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Entry for September 14, 2007


It is true we live in a wealthy nation that should be able to afford the best nutrition for its inhabitants. However, it is perplexing that people still use this fact to support the theory that vitamin or mineral deficiencies are rare…especially when one of the most common diseases linked to Westernization, osteoporosis, comes from Calcium deficiency!! Additionally, there are many more illnesses that are common in the Western world that have nutritional links supported by solid science. One example of a mineral deficiency that affects our health is Zinc deficiency. It has been well documented, and recently publicized, that even a minor deficiency in Zinc inhibits healthy immune function. It is clear that we should be radically changing our diets to provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals. At the very least, we should supplement with forms that are bioavailable.

Deficiencies or imbalances in certain minerals can affect the following body systems:

Immune System: Cu, Zn, Fe, Se
Energy Production: Mg, P, Mn
Hormone System: Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, Mg, K
Vitamin Production: Co
Blood Production: Cu, Fe
Enzyme Systems: Zn, Cu, K, Mn, Mg, Fe, Ca, Mo
Skeletal System: Ca, Mg, Zn, Mn, B, P
Reproduction: P, Cu, K, Mn, Zn, Mg


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