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Entry for May 30, 2007

Drink Soda and Damage Your DNA

Sodium benzoate, a preservative used in large quantities in soft drinks like Sprite, Dr. Pepper and Oasis, may cause severe damage to DNA and increase your risk of related diseases like Parkinson’s while accelerating the aging process.

Sodium benzoate appears to damage the “power station” of cells, known as the mitochondria, according to a British aging expert at Sheffield University. His studies found that the preservative can “totally inactivate” and “knock out” cells’ mitochondria, which causes the cells to seriously malfunction. The end result is an increased risk of a slew of diseases.

Sodium benzoate has also come under fire because, when combined with the vitamin C in many soft drinks, it forms benzene, a cancer-causing chemical linked to leukemia. In one study, at least five brands of soft drinks were found to contain excessive benzene levels.

Sodium benzoate is used freely in the United States and the UK. Fortunately, you can protect your health from this dangerous substance by not drinking soda (and not allowing your kids to either). This is one of the easiest — and most significant — things you can do for your health; and aside from the good news that you won’t have to worry about damaging your DNA, giving up soda (if you drink it) can reduce your risk of diabetes, obesity, and cancer.

So put down the can of soda, and pick up a glass of clean water instead.


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