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Entry for June 29, 2007

One man’s experience on fighting candida with Molybdenum. It’s such an interesting and unusual story, I might try it for myself…if I can find it. I’m familiar with the mineral but I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in a health food store.


At least a decade’s worth of personal experimentation had led me to find answers to my own poor health involving chronic fatigue, extreme muscular weakness, generalized pain, insomnia, and other disgusting things. The causes had been variously diagnosed as mononucleosis or Epstein-Barr virus, poor health caused by lack of exercise, lupus, psychosomatic illness, depression, slow pertussis infection, post polio syndrome, faulty brain chemistry, and Candida albicans infection.

The chief player in resolving my problems was an essential trace mineral, molybdenum. With molybdenum, it was possible to transform poisons into energy.

In trying to “kill” a massive Candida colonialization in my GI track, my mouth, and toenails, I made discoveries. The antibiotic Nystatin had made all of my symptoms worse. First, it must have been responsible for attacking and killing vast numbers of the fungal yeast, candida; and as Orian Truss, The Missing Diagnosis, and William Crook, The Yeast Connection, had said, large doses of antibiotics can make an “unpleasant condition” worse. Their hypothesis was that the yeast “byproducts” from the kill-off were responsible for chronic pain becoming acute pain.

Neither Truss nor Crook were aware of how the garbage from yeast actually affected the body or the brain. They only knew that sites remote from the infection were affected: the brain, the central nervous system, the joints, the muscles.

In experiencing the effects of the “kill-off,” I began to have definite feelings that killing the yeast was wrong. That is how we as a culture respond to anything we don’t understand. Ethically speaking, we consider strangers enemies. We go to war with anything that is different. War itself on a political level causes untold human suffering, and the aftermath may be the worst of all. The emotional and economic garbage of war persists for centuries. The debts of the American Civil War are still unpaid. If we learn to cooperate with the strangers on our borders, we would have a different world. If we learned how to treat microbes strange to the human body as guests of the body, we might just discover health.

Molybdenum is one way of cleaning up the garbage of our antibiotic wars. Candida albicans is a normal inhabitant of our gastrointestinal tract. It is supposed to be there. And if Dr. Bruce McFarland is correct, it causes no problem when it is fed well and treated well. When does it cause a problem?

Half of the problem is created by modern medical wonder drugs: the birth control pill which alters the hormone system and subsequently the immune system, antibiotics, steroids, and other chemotherapies which are synthetic ways of altering the function of the body’s systems, wiping out the ecosystem in the stomach and gut, and setting up a scenario for trouble. As friendly E. coli, E. faecium, L. acidophilus bacteria are killed by the use of prescription drugs right along with the alien microbes, candida fungal yeasts begin to flourish and dominate, growing to such numbers that they may outnumber every cell in the human body.

Two basic events take place. Our friendly bacteria no longer aid digestion by converting food into enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that the body can use; so killing sets us up for subclinical and clinical malnutrition syndromes.

The other half of the problem is industrialized, overly processed, heat processed or chemically processed foods. Candida and herpes zoster, for two, are junk food junkies thriving on sugar, processed vegetable oils, and hydrogenated fats. None of these refined foods are found in nature. So how does the body respond to hydrogenated fats? One result is that candida digests a part of them into pseudo bile. Pseudo bile tells your appetite center that the fat is taken care of, and you need more. So you develop cravings for more junk as undigested fat collects in the body. Undigested fat collects in the arteries too, and you get artery and heart problems. Another problem of incomplete digestion results in food substances going into the blood that shouldn’t be there. Methionine becomes homocysteine rather than glutamine and taurine. We are not allergic to foods; we are allergic to incompletely digested foods.

Candida also converts sugars into ethanol. As a common ingredient in prescription and over-the-counter medications, it is not bad in itself. It functions as a free radical scavenger and antiseptic. It provides a janitorial function for the body. But too much unused alcohol converts into acetaldehyde. If you have adequate amounts of glutamine, selenium, niacin, folic acid, B6, B12, iron, and molybdenum, aldehydes continue to be metabolized into acetic acid, which can be excreted, or converted further into acetyl coenzyme A. If these nutrients are in poor supply, aldehydes begin collecting in the body’s tissues.

So when candida is fully nourished or we are, candida furnishes the body with a necessary part of the Krebs energy cycle necessary for the health and maintenance of all cells. When our digestion is unbalanced, we incompletely convert sugars into poisons and they stay poisons in our human systems. When our digestion is balanced, or we give it what it needs in terms of supplements, a potential poison is transformed into a source of energy: aldehyde poison becomes acetyl coenzyme A.

Why should we love our enemies? Because our enemies are ourselves. The enemy candida, and it is an enemy in Drs. Truss’s and Crook’s eyes, and in the eyes of most of the medical profession, is our friend or becomes our friend when we treat it right. If we attack it with antibiotics, the rest of our friendly microbes will be unable to feed it the B vitamins, amino acids, and minerals it needs to metabolize its poisons into nourishment for our bodies. When we attack our microbes, we kill ourselves.

Within days of taking 100 mcg of molybdenum three times a day, I could feel the poisons from candida garbage transforming themselves into heat and energy. Where I had experienced pain in my neck and shoulders, I felt warmth. A stiff back that felt like a wall of steel was transformed into copious sweat. My muscles relaxed and were pain free. At the same time, the person I was who found it difficult to get out of bed, became someone who needed 4 to 8 hours of sleep rather than 10 or 12. Where I had been confined within a prison of fatigue, the fatigue was translated into an open expanse of energy and possibility. An intellectual fog that had filled my head for years scattered itself the first day I took molybdenum. I had lived with an intellectual hangover for so long, I had no idea what it was like to experience full mental clarity.

In reading histories of placebo treatments, it became obvious to me that “scientific” studies attempted to avoid the placebo effect that, on average, reported a 30.6% rate of effectiveness, slightly greater effectiveness than with the “real thing” prescription medication it would be paired against. Typical of some studies was the bemoaning of the fact that placebo effects were not maximized. That is, health professionals who had the best interests of the patients in mind wanted to use positive suggestion in addition to the medication. However, few if any of such professionals, had the courage to do it. Why? It was unscientific. Wouldn’t it be terrible if people got better because of attitude change?

In other readings, it became apparent that lactose, sugar, or olive oil were commonly used as placebos. In view of my modest knowledge of biochemistry, this seemed outrageous to me. Lactose, sugar, and olive oil are all bioactive substances. Lactose, for one, is so little regarded as a nutrient, that it is the most common binder in prescription medicatio
n. Yet the Food Pharmacy made clear that plain old sugar acts as nature’s tranquilizer.

Dr. Richard Murray has pointed out that lactose contains the two essential building blocks, glucose and galactose, of the central nervous system and brain. The body converts adequate supplies of glucose into N-acetyl glucosamine, essential for all tissue building and repair. Olive oil is known to favorably affect good cholesterol, and good cholesterol is the nutrient precursor for our hormones and essential for the digestion of fats. It seemed no wonder to me that placebo effects could be accounted for not on the basis of expectation alone, but on a biochemical level.

To me, this meant that most double or single blind experiments were triple blind. Nutrients like vitamin B12 and folic acid are so little regarded that they have been used as placebos in the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

The greatest irony of all was not that placebos may have worked better than the prescription medication, but that the prescription medication may have done some of its good because of the binder hiding inside of it. All of this led me away from the mechanistic attitudes that were behind “scientific credibility.”


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