Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for May 31, 2007

Had some car problems today so I took the morning off work. While the car was in the shop getting repaired, I ventured over to the Naturopathic College of Medicine. They have a health food store inside and they have a lot of great unheard of stuff. Maybe they will be more willing to talk so I can get a better understanding of iron.

I checked out the entire store and they had very little options in terms of iron supplements. They had a liquid iron supplement and it was very similar to mine so I begin the questions… The product said on the label it contained 10 mg of iron gluconate and continued to say it “contained” 19.35 mg of iron. Does this mean elemental iron? The salesperson wasn’t sure so we looked it up in the product manual. Still not clear so I asked a few more questions and I think she was a little intimidated as my questions were not the “regular Joe” type questions. I was looking for knowledge and she said I needed to speak to a naturopath and I understand completely. I asked her if she would recommend any homeopathic remedy for an iron deficiency and she referred me to a naturopath once again.

Nothing is ever easy…

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