Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for May 30, 2007

The same thing happened again after lunch. I didn’t take any magnesium today and I didn’t get the cold hands, but I did have an upset stomach and mild cramping. Now I know these are symptoms of too much iron so I need to know if what I’m doing is right.

I stopped into the health food store on my way home. I wanted to ask them about the dosages of iron. When I asked about it, she asked me if it was for my wife. This is the second time this has happened as I guess it’s so rare for men to have a deficiency. So I explain it’s for myself and she asked me what my doctor thought of this. Of course, I haven’t spoken to any doctor and if I did, I’m sure I will be brushed aside once again. Unless of course I tell him I’m a vegetarian. Mmm…something to think about.

She was very reluctant to give me any advice and suggested I speak to my doctor. Kind of disappointing but I was kind of expecting it. So I asked again about the dosage for iron as they sold the liquid form in the store. She agreed it was a very low dosage and showed me some iron pills that were as high as 50 mg. It wasn’t in the gluconate form so I still don’t know what to think. Why don’t I send an email to the company that makes the iron chelate and see what they say?

Good idea!

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