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Entry for August 30, 2007

Another day fighting with cold hands again and by early afternoon I finally discover why. After a quick scan through the blog, July 11, 2007 was the first entry where I mentioned this “new” symptom.

Again I spent the day taking my vitamins one at a time to see if it would have any effect. Nope, not one. I’m not sure what made me realize it but I guess I was thinking about the recent magnesium loss and how I’ve pushed the copper too low. That’s it! My copper is too low. I’ve been taking a high dosage of zinc for too long.

So I take some homeopathic copper and my cold hands disappear almost instantly. I was always waiting for something to indicate that the zinc/copper ratio was balanced and it never happened in an obvious kind of way. I think the cold hands were an indication that the copper was getting too low. I also think my recent problem with the itchy eyes was a sign that the copper was going too low.

Here’s another person’s story:

Why do most candida sufferers have cold hands and feet?

The only reason that candida infections occur is because the host suffers from lowered immunity. It is impossible to have a candida infection if your immune system is working properly. A healthy immune system constantly destroys yeast and fungi cells in the intestinal tract. A candida infection is a symptom of lowered immunity. So why do most people with candida infections suffer from extremely cold hands and feet?

If you do not have HIV, cancer or some other disease that is taxing your immune system, your immune system is depressed for some other reason. The interesting thing about the cold hands/feet symptom is that this symptom is most commonly seen in people with thyroid problems.

As Jon from iThyroid describes in detail on his site, thyroid problems occur as a result of mineral imbalances. These mineral imbalances will in turn cause other problems such as lowered blood cell levels (both red and white) leaving the host with an impaired ability to destroy pathogens such as yeast cells. So commonly candida infections have been connected to thyroid problems and this is a MISTAKE. Instead, both candida infections and thyroid problems are connected to the same thing – mineral imbalances. Particularly, copper is imbalanced as this critical mineral is needed for the formation of white and red blood cells.

If I was to suggest only one thing to anyone suffering from a candida infection today, it would be to get a hair mineral analysis done. This analysis would let you know for sure which minerals you need to supplement and which you need to cut back on. However, even if the test indicates a high amount of a particular mineral, it is important to never completely stop taking that mineral. Stopping the intake of even small amounts of a mineral can cause further imbalance.

I just want to include briefly my personal problems with mineral imbalancing. My problem was with copper levels. Mine were too low, causing things such as cold hands/feet, incredible brain fog, fatigue, muscle aches, sttringy buildups in my mouth, etc. When I started supplementing copper, I felt TERRIBLE. My brain fog symptoms got so severe I could not work. But this only lasted a few days and with time, I was able to increase my intake to the RDA and then a bit above. And as I continued to take supplemental copper, my condition continued to improve. My brain fogginess slowly went away as did the embarassing body odour. I no longer woke up in night sweats, nor did I have that stringy buildup in my mouth after eating carbohydrates.

I hope my story and website have helped at least one person out there – get a mineral test done!

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Entry for August 30, 2007

After taking 500 mg of niacinamide and 200 mg of niacin before going to bed, this morning, I can’t feel the canker sore anymore.

Would it have gone away on it’s own?? Who knows… but I don’t think so.

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Entry for August 29, 2007

Recently I’ve been trying the different candida supplements that never worked the first time round. Today I switched from the Caprylic acid and grapefruit seed extract to something called “Candida Clear” and the results were much better. I guess it has a little of everything… Here’s what it says:

Candida Clear is a combination of herbal ingredients which synergistically help to support a healthy balance of intestinal bacteria. The beneficial bacteria that normally populate the gut assist in the digestion of food, produce certain vitamins and promote detoxification processes.

Supplement facts:
Serving size – 2 capsules

Biotin – 2mg (2000mcg)
Magnesium (from magnesium caprylate) – 46mg
Caprylic acid (from magnesium caprylate) – 500mg
Pau ‘D Arco (bark) – 300mg
Black walnut (hull) – 300mg
Oregano oil – 200mg

Candida Clear by NOW Foods. Perhaps the most important part of this formula is the high potencies of 100% pure Oregano Oil, which is naturally sprayed onto the vitamin and herbal base. This unique combination has been carefully formulated to rid the body of candida albicans the most common, problematic strain of yeast. (Our favorite because of it’s effectiveness.)

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Entry for August 29, 2007


I’ve been wanting to do this since I got the great iris pictures from the iridologst. I asked my wife to do an overlay of my iris with the iridology chart so that they line up using photoshop.

It looks fantastic and I was playing with the final results tonight and it’s very interesting to see how the “holes” line up with the chart.


I have a deep line exactly where the equilibrium is: Manganese deficiency
Another deep hole for the heart and the adrenals: Magnesium deficiency

One thing I noticed that the iridologist didn’t mention was the “hole” for the solar plexus. I’m not even sure what that is so I asked Dr. Google to explain:

Solar Plexus

A dense cluster of nerve cells and supporting tissue, located behind the stomach in the region of the celiac artery just below the diaphragm. It is also known as the celiac plexus. Rich in ganglia and interconnected neurons, the solar plexus is the largest autonomic nerve center in the abdominal cavity. Through branches it controls many vital functions such as adrenal secretion and intestinal contraction.

How interesting is that? With nervous exhaustion, how can that NOT be effected?

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Entry for August 29, 2007


Woke up with a vibration…

A week with the high doses of insitol and choline and although there was a huge difference in the beginning, I haven’t noticed any more improvements lately. Originally I thought it had an effect on the vibration. Now I’m not so sure?

Today the cold hands returned around lunchtime and it would come and go without any effect from my supplements. By late afternoon there was something that I did notice…

I can feel something like a pimple in the roof of mouth. The canker sores have returned and this time I’m glad because I know exactly what the problem is and why it is happening.

I don’t recall that I’ve ever mentioned the canker sores in my blog in the past because it was happening before I started to document everything and at the time, I didn’t realize it was a symptom of a vitamin deficiency. There was so many other things going on that I didn’t mention it.

It really makes sense that I would still have a niacin deficiency because I was taking it for months and then stopped thinking I’d taken it long enough and didn’t need it anymore. The low level of phosphorus was the reason for the deficiency in the first place and I needed to address that first.

I’ve taken niacin on and off since I started taking the phosphorus on Aug 1st and didn’t notice a difference but this time, I’ll try it for longer.

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