Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for September 22, 2007

Today I decided to join a ball hockey game with some guys at work. I feel better but I’m still not perfect or as good as I should be. Maybe some exercise would do some good. I’m still a little paranoid about the stress of playing hockey so I took one magnesium just before the game and homeopathic magnesium during the game.

Two hours later I was absolutely exhausted but I felt pretty good having not done anything thing like that in at least seven years. Maybe longer…


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Entry for September 21 2007

A couple of days with the liquid amino and I can’t say I feel a difference. Once again, I’m impatient for results and probably need to take it a while longer. I will say one thing through… I’ve felt the positive effect that Arginine has on my candida. Another deficiency. So here’s my theory on Candida and all the web sites and supplements that suggest they work.

If someone has Candida, there is an underling deficiency. The worse the candida, the more deficiencies exist. This includes all Vitamins, all Minerals and all Amino Acids.

I’m of the opinion now that the amino complex might be the same as a multivitamin whereas you can’t solve a deficiency unless you focus on a single amino acid.

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Entry for September 19, 2007

Today I was taking to friend at work about how great books are for learning and he mentioned that Indigo and Chapters are now his favorite stores. I agreed but I suggested going to the library instead making it much more cost effective. I also suggested that some books are available online through ebooks. He had never heard of this so I logged into my account and the only book I knew for sure on ebooks was Dr. Jensen’s book on body chemistry and nutrition. I pulled up the book and was showing him how it worked just like a regular book and he was impressed.

Our conversation ended there and I continued to flip through the book. I came across a chart that explained the chemical needs of each body tissue and the minerals required for optimum health. I remember seeing it the first time because I was very interested when I saw that zinc was required for the adrenals.

This time, I happened to notice that the mineral required for the spleen was COPPER!! Wow, I couldn’t believe it. I did go too far with the high dosage of zinc. So if the weird cracks on my tongue was because the copper was too low then this time, I will have an indication as to when my copper has balanced.

This is great and totally unexpected! So I do have an issue with my spleen…

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