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Entry for June 16, 2007

Zinc (Essential Knowledge in Nutrition)

Zinc is a co-factor for at least 70 critical enzyme pathways. Deficiency can therefore result in diverse, profound problems; impaired synthesis of DNA, RNA, and protein underlie the clinical manifestations. Zinc deficiency may be more common than is diagnosed.

The RDA for zinc is 5 mg/day for infants, 10 mg for children, and 15 mg for adults. Zinc requirements increase in pregnant women to 20 mg/day.

Growth defects like spina bifida have been linked to zinc deficiency. Any child with growth retardation, poor hair growth, impaired immunity or skin problems, should be considered for zinc deficiency, particularly if there are GIT absorption problems.

Zinc absorption is impaired by phytates in cereal grains, and by the concurrent ingestion of other minerals, especially calcium, iron, cadium and copper. The best body zinc evaluation is the measurement of zinc concentrations in white blood cells. Hair zinc levels may be increased when zinc is markedly deficient.

Zinc is depleted by the following drugs: Penicillamine, steroids, ethanol, diuretics, oral contraceptives. Zinc is often promoted to “enhance immunity”. It is an essential mineral for immune function. Perhaps because of its immune promoting role, deficiencies in zinc may be helpful in autoimmune diseases. Zinc concentrations are referred to copper, and the minerals tend to have a reciprocal relationship. A low tissue concentration of copper, may result from zinc supplements. A suggested optimal zinc to copper ratio is 7-8.


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