mental or glandular overactivity can consume lecithin faster than its replacement.

The body uses methionine to derive a brain food called choline. Therefore, choline or lecithin (which is high in choline) should be added to the diet so that the supply of methionine is not depleted. Beans are low in methionine but rich in lysine; and, since most grains are low in lysine and rich in methionine, combining beans and grains will give a full complement of amino acids.

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