Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for July 02, 2007

More googling… For a while now I’ve been trying to add calcium because I’ve been taking only magnesium for so long. Almost everytime I add it, I have problems either with the vibration or with the cold hands. I always assumed that it was related to my low level of magnesium but after reading this paragraph about the relationship with phosphorus and calcium, I think it maybe related to the level of phosphorus rather than magnesium.

Taking calcium supplements without taking a balanced supply of phosphorus at the same time may cause significant phosphorus deficiency due to the formation of calcium phosphate complexes within the system that are then excreted. This problem can be avoided by taking calcium phosphate or by assuring an adequate phosphorus supply within the diet.

The analysis of data in these studies found that each .5 g increase in calcium intake decreased phosphorus absorption by .166 g, leading to the potential for phosphorus deficiency to develop. In nature, calcium generally always binds to phosphorus so this finding is not surprising.

Of course I find all of this very interesting because most of the calcium supplements you find don’t contain phosphorus including the one I have been taking. In fact, most of them don’t contain magnesium either but that’s a whole other story… This might explain why taking magnesium alone doesn’t cause the symptoms but the calcium/magnesium does.

More research required…


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