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Entry for May 03, 2007

Another health professional I have more respect for is Dr. Mercola. He seems to question everything and I like that about him. Here’s a story from his web site that I found very interesting.

Could Your Kitchenware be Causing Your Health Problems?

Dr. Mercola’s Comment:

Occasionally I come across some unusual cases in my clinical practice and here is one that certainly qualifies. I had done an informal consultation with Gary Craig, the founder of Emotional Freedom Technique for a problem he was having with nighttime urination. He had tried many simple strategies and seen urologists without any benefit.

Since Gary is an expert at EFT he tried addressing this problem using this powerful technique. He did receive some relief but it was only temporary. However, he did notice sustained improvement when he was away from his home, which clearly pointed to something environmental.

I won’t spoil the surprise, as it really is quite phenomenal to finally learn what was causing his problem. By making one simple switch the problem disappeared. The reason I am running this story is that many of you may have a similar negative side effect to a kitchen utensil that most of us consider completely innocuous.

As this story will tell you, is just isn’t as harmless as you may believe.


“About three or four years ago I began having to urinate too often, including getting up five or six times at night. Gradually it got worse until it reached a peak a few months ago when I was urinating two or three times an hour all day long.

Sometimes after going to bed I would have to get up and urinate 10 or 12 times in the first two hours. Then, in addition, I would still get up another five or six times during the night.

Along the way I had my prostate checked manually … TWICE. No problem could be found. I took a blood test and my PSA was 0.69, which, I understand, is excellent. Ultrasound was done regarding my prostate, kidney and bladder — no problem was found. Nonetheless, I still had to urinate frequently. There wasn’t much there when I had to go but, regardless, Mother Nature was being quite insistent.

A Surprising Environmental Link

I noticed, however, that the problem went away when I left home to go on a trip. Within 24 to 48 hours of walking out my front door, my system returned to normal. When I returned, the problem came back within 24 to 48 hours. So, what was happening at home to cause this?

I did elimination diets and could find no discernible cause from what I was eating. I spent more time outdoors to see if a change from non-house air was doing it. No difference. Besides, it wasn’t likely to be something in my home because I had moved two years ago and had the same problem in the previous house.

Sometimes the problem would subside for a while and them come roaring back, and I was convinced that I was somehow causing it. I did EFT on it, of course, and would get temporary relief. However, the fact that the EFT relief was only temporary was a big clue that I was doing something on an ongoing basis to cause this problem. But what was it?

How a Teflon Pan Made All the Difference

Then, about two or three months ago, I read an article on your Web site regarding Teflon. It said that cooking things in Teflon over high heat was likely to cause toxicity. Although I never used high heat (nothing above medium heat), I recalled that three or four years ago (about the time all this started) my mother gave me a Teflon frying pan … which I began using regularly.

I stopped using the Teflon frying pan and BINGO! About 24 to 48 hours later the problem vanished and has never returned. It now made sense. When I left home for a trip, I was away from the Teflon frying pan. When I came back, I started using the Teflon frying pan again.

Sometimes we cause illnesses and are completely oblivious to what we are doing. I may have never figured it out had you not put the Teflon caution on your Web site.

Both my bladder and myself send you our thanks.”


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