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Entry for July 04, 2007

Here’s what I found on Bone Meal:

Bone Meal

Dollar sales of bone meal rose 432.5 percent for the year ending January 2004. A dried, processed powder made from finely ground bones (usually bovine), bone meal’s high calcium and phosphorous content is believed to give it efficacy in promoting the health of human bones and teeth. In the Textbook of Nutritional Medicine (Third Line Press, 2000), Melvyn Werbach and Jeffery Moss describe a Canadian study in which bone meal proved effective for the treatment of children with growing pains. All of the subjects who received bone meal, vitamin A and vitamin D were “completely relieved” of symptoms, while only 40 percent of the subjects receiving dicalcium phosphate, vitamin A and vitamin D found relief.

Because it has been shown to contain lead, naturopathic physicians like Alan Christianson, NMD, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, are “wary” of using it. Consumers are advised by Michael Murray and Joseph Pizzorno in their Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine (Prima Lifestyles, 1997) to ensure that the lead levels in the bone meal products they ingest do not exceed the “recommended level of 1 mcg per 800 mg of elemental calcium.”

On my way into work, I pick some up and take one teaspoon with some yogurt for breakfast. Here’s what it says on the label:

Supplement Facts
Calcium (from bone meal) – 1000mg
Phosphorus (from Bone Meal) – 400mg
Magnesium (from bone meal) – 18mg

I’m not really happy with the calcium/magnesium ratio so I’ll take one 250 mg of magnesium at the same time.

Daily Vitamins/Minerals

100 mg Zinc
750 mg Magnesium
1 scoop of Bone Meal


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