Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for May 21, 2007

Three days of Brazil nuts and I can notice the difference. It’s very subtle but the first thing I noticed was my skin. I can’t really explain it but it feels “tougher” and stronger. Then I noticed my hair starting to grow. Another thing I’ve noticed was the candida. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I can feel it slowly going away too.

Selenium deficiencies limit cellular immunity against yeast.

Phagocytes (cells active in cell-mediated immunity) require selenium for the enzyme glutathione peroxidase function. Peroxidase activity in phagocytes is higher than in most other tissues (approximately twice that in red blood cells), and this is reflected in a higher need for selenium. The glutathione peroxidase system is an antioxidant enzyme system and is especially critical for phagocytic cell function. It has been experimentally demonstrated that selenium deficiency selectively causes a predisposition to yeast infection

All the supplements I’ve tried for candida and the one thing that works is Brazil nuts. Where did I read that? Nowhere. I was googling selenium and a site said that they contained the highest concentration and because they are so high in Selenium, I only eat three – four a day. That’s it and it’s natural.

The vibration comes and goes but for the most part, I’m not vibrating anymore.

This is the road to recovery. The beginning of the end? God I hope so. It’s only taken me two years to figure this all out. Or have I?

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