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Entry for August 08, 2007

Is Calcium Fortified Orange Juice Really Good For You?

Promising a better bang for the buck, products called functional foods are increasingly filling grocery store aisles — and our fridges. Calcium fortified products are especially hot, and abound in orange juice – not to mention margarine, breakfast cereals, pancake mix and energy bars. Ever since food makers have introduced the idea, consumers seem to be loving it.

Given the choice between plain old juice or, for no extra cost, one fortified with bone-building calcium, most reach for the latter. Among Tropicana’s chilled juices, sales of the calcium-fortified varieties are growing at three times the rate of the others.

The problem with fruit juice is that it’s loaded with eight teaspoons of a relatively simple carbohydrate – fructose. Fruit juices are processed foods which are far too concentrated for us. If you have ever squeezed your own juice before, you know how many oranges it takes to create one glass of the fruit. So by drinking that 8-10 ounce glass of juice, you are eating the equivalent of many pieces of fruit with their inherent sugars, but without the fiber to slow down absorption! An 8-oz glass of orange juice has 120 calories and 0 g of fiber; an orange has only 60 calories and 3 g of fiber.

And while consuming calcium-enhanced drinks would seem helpful, it still will only further promote the concept that we should be consuming too much concentrated fruit juice. Fructose is a form of sugar which if taken out of moderation, contributes to major distortions of insulin balance which leads to hormone and neurotransmitter shifts, increasing a child’s risk for ear infections, ADHD and allergies.

So while filling an important niche, manufacturers also are contributing to the diabetes epidemic and other sugar diseases.


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