Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for August 03, 2007

Went to bed last night and I was fine. Then my wife did something that scared me for whatever reason and I started vibrating right away. It’s weird and I don’t really remember what she did because I was so tired. That kind of thing hasn’t happened in a while so I’m not sure what happened?

Here’s a comment about the relationship between Niacin and Riboflavin that suggest a niacin deficiency can cause a riboflavin deficiency. Interesting because that was the order of my symptoms. The vibration, upset stomach, then the nerve tingling in my head. So if the vibration is being caused by phosphorus this would make sense but I’m still not sure about that…


There are many symptoms of niacin deficiency. Initially, muscular weakness, anorexia, indigestion, and skin eruptions occur, with severe deficiencies of niacin commonly leading to pellagra. Symptoms of pellagra include dermatitis, senile dementia, and diarrhea. Tremors and a sore tongue are also symptomatic. With pellagra, the skin becomes cracked and pigmented in the parts exposed to sunlight. Lesions can appear in the central nervous system, producing confusion, disorientation and neuritis.

Inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth and the gastrointestinal tract can result from digestive abnormalities developed in niacin deficiency. Symptoms of severe riboflavin deficiency appear; many of the niacin deficiencies are similar due to the close interrelationship of riboflavin and niacin in cell metabolism.

I added niacin back today but I didn’t take any chromium to see what the effect is. If phosphorus is responsible for niacin absorption, then I suppose it’s possible that even though I’d taken it for months, it wasn’t being absorbed in enough quantity to reverse a deficiency.

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