Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for July 11, 2007

Woke up with the vibration again…

So I wanted to try something different today. I’ll take half of my usual dosage of magnesium and keep everything else the same. (Molybdenum and zinc)

Around mid morning I start to get my cold hands so I take the other half of the magnesium and I figure I still need the higher dosage. I wait about 30 minutes and nothing. It had no effect whatsoever so I try the homeopathic magnesium and nothing. I’ll try the homeopathic iron…nothing. I had the bone meal with me at work so I tried that. Nothing.

Everything that normally works has failed.

The only difference is I stopped taking manganese yesterday and so I don’t have any on me today. By now it’s lunchtime and my hands are still cold. I figure it can only be manganese and I have some at home so I just need to wait until I get home. Because it’s lunchtime, I look up what foods are high in manganese and pineapple has the highest concentration so I pick some for lunch.

About 20 minutes after eating the pineapple my hands are normal again. Was it the manganese? I’ll need to look closer at this…

Dr. Google?

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