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Entry for January 18, 2008

Found this article about lecithin which makes so much sense for me it’s unbelievable. Unbelievable how I and many others had missed it. Nobody ever mentioned it and yet it seems so obvious.

Lecithin: A Must for Every Man

“It’s been found to be an essential constituent of the human brain and nervous system and also of the endocrine glands and the muscles of the heart and kidneys. Nervous, mental, or glandular over activity can use up lecithin faster than it is replaced. Then you become irritable, exhausted, and impotent.”

“A lecithin deficiency causes all of that and more. The drained vitality of the cerebrospinal fluid must be replenished. A nervous breakdown can result from lack of lecithin, as any really well-informed physician would tell you.”

“Could it be a lack of lecithin that causes Jerry’s nervous exhaustion?” asked Julie.

“It not only could be,” I said. “It very likely is just that. A lecithin deficiency is a common condition today, especially among men. The nervous strain associated with competitive business, often combined with the mental insecurity of a distasteful job or an unhappy home life, uses up lecithin in a man’s body faster than it can be produced.”

Lecithin added to the daily diet helps overcome nervous exhaustion, headaches, insomnia, brainfog, and nutritionally caused impotence, sterility, and senility.

“Lecithin,” I went on, “is a component of the nervous system, making up about 17 per cent of it. That’s why, if the body’s own supply of lecithin decreases—which it does as we grow older or work under stress, or for various other reasons —lecithin must be added to the diet, or the nervous system inevitably breaks down.”

Many of your nerve fibers are surrounded by a sheath of somewhat fatty substance, the myelin sheath. This protective sheath is rich in lecithin, which nourishes your nerve cells and supplies them with motive force. In lecithin deficiency, the fatty sheath is depleted, and we know some of the results: fatigue, irritability, brainfag, sexual decline, nervous exhaustion, or even a complete breakdown.

We know the importance of choline and inositol in our diet, and that lecithin is a rich, natural source of both. Lecithin also possesses a high phosphorus content, and phosphorus has a soothing effect on the nerves.

The nerve tissue is especially rich in lecithin in the morning. But during the course of the day nerve strain reduces the supply.

Lecithin has been suggested as a sexual aid. It was used in Germany 30 years ago as a restorative of sexual powers, for glandular exhaustion and nervous and mental disorders. Seminal fluid is rich in lecithin. Because of its loss from the body, it’s need for men is regarded as specially great.

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