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Entry for November 27, 2007

The Naturopath got back to me today:

I have attached 3 files for you to review about the amino acid testing. The 24-hour urine amino acid collection is more accurate and detects an earlier change than the plasma amino acid test.

Attached is:
1. Description of the test
2. Collection instructions
3. Sample report/results so you can get an idea of what they test for.

The cost is approximately $230 + tax. Let me know if you are interested.

The first attachment:

Which type of analysis: urine or plasma?

The 24-hour urine amino acid analysis has the highest probability of detecting abnormalities if renal function is normal. The 24-hour test indicates what is high and low over the course of a day, reflects blood and tissue amino acid pools, and is not affected by circadian rhythm. Healthy kidneys efficiently conserve essential amino acids. Therefore, urine levels of amino acids decrease first and tend to give an earlier indication of inadequacy than do plasma levels.

A first morning void urine amino acid analysis, with results normalized per gram creatinine, provides an alternative when a complete 24-hour collection is not a viable option. The first morning void analysis is excellent for identification of marked abnormalities, particularly with respect to gastrointestinal health, inherited disorders in amino acid metabolism, and renal function, and can be used for protein challenge testing.

Plasma amino acid analysis measures what is being transported at the time of sampling. Abnormalities are deduced by comparison of measured levels with an established reference range. (The specimen should be collected after an overnight fast to reduce the influence of dietary protein). Plasma analysis is an excellent compromise if urine collection is difficult.

Looks like I’ll do the 24-hour urine test for the best results. If I am paying that much money, I want it to be as accurate as possible! The sample report looks interesting and contains NINE PAGES!!!

When do I start?!!! I’ve got to say it’s so much easier having a doctor I can have email correspondence with. I’ll send her an email to get the process started.

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