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Entry for May 19, 2007

ALWAYS treat your adrenals first

If the adrenals are weak, replacing thyroid hormone first would most likely make a person feel much worse and may stir up ‘hyperthyroid’ symptoms. If the adrenals are seriously not working properly, replacing thyroid hormone first will speed up the metabolism and can initiate an adrenal crisis. The adrenals must be strong enough to cope with the increase in metabolism. This is the most common mistake in the medical management of these conditions.

Simply put: The adrenals interact with the thyroid and mitigate the affects of thyroid hormone. So always address your adrenals first, and once they have stablised wait 2 another weeks before you address the thyroid.

Where to start: Adrenal vs. Thyroid?

If both the thyroid and the adrenals are weak, adrenal repair must precede thyroid repair. If the adrenals are weak, then even normal thyroid activity places an excessive burden on them. One may begin to feel ‘hypoadrenal’ (coldness, weight loss, dryness, fatigue, insomnia, and/or anxiety) and then the body innately turns down its own thyroid energy production by increasing production of RT3. Conversely, if the adrenals are strong and the thyroid is weak or unable to keep up with the adrenals, one begins to feel ‘hypothyroid’ (heat intolerance, weight gain and fluid retention, tiredness, excessive need to sleep and/or depression).

A very common error is to focus entirely on the thyroid and ignore the adrenals. In a weakened adrenal state, prescribing thyroid medication that contains T4 and/or T3 may produce limited or transient improvement. Subsequent increases of the dose offer little or no benefit as the medication pushes the energy machinery into overdrive. Unfortunately, this higher energy level is unsustainable due to the stress on the adrenals. Eventually the adrenals become fatigued and the symptoms of low energy return. If, however, the adrenals are functioning well, the thyroid hormones can do their job and the result is good metabolic energy.

Cortisol or Licorice

150mg of Whole Licorice Extract is this is roughly equivalent to 5mg of cortisol. It can be taken at 8am, noon and 4pm. Licorice MUST only be continued for 6 weeks to maintain its effect, then you need a two week break from it. It must not be used in conjunction with cortisol, but rather separately Once your adrenals are healthy again if you need further support use Licorice 1-2 weeks per month. Licorice and Hydrocortisone work by different mechanisms to increase cortisol in your body. Licorice works to retain endogenous cortisol (cortisol made by the body) and increase its effectiveness while circulating, while Hydrocortisone supplies exogenous cortisol (cortisol supplied from extenal sources). Some poeple will only feel better by using Hydrocortisone since their body is simply not making enough cortisol. This is a very important point.

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