Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for July 02, 2007


Woke up this morning and I seemed to notice that my nose was clearer than usual. Was it the Molybdenum? I’m not sure what the difference was but it was definitely a difference. I’ll see if it happens again tomorrow. I had no vibration last night and it would stop and start in the morning. Very weird… High copper can cause a deficiency in molybdenum so I’m glad I found it.

“Since high levels of copper in the body or diet may result in molybdenum insufficiency and cause low uric acid levels, reducing copper toxicity can result in normalizing uric acid and molybdenum levels…”

Later in the day, I had another interesting clue. My hands went cold right after I took some iron which is weird because I know I’m low in iron and usually it helps the problem. So I decide to take a look at the mineral relationships again.

If a mineral has an arrow pointing to another mineral, it means a deficiency of that mineral or interference with its metabolism may be caused by excesses of the mineral from whence the arrow originates.

The interesting thing about this is from the chart, iron is the only one with one arrow and it points towards Phosphorus. Now from everything that I’ve read, phosphorus is in almost everything so it’s very hard to have a deficiency.

Another interesting fact? Magnesium and zinc which I’ve been taking for months now, both have a relationship with phosphorus and can effect the ratio. So was it low to begin with? A copper imbalance can have an effect too. So what are the symptoms of a phosphorus deficiency?

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