Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for October 04, 2007

Woke up this morning with the vibration. I really hate the fact that it comes and goes. I’ve learned to take things that will help me and make it stop but nothing ever seems to “cure it”.

Sad to think I’ve been at this for two and a half years and I’ve learnt so much and yet, I know nothing. The big thing now is at least I can control it and deal with it because I know what works.

Back to the amino acid research…

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Entry for October 03, 2007

Interesting day this morning…

I was late leaving the house this morning and I had my vitamins with me but I forgot to take them until I got into work. Since I started taking 3mg of copper per day my cold hands have completely disappeared. Until today.

Early into my morning routine I start getting the cold hands and it hits me right away that I forgot to take my copper. So I take that along with everything else and the cold hands disappear.

It’s not fun but it’s great to have an experience like this to reinforce my theory on the copper deficiency. Got to keep checking my tongue for those cracks so I don’t take it too far again…

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Entry for September 27, 2007

One full day taking Glycine and once again, I can feel a slight difference with the candida. I’m starting slow by taking one teaspoon in the morning and again at night. I can feel the benefits from it but it also gives me a weird feeling whenever I take it. Almost like it has an effect on my magnesium. So I’ve been adding one or two 250 mg of magnesium during the day. Not sure why it has the effect or maybe it’s because my copper is still low enough to effect the magnesium.

I guess I really need to focus on taking the 3 mg of copper a day along with some higher dosages of magnesium and build those up for a while…

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