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Entry for August 10, 2007

Some information on the relationship between calcium and magnesium. Nutritionist Peter Gillham’s research on minerals warns that too much calcium may be deadly.

“Misconception drives consumers to consume excess amounts of calcium which can be deadly when taken without its partner, magnesium.”

About Peter Gillham:

Peter Gillham is a clinical nutritionist, chemist, and pioneer in the field of nutritional research. Recently nominated for Man of the Year award for his discoveries in the field of magnesium and developing a breakthrough product.

Los Angeles CA – March 19, 2003

The following is being issued by Peter Gillham. “There is a mindset today that people need a lot of calcium. This mindset is creating disease,” according to Peter Gillham, a clinical nutritionist, educator and pioneer in the field of nutritional research. “This misconception drives consumers to consume excess amounts of calcium which can be deadly when taken without its partner, magnesium.”

Taking all this calcium without sufficient magnesium is leaving it unactivated. This imbalance is the cause of much disease and health trauma. Calcium needs its partner “magnesium” to do its job and assimilate correctly. Some symptoms of a calcium-magnesium imbalance are: headaches, insomnia, anxiety, high blood pressure, fatigue, extreme tension, depression, nervousness and worst of all heart disease.

A study done at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, revealed that magnesium is crucial to balance the actions of calcium. And that magnesium widens the arteries in the heart essentially lowering blood pressure and maintaining healthy blood flow to the heart.

Some 20 million people take calcium supplements, which is big business. Marketers, taking advantage of consumer fears about osteoporosis, have flooded the market with hundreds of calcium-enriched products. This has created a dangerous imbalance and many people are paying for it with their health. People need equal amounts of magnesium in order to keep up with the calcium intake.

“Lack of calcium may not kill people, but lack of magnesium is in fact a leading cause of death in our nation,” according to Gillham. Why? “It is the underlying cause of heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure and many other diseases. Scores of people can’t tolerate high calcium supplements and react to it adversely.” Both minerals are extremely vital to life, however it is magnesium that makes calcium active, and regulates it. Taking magnesium, particularly in water soluble form restores the balance and causes health resurgence. “Mother nature always puts magnesium where ever calcium is found, marketers need to start doing the same,” said Gillham.

“Excess calcium can become a real problem,” said Gillham, who has spent decades researching nutrition. “America has the highest rate of consumption of milk and calcium supplements. So obviously, America must have the lowest occurrence of osteoporosis (calcium loss) of all countries, right? Wrong! America has the highest rate! Why? Excess calcium combined with low magnesium. Taking more calcium will not fix a calcium deficiency. However, more magnesium will handle the calcium deficiency as well as the magnesium deficiency.”

The population in general is running at an all time high on nervousness and irritability. Aside from obvious political situations, there is an underlying nutritional imbalance, which aggravates this. Magnesium is also known as “Natures Tranquilizer”, it also provides a “refreshed” feeling due to completing metabolic processes. Magnesium can often be difficult to find and absorb properly. This is what led to the discovery of the product, “Natural Calm” from Natural Vitality, available at health food and vitamin stores. A formula which Gillham was the first to discover and has received humanitarian awards for.

“There is only one way to get a magnesium supplement to absorb properly into the body. I developed a formula with superior absorption and discovered the only method of doing this. We have been amazed at the results. The world needs more ‘Calm’, that is for sure”.


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  1. Hello again,
    I see that you have a comment from a Dr. that clearly has no realy education on real milk verses pasturized (dead) milk

    Not sure if you are intrested but I provided a few articles and resurces that might intres tyou


    Demonized Since the 1950s – Yet Still One of Healthiest Foods Available


    Comment by Jennifer Trujillo | June 13, 2010 | Reply

    • Jennifer, the point of this article was to highlight the problem with calcium and magnesium ratios and not with raw milk vs. pasturized milk.

      Thank you for your comments!

      Comment by aaronjreid | June 15, 2010 | Reply

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