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Entry for July 07, 2007

Very interesting link between iron and manganese. This article suggests that taking manganese will increase your iron level but if you look at the mineral ratios, the suggestion is that it will lower it.

Iron & Manganese: Both elements share left-right-sided cell receptors and are considered essential to human health. As is the case with all other associated mineral pairs, the absorption of iron (Fe) is dependent on manganese (Mn), however with manganese being frequently lower than iron, and since iron can provoke a number of problems when supplemented (constipation, gastric upset), the addition of manganese, when low also, is vitally important. This not only prevents further ratio conflicts between the two, but also substantially reduces the amount of iron needed when manganese is supplemented at the same time.

While some sources claim that manganese lowers iron levels, this is mostly a theoretical consideration that would only happen under unusual circumstances. In actual clinical settings, I have not seen a single incidence of a patient’s iron (ferritin) levels decline as a result of taking manganese, even when doses as high as 150mg per day were supplemented on an ongoing basis. In fact, most minor iron-deficiency situations can be dealt with by using manganese alone – without any iron – which reduces any possible
adverse effects that can be part of routine iron supplementation.

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